Roger Flutterby
What are your views on Kristie Sue Costa and her ‘Believe the Children’ blog? They used to be very close friends and allies with Angela Power-Disney and Charlotte Ward and were avid supporters of Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie. Kristie Sue has also promoted witchcraft on her Facebook page, lied about correspondence she claimed to have received from Ella and been very critical of you, Abraham. Any thoughts?


Jungle Surfer’s Insight on the Shill Network “Shills Explained”


Brendon O’Connell C/O Locked Bag 1 Kwinana WA 6966 Australia


13 Mar 2015



Shillers List 2015 – Re-upload ultimate shill list


Shill victims like Robert Green ( remeber how he got put up to do his campaigns by known shill Belinda McKenzie) do not suffer more – oh I forgot he suffers even now more than ever with ridiculous bail conditions despite being in reality an innocent man simply expsoing real truth”

“Poor Ms.Shaw all arms of the UK state including uk gov shills like icke and his crew manipulating her life”

UK CointelPro: Brian Gerrish, Roger Hayes & Belinda Mckenzie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PUJJ4qRVIY  Brian’s links to Chatham in Kent?


Cointelpro and how to recognize disinfo agents


Comment:  “An ancient and effective system for spotting disinformation can be found in Kahane’s book “Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric” and Pirie’s book “How to Win Any Argument”. Kahane’s book explains that cogent reasoning, reasoning designed to strongly appeal to the intellect rather than the emotions, should meet 3 conditions. 1. It should have a justified premise ( supported by solid evidence ). 2. It should contain all of the relevant information. 3. It should come to a valid conclusion ( be free of contradiction and consistent with the facts ). Pirie’s book gives the best working definition of a logical fallacy. He defines it as anything one can say or do that breaks down or subverts reason ( i.e. argumentum ad hominem is the appeal to ridicule, argumentum ad baculum – to force, argumentum ad misercordiam – to pity, strawman argument, suppression, etc.). Therefore, when testing an argument one should ask if the 3 conditions of cogent reasoning have been met and if logical fallacies have been used. 2,300 years old.”

a note about disinformation agents


11 Nov 2012

Gordon Duff IS a Jewish Disinformation Agent



26 June 2015


Comment:  “no disrespect but matt demon like gorge gaydar and clone e are soros stooges.
polluting the well these famous face distraction.
nothing to see here but another agent of satans hollywood.
soros wants a race war demon wants you marching with russel bland.
tell us about the talmud matt and the goys position in the book and in this zion image info matrix run world.
what a joker jason bourne once you to riot you dogs, while he sips cocktails at his