“Hampstead CSA Case Update”

7.5.2017: When we last encountered Ms Kenward-Lindridge-Gordon (Business Person), she was battling her former allies John Hemming and Belinda McKenzie over the case of a Zimbabwean teen whose mother had spirited him out of the country in violation of a court order.

Hoaxstead Uncloaked

Hampstead Children talking about Red Shoes


Angela Power-Disney Takes Us Further Down the MK Ultra Rabbit Hole with First Hand Account

Jason Goodman
Streamed live on 21 Aug 2018

Karen Irving Author living in Ottawa is El Coyote???

August 2018: Snake Logan, a Canadian woman, MK Ultra, Karen Irving, El Coyote & Hoaxtead

May 30, 2018

My Experience with Hoaxtead, a GCHQ Trolling Website with Satanic Roots

Ricky Dearman’s Haiti child trafficking voice over for Josiah Bruney, whose work was...”recognised and promoted by the White House.” https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2020087

#pizzagate #pedogate Exposed Hampstead Uncovered – Truth With Trishaly

Published on 26 Jun 2017

Dearman Shapeshifts

Alisa & Gab – June 2018

Anonymous 26 June 2018
please watch from 57 secs to 1 min 12 secs

Wonderful slime on instagram

Sounds Like?

Looks Like?

So if it looks like a duck, Sounds like a duck & it’s facebook friends are ducks? x

Hampstead Cover Up to Pizzagate. Mother’s statement and appeal to the public. 03.08.2017.

Free The Hampstead 2
Aaaaah diddums… your ‘not so secret’ SATANIC SODOMITE DEATH CULT Child trafficking, organ trafficking, cannibalism, snuff movie making, vampirism, off shore banking the proceeds of the Barbara Kahan Finchley Road scam (which is impoverishing all those not directly benefiting from the inflation/debauchery of the U.K.currency supply) and coke/alcohol supplying to children have ALL been exposed. The Genie is out of the bottle, the ship has sailed, the horse has bolted, you had your chance and you blew it ! Now do one, you mug.

BTW We are not here to answer your moronic questions, rather we are here to expose your sorry child murdering satanic clart.


Summary of other cases to this point in time


Now we have –



Hampstead Mind Control



Published on 17 Feb 2015

Evidence from survivor who was put through sex training by US Military




Searching for ‘christ church hampstead flag’ you get

Chilling Effects
Whereas you should get the following

inverted cross on flag hampstead

Inverted Cross on Flag Hampstead.

“Yep it’s the cross of saint Peter. St peter is said to hold the keys to heaven (two keys are also one of his symbols) and was known to jesus as Simon Peter. He wanted to be crucified upside down because he didn’t see him worthy of the same death as jesus. He apparently said about everything making sense upside down. The oldest church in britain is Chapel of St Peter-on-the-Wall at Bradwell on sea in Essex and dates from saxon times.”

Simon Peter

Simon Peter.

Internet Theory

“I am developing new possible scenarios in my head:

TPTB want a good hoax/diversion in light of paedo revelations/public interest.

AC is identified as a good manipulator/psychopath- DOES NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO PRISON/is poor needs money ie control mechanism for agents.

AC is told to find good target ie lone mother children. His/ED’s raw food interest brings him into contact with ED. he charms the pants off her cue the footage of him saying: you can tell me anything you like outside royal courts of justice to the tall blonde then kissing her hand later( I bet he is already in her bed btw)….he is a predator…he moves in on ED/children, eventually able to influence her/them, gaslights her/them, no white is black and down is up (t sheridan – excellent study of psychopathy). Following the morocco video stint operation, police etc, AC is able to influence ED to not taking advice from solicitors, barrister and introduces her to ……Mckenzie friends, cue sabine and belinda. Far fetched?”  However, the children have not been given to their natural mother or the grandparents by the judge or the authorities and the children had signs of abuse.  And one set of police told by another set of police not to investigate.

Another Theory -“Yes it is far fetched but not unrealistic considering the kinds of old CIA programs that the Church Committee revealed (and that was despite the shredding of thousands of files).  It’s a lot less far fetched than the scenario AC forced the kids to learn of there actually being a real Hampstead cult. I thought about whether AC was a field agent tasked with creating the “internet news event” but for various reasons discarded the idea.

“More likely, considering the work of the BS media machine, is that this crazy creation of AC landed in the lap of MI5’s vip-paedo disinformation team when the videos were handed into the police. AS and the BS organisation were dispatched to make use of it.”

