“Rik Mayall’s Gift To Humanity- ONE by ONE.”

HUMANITY vs INSANITY #43 : Rik Mayall’s Final Curtain


15 Jun 2015

Comment:  “Sounds like this… www.RedefiningGod.com. (It’s nothing to do with god or religion and the guy writing it is not religious by the way… to anybody put of by the name). Not saying he is right, but he sites a lot of evidence that ‘Pax America’ i.e. the west is the old world order, and they (the elite bankers families) are bringing in the ‘New World Order’ as the BRICS nations, headed by China to run the globe… That is why in the mainstream and alternative media have been trying to make the west look bad and the east good, (sort of). However, given certain advanced tech kept out of the public domain, prevalent in certain western countries, will it just be an illusion for the global masses?”

Comment:    ”      . : : .   ONE BY ONE   . : : . One looks like own and is pronounced won. One by one, all one alone, all one, one and all, one. When this is seen all around, that which sees it becomes an NWO, a New World Owner, one now, all one, one and all now won as one. When we look at these three symbols, “N O W” and see them being used in propaganda to deceive, we see a NWO NOW WON, One By One by all as one. Order a new world by becoming a new world owner, owned by all One By One.”

The mysterious death of Rik Mayall


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