“Beatrix Campbell Ch4”

8 Jan 2015

Beatrix Campbell: Listen To The Children



During October 1990, in the midst of the uproar over the Rochdale Satanic Abuse Case, the feminist Marxist Beatrix Campbell was given a commission by Channel 4 television to reveal ‘new evidence’ to prove a satanic link in the infamous Nottinghamshire Broxtowe child abuse case.

The Broxtowe case was the kingpin upon which all other U.K. SRA allegations have been built.

Replete with unnecessary melodrama the ‘discoveries’ in Campbell’s piece were ‘secret’ tunnels under a cemetery in Nottingham which matched some of the testimony of children and a cache of sexual prosthetics found in a Lodge in the cemetery. – Only after the emotive effects of the programme was it disclosed that Nottingham is riddled with such tunnels and caves and that this is common knowledge to all residents.

The cache of prosthetics turned out to be the weekly haul of litter from the grounds which the caretaker was waiting to dump. These weak circumstances lead Dispatches to claim ‘new evidence’. Pathetically many ‘believers’ still consider the evidence presented in this programme to be worthy and so after 20 years we have produced a montage of clips forming a review of the programme so the truth can be known. In this you will see how interfereing busy-body Foster Mothers pressed the children to invent stories of witches and rituals in order to match their own preconceptions of what they believed was a new type of child abuse – SRA. You will see how foolish people misread the most ridiculous things to redefine them as ‘satanic’ and how kids fantasies were misinterpreted as ‘fact’. ( Watch out for the ‘Devil Bunny’ 8 mins into Campbell’s piece. ) Ultimately you will see that despite being dressed-up with social-work-speak the actual ‘evidence’ for all this was utterly unreliable and would have been dismissed by any normal human as utterly ridiculous. The sight of Beatrix Campbell Ugh-ing in disdain at a pink dildo discovered in a drawer just about sums it up.

Over a year after the programme was broadcast the debate over any Nottinghamshire Satanic connection wore itself out with the authorities pronouncing that there was no Satanic Ritual Abuse aspect in the case.

The Broxtowe case was the first UK case which satan hunters in social work tried to claim as ‘satanic’. A coterie of fundamentalists, feminists and therapists corrupted the case beyond measure. The controversy caused much conflict inside the Nottinghamshire Social Services. A full police and internal enquiry concluded that although child abuse had occurred there was absolutely no evidence of any cult connections or satanic involvement. The coterie of SRA hunters in Team 4 in Nottingham, lead by Judith Dawson (then also a member of RAINS) refuted the Joint Enquiry Team report but you can find the official JET Report which spils the whole story on the internet here:


20 years later when there has been absolutely no further corroboration or evidence of RAINS allegations in Nottingham they are still quoting the Broxtowe Case in their papers and lectures as though it was a real, established and proven case of SRA. Others who came after just accept this assertion as though fact, and what this shows is just how stupid some people in social work can really be. RAINS appears to be in a perpetual state of denial about any report or evidence which disproves their manic theories!

Rosie Waterhouse examines how cases in Nottinghamshire led to hysteria about ‘ritual abuse’ Independent on Sunday 23 September 1990 – full text here http://www.saff.ukhq.co.uk/nspcc.htm

MORE INFO: The Daily Mail devoted a two-page spread to the Broxtowe case. Its coverage focused on the role of Judith Jones (previously Judith Dawson) as a member of the Review Team and on the fact that, as the social worker at the centre of the Nottingham satanic abuse case in 1989, she had previously been severely criticised (along with her colleagues) by a Joint Enquiry Team (JET) made up of police officers and social workers.
The article in the Mail contained much extremely valuable material concerning Jones’s role in the Nottingham case, and her extraordinary persistence in ignoring, or somehow incorporating, evidence which clearly contradicted her preferred version of events.


+SAFFUTUBE Many of us are now well aware of the extent of ritualistic child abuse and how far into our accepted establishment it goes. The practice appears to have been one of bullying those seeking the truth into submission, but the tide is turning rapidly. Your captions if they can be called that over the video are rather pathetic to say the least and if anyone is clutching at straws to validate their view, it is obvious to anyone with an ounce of intelligence and discernment that it is you. The truth will out, of course!

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