The three men attacked fellow passengers on the train between Tulse Hill, south London, and Tattenham Corner, Surrey. They broke the nose of one passenger while another lost their tooth in the 8.45am attack on Sunday February 10.

Mark Richard Milton
Gangbanger retards. Nothing a few rounds of intensive ECT or a full-frontal lobotomy would cure.

Barbara Ford
They need more than a lobotomy.

John S Madeley
A lobotomy requires a brain, that’s something non of those dickwits has.

Dirk Gentley

Alan Morge
Shubham Maharnur Garbage.

Jan Kowalski
Banarasi Gautam 🖕🤦‍♂️🖕

Mark David Wells
Hope they catch these evil low life scrums hope they get the same done to them

Mark David Wells
They probably get away from a jail sentence 😡😡

David Stevens
Nothing but cowards time to take them out

Srb Jeet Das

Kay Darnell Coggin
Aspiring Lutheran rap stars again

Denise Janet Bedding
where is Charles Bronson when you need him ?

David Coppin
Denise Janet Bedding or Liam N.

Beverley Smith
Denise Janet Bedding been died bout 20 yrs lol

Beverley Smith
Oops Dead… Not died

Brenda Gurie
More imported crime…we will have to have.minders just to do the shopping

Simone Hill
Brenda Gurie they could of been born here and had family here for generations. Mind your racist comments.

John S Madeley
They might not have been either, at the end if the day were all the progeny of immigrants.

Raj Ali
Brenda Gurie When a person of a different colour commits a crime, you racists filth attack their colour, Why?.
What if these guys have a “English” parent?. Would you have the same view?.

Gary Youn
Raj Ali if only you were as offended by the criminals as you are by the ‘racists’

Raj Ali
Gary Youn Actually l am offended by criminals, the reason why l wrote the above comment is because, to Brenda Gurie and possibly yourself the ethnicity of the criminals are more offensive.
What if these criminals were from the same backgrounds as Brenda Gurie and yourself, would she have written the same comment targeting the ethnicity?

Nazia Saeed
A proper Brenda aint ya…

Brenda Gurie
Simone Hill that they could but generally it is not those who have lived here for generations it is recent crime that is out of control. Stop your racist crap if it was men in suits l would be incensed as l am about poor people on trains being attacked. This concerns every citizen who wants to lead a peaceful existence and l am sure even you could not condone this violence.any person of any colour who has lived here for some time would not perpetrate such injury on another human being with few exceptions. This needs to stop senseless violence no matter the colour of the attackers and wonder what race the victims were

Jennifer Ross
Oh Brendie Brenda .. Ya racism is showing .. people seem to be so much more intune to this nuanced racism .. just a few choice words .. balanced carefully on the edge .. any minute now you will do the whole white .. “oi mate im the victim here”. Bloody prat.

Brenda Gurie
You show no concern for victims and obviously condone such actions your reference to white shows where your racism lies …bye

Michaela Gibbs
More Foreign Scum.This country F**king shite now.

Tammy McDonald
Michaela Gibbs yes there scum you cant speak for everybody people like them give black people a bad name, thes young pathetic stupit cunting basted monsters!

Michaela Gibbs
Tammy McDonald Agree, but 99% of Stabbings & attacks are Black people.Just stating the Facts,Truth hurts hey girl.👊👊👊👊👊👊

Rob Guymer
I didn’t realise modern technology had advanced so far that you can hear people speaking in photographs like Harry Potter… How else would you have found out the the attackers are ‘foreign’? 🤔

Nikita Browne
Michaela Gibbs for your information that is not accurate at all.

Nikita Browne
That’s like me saying all paedophiles and rapists are white men.

Robert Jones
This country is s***e because of people like you you dumb little racist.

Michaela Gibbs
Robert Jones Cus I say the big bad word BLACK I am a racist.Its in your head to state that I am that.Did’nt enter my head, just stating the stats/percentage of most attacks in this country.So the fact that you are saying that I am a Racist because I dare to say the word BLACK.Your the one with the Racists thoughts Robert not me.Did’nt cross my mind.Dickhead.😜😜😜👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

John Smokes
Michaela Gibbs Those dumb cnuts are laughable! They don’t like the simple truth. You notice how they all state racist! and in with the insults! Typical reply from brain dead mouth breathers who ain’t got the nowse to string a decent retort in reply!

M Saqib Chughtai
Death penalty… after being stabbed the equal number of times… is a fair justice.

Anna Lowinger
Take away their benefit and council flats.

Emma Rae
Anna Lowinger wow, what council estate are they from?

Ekow Stefan Buaben
Anna Lowinger that is what I keep saying every time , I no this guy , who goes around treating people with knife and all sort of things , he does ent work , or do any thing, he is on benefit , if he is strong to fight why does ent the Gov stop they BENEFIT , so that he works with his strength , according to this guy PRISON IS ARE HOTEL for him , he keeps going and coming out making people life bad .

Ekow Stefan Buaben
Emma Rae such people can be found in every Towan ,the Gov needs to STOP their BENEFIT

Aaron Levine
Some of these comments smh

Nikita Browne
Aaron Levine exactly.

Especially about imported crime, as if these boys weren’t born here

Aaron Levine
And they say racism is dead eh

Nikita Browne

Simone Hill
Aaron Levine racists everywhere. Thank you brexit.

Aaron Levine
Simone Hill racists before Brexit and racists after Brexit
They’re just bored people who need a hobby

Gary Youn
are accurate. there finished your sentence for you.

Aaron Levine
Gary Youn take you’re uneducated racist self elsewhere

Emma Rae
Aaron Levine it’s all alive and well. Tommy Cokehead Robinson has flushed them out for us all to see.

Nikita Browne
I’m 100% sure these boys and most likely upto their grandparents ( if not older) were born here, so to say that they came from elsewhere etc and you choose to concentrate on that, shows a level of low intelligence and heightened ignorance.

Regardless of race, anyone who does these things are fools, to merely concentrate on their race is stupid.

Every race has it’s own problems.

Jack the Ripper was a white man but he was scum because of his crime and not his race.

Tammy McDonald
Nikita Browne 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

John Connor
How do you know Jack the Ripper was white?

Martin Fullard
Fuking hammer them with 5-6 year prison sentences

Dave Brackstone
Why can’t we just hammer their knee caps with a sledge hammer instead?

Martin Fullard
Dave Brackstone not the right thing too do 😱

Ekow Stefan Buaben
Martin Fullard 8-10 years with hard Labour

Jason J Leonard
Such nice boys. Love their mum. Budding footballer/DJ/architect/solicitor

Beverley Smith
Jason J Leonard so u know who they are then lol

Tessa Green
Feral scum need putting down!

Ashley AJ Kellers

Keith Wilson
Bernard Goetz would love to meet them

Michael Fisher
Let me think, they attacked one person at a time? Surely not. That’s something only coward c(u)nt ba(st)ard pu(ss)ies would do

Katriona Clucas
Oh look at their photos. What a surprise!

Vicki Hull
Katriona Clucas please explain your comment??

Gary Youn
Vicki Hull you can’t be much if you dont understand her comment.

Beverley Smith
Katriona Clucas u r very brave

Tammy McDonald
OMG i had my test photo shoot that morning at 11 and left out half 8 got to south by 9 to get to soho by 11 OMG i cant imagine how them people feel hurt im so sorry for the people that got hurt that morning… 😓

David Sweet
Mum and Dad must be sooooo proud of their little junior.

Mohamed Saleh
Why do idiots bring up race only when it suits them? I don’t recall anyone bringing up the race of that white teenager that raped and killed that six year old girl a few weeks ago…

Ben Ford
I know, it’s like no one ever brings up the appalling racist murder of Kriss Donald in Glasgow by pakistanis but they’re all over the Stephen Lawrence racist murder

Jennifer Ross
Oh Ben Ford … The whole Stephen Lawrence murder being a racially motivated murder with police cover ups and attempted character assassinations just to keep a few white gang land wannabees from jail just went straight over ya bonce .. Nevermind eh .. your are definitely not alone .. despite the overwhelming coverage .. there are many many white people who just cannot grasp it either

Mike Beetham
Mohamed Saleh – you just did.

Mr-Dutchy Dutch
What is the streets coming to it just seems it’s out of control out there now we are NOT SAFE!!!

Peter Michael
Truly uncivilised trash.

Gary Youn
cultural enrichment in action.
if the public were allowed to carry arms this would not have happened.

Robert Jones
If the public were armed then the victims would not just have a broken nose and a tooth knocked out, they’d be dead. Just think about what your writing for once.

Robert Jones

Lynne Marie Venables
Gary Youn great idea lets all carry knives so we can go on a slashing spree.

Sue Coates
About time we had some handy lads on these trains to teach them a lesson they will never forget.

Nas Ullah
All bunch of sad and pathetic lowlife with no respect themselves or anyone else. Hope they get put in prison for long long time.

Richard Sandy Springs

Linda Lou
Worse than useless pigs.

Beverley Smith
I am sick of race coming in to everything… How are we ever all become just the human race, together

Jorge Carreiras
Bring Back Death Penalty

Angie Rebello
Bring back the cat and Nine tails

YK Chattha
The business case for euthanasia as well as abortion for dim witted parents who were probably recipients of the Darwin award. Uneccessary trash. Which loser scum raised kids like this. Throw them in the ocean or give them a shovel to bury themselves.

Jude Mandel
“Rivers of blood”…

John Smokes
Why the fcuk didn’t passengers fight back? Strength in numbers n all that. Living up to the english stereotype!

Bak Ara
In London ? not surprised me

Jacqueline Hawkins
Bring back national service and put all these bored teenagers into serve

Bridget Daly
I hope they find them and punish them severely. This needs to stop. Who do people think they are doing this to innocent people. What is this country/ world coming to ? What is the reason for these senseless crimes in hurting people for no reason. I hope they are found. And dealt with !!!

Nicola Waddell
Ooooh so many triggered comments 😂😂😂😂😂 the truth is the truth!

Jack Willson
windrush was a BIG mistake. . . .