“My main reason for extending the psyop back to include AC (just as you describe) is that the timing could not be more perfect for a “hoax honeypot revelation” to mire the alternative internet in a fake conspiracy, sow discord and subsequently contaminate public opinion which has been very gradually awakened to the history of the state-run “paedo-blackmail” political control system.
But I just can’t square this scenario in my mind so I’m more inclined to the “it fell into their lap and they ran with it” operation.

Intel agencies do have a long history of manipulating psychos like AC, however, and encouraging them into crimes that suit the current psyop programs (eg FBI created “terrorist plots”) but an operation of such complexity as AC being set up to put what we’ve seen into effect, doesn’t ring true for me (but, who knows…).”

Gas Lighting By The Intell Services?


Yet More – “So far, he’s said that this whole thing is M15 trying to distract the masses of ‘hysterical types’ from something else current.
Nah, I’m just not getting or buying that.
Gary Glitter, the S[o]Vile revival, Cliff – things like that – to me, those ARE transparent distraction attempts – which is not to say they’re not true.

Thomas Sheridan has also apparently completely excluded the possibility that the present case might actually just be true.

Which I think is dumb and discredits him for me.

I’ll listen to the rest, just to make sure I’m not ‘wrong’ but it’s fucking hard work!

I don’t feel in the slightest bit hysterical about this case. Ever.
I do detect some hysteria from Deb M, but I also detect from her, high intelligence and insight.  While I ‘get’ many people’s point about the 2 children’s identities being public, it seems to me that many are using that fact to turn away entirely – not good imo – and I think Deb M. in her first video, makes an excellent point regarding this aspect of victims – as opposed to Thomas Sheridan’s pat prescription and dismissal.”

And Another – “Apparently AC has made a few quid…..why would he need to do this? And then this charlatan has the gall and temerity and chutzpah to appear on video at the royal courts as brazen as you like…IF AC was the actual abuser, then why did AC go to the police to begin with…fucking ludicrous bollocks

Why hasn’t AC been arrested?
And why haven’t these pillars of the community launched libel cases against ED and AC…..
I believe this is real…..and these kids have let a glimmer of light onto a hugely co ordinated network….and maybe when you’re in this kind of thing, you know what schools and communities are involved too….
Only reason it’s online IMO is that those involved knew the cover up was underway, wasn’t investigated properly”

26 Feb 2015

Hampstead Abuse: Negligent/Incompetent Authorities

Deborah Mahmoudieh

Interesting analysis of G’s ‘retraction’ interview.


1.Dead babies.
Interview transcript.
Interviewing Officer: (topics and content of conversation clearly predetermined prior to interview)
“So when we was (sic) in the car there was something you desperately wanted to tell me but I asked you to wait until the interview, what is it you really wanted to tell me.?”
Initially witness G is on message and states that the mother’s partner told him to say that Dad hurt him really bad but he didn’t.
IO “We talked in two other interviews didn’t we?”
Witness G “Yeah”
IO “Was what you told me the truth?”
Witness G “Yeah” Affirmation 1.
IO “So all that stuff about the babies….”
Witness G “Yeah.” Affirmation 2.
IO “and the Church and all that?”
Witness G “No the babies, well the babies, there is some of the babies killed yeah.” Affirmation 3.
He is looking the interviewer directly in the eye as he states that “Yes” I was telling the truth. Witness G has affirmed it is true three times now, but the Interviewing officer is undeterred.
IO “OK, are you sure?”
Witness G Starts to bend. “Yes, but not much, not every single day., not every single day killed no. Not like that.” Affirmation 4.
At this point the Interviewing officer abandons all pretense of conducting a witness interview and straight out verbals the witness with the Zorro nonsense. Witness G has repeated his earlier allegations of murder from the previous interviews and affirmed them now four times in this interview, Anyone who truly believed the child was daydreaming would simply ask the child for the details of the story and if it came from the imagination that would be immediately clear.
The Zorro meme is nonsense, pure nonsense. Was the school head teacher appearing naked with her birth marks in the movie Zorro? Were young children raped onscreen in the movie Zorro? It is genuinely pitiful.
IO “Cos I heard you watched a film Zorro, is that right?”
Witness G “Yeah.”
“and there was someone kill…. killed there someone was killed there.weren’t there?”
Witness G appears confused at this point and seems to react very strangely at the time the IO says “kill, killed”..
IO “Because it sounded to me like, what it sounded to me was similar to the story you told about the babies. And that’s why I was a bit (sic) wondering wondering. are babies actually killed?”
Witness G “Yeah”. Fifth affirmation. Ignored.
IO “or is that something you’ve been made to say?”
Witness G ”Yeah it is something I was made to say.” Verballed 100%.
IO “Are babies being killed.?”
Witness G.”No, not much but there is yeah.” Sixth affirmation.
IO “By who?”
Witness G “By my dad.. Not much” Seventh affirmation.
The interviewing officer inexplicably completely refuses to pursue the obvious line of questioning here.He has been told that the father specifically killed babies, neither pertain to the movie Zorro, so any reasonable interviewer would solicit further details, When did it happen? Where did it happen? Who else was there? What time of the day did it happen? What day of the week? How many times? etc and if the story was not true it would obviously collapse under scrutiny once all those details were provided.
IO “Are you sure? It’s ok If it hasn’t happened it’s ok as long as we talk about it now.”
This is a disgrace and should be grounds for immediate dismissal alone. Seven affirmations, details provided and he is now implicitly threatening the witness.”It will be ok as long as we talk about it now.” Clearly implies that if we don’t “talk about it now” that is if you do not retract things will not be ok, it could not be clearer.”

Finally – “In the police interview A …sep 5th I believe the level of detail of this heroic little girl is astonishing……
Describes the type of knives used to cut the babies……the colour of the bowl, silver goblets….candles…..and the school nurse injecting them, and the caretaker opening doors etc within the church…..
All named, she doesn’t hesitate once and the conversation flows, reactive….natural….totally unlike the stammering, hesitancy and bizarre “retraction” videos….”

“So if AC was established as being behind all of it why wasn’t he arrested after these said retraction videos…??
At the beginning of the interview the interviewer establishes the difference between truth and a lie, so there is no ambiguity….
The fact of the matter is these people and homes etc should all have been investigated and they clearly haven’t been……..
I will type up the police interviews this week, may post on here….”



UPDATE – 31 March 2015

Apparently Christine Ann Sands is FBI Agent and does not represent Ella Draper.

Tap BlogSpot #WhistleblowerKids #HampsteadScandal What Next?

“ELLA and ABRAHAM Message: Sat 2pm, 28 MARCH 2015 – UK time. Re: “Christine Ann Sands” (FBI SPY AGENT)”  http://co-creatingournewearth.blogspot.co.nz/2015/03/ella-and-abraham-message-sat-2pm-uk.html

30 March 2015





10 percent of UK Population are Satanists he says.

CCPS Vid 15: Dearman Judgment 2010

“In 2010 a UK Court agreed that Ricky Dearman was a dangerous abuser and issued the Order, informing Dearman that from then on, his approaching Ella or her children would be an offence for which he could be arrested.

So Ella and her children are the innocent victims – it’s official! Decided in a British Court.”

Evidence:  https://vid.me/ANAy


Dearman Linked To Goa


“Ricky Dearman Valles is originally from Rotherham in England.”

“On her Facebook page, Lisa Dearman Valles lists two Groups, one of which is the Red Lion in Rotherham.”  http://aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/raymond-varley-ricky-dearman.html

26 April 2015


5 Jan 2015

Opperman Report Aftershow David Shurter: Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse 2015 01 02


27 May 2013

Children’s Stories Sound Familiar??

Ralph Underwager: ‘Witness for Mr Bubbles’


March 19, 2015

#SatanicCult? Dismissed. You must be joking! #DamePauffley knows!?


20 May 2015

The Sack “N” Crack show Ab Normal Wisdom “Potty Mouth”





5 May 2015

London Royal Courts Hamstead Child Abuse Cover-Up Exposed



Investigative Website covering the progress. – https://hampsteadresearch.wordpress.com/

25 May 2015

Hampstead case so far


Guidance 2222

Ricky Dearman’s ‘Exorcist’-like ‘Satanic Verses’ in BBC Hampstead child sexual abuse interview


10 Jul 2015

Hampstead Cover Up , The Big Picture – World Beyond Belief


March 11, 2015


Whistleblower kids case adjourned


19 August 2015
Jacqui Farmer says numerous trolls appear connected

31 Oct 2015

This is a very good video summary of the Hampstead case,


Saturday, 7 February 2015

Sinister Things Going on in Hampstead?


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