Published on 15 Feb 2017

Mange 2
The Government absolutely controls most people in the country. Traditionally they do this through dependency. That dependency starts with basic day to day survival by ensuring that we have just about enough, and no more. The idea is that you are encouraged to have a family, home, car, and heavily financed chattels, so that you have to work harder for longer, paying more taxes and not committing serious crime for fear of losing it all. They love all the little crimes that bring in billions in revenue but hate the serious crimes that cost the Government millions in incarceration. Its funny how the big financial crash happened at the end of a period that saw working class people doing ok for a change, encouraged to take on larger mortgages, spend spend spend, then suddenly, CRASH. Now we have to work very very hard, keep our nose clean, play the game, don’t cause a fuss etc etc. Also the other side of the coin was Racism. Not even being able to hold a belief against a race let alone say what we felt in a country of so called free speech. This, and zero hours contracts (unheard of before in traditional British employment), kept people quiet during the mass immigration that took so many jobs, that people now have to work in fear because they may lose their employment and not be able to pay for that house and car and family, they were so readily encouraged to pursue. We are just cash cows for big corporations and the Government.