‘Aussie Activists’

Joanne Steen

 Abused for Being Defiant – Brendon O’Connell’s Prison Ordeal

April 24, 2014

brendon oconnell

Brendon ‘Connell Aussie Activist.


Frank O’Collins (UCADIA) 21.12.2011 Part 1-3


Frank O’Collins (UCADIA) 21.12.2011 Part 2-3

Frank O'Collins Sydney

Frank O’Collins Sydney – Christian believes Jesus words above all words spoken by men.


Talmud is said to be above the word of God and is promoted by “sa batanes.”

Frank O’Collins (UCADIA) 21.12.2011 Part 3-3


His websites – ‘One Heaven Org’ and ‘One Evil Org’

Uploaded on 18 Jan 2012

Frank O’Collins ( UCADIA) interview on WorkersRadio Sydney 88.9FM about the history of the Catholic Church  on the 21st of December 2011 Hosts Jack Frost , Dave Eden and Anastasia Glinatsis.”

Brisbane Based Michael Smith News


Santos Bonacci – Geelong


Fiona Barnett


20 Nov 2013

Ernst Zundel in Conversation w/ Dr. Fredrick Toben


6 Oct 2014

Holocaust Hoax & Zionist WW2 Lies Exposed


Mike Carlton lost his job over Israel Criticism


Australian RoundTable Podcasts


6 March 2015

Australia to prosecute Heartbleed pentest in desperation to pin charges on Anonymous radio host


The Inverell Forum

http://www.inverellforum.org/  Personal story of attending IF in 1999 http://www.gwb.com.au/gwb/news/inv99/

Peter Kusznir, known on youtube as peekay22 is mentioned in context of the incident at Sydney airport when he and others came prepared to “confront the pilots” of a Quantas jet they had been and still claim were spraying poison on the city.”http://www.theaustralian.com.au/life/travel/jet-pilots-fear-chemtrail-attacks/story-e6frg8rf-1226508708721


Peekay Boston

Comment:  “Peekay Boston I found your “Baby Giraffe” Seen at the Boston Hoaxathon. He was a sandy hook actor. Check this link out same long neck and big ears. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enUw-OqfghA”


Fiona Barnett – Pedophiles Down Under


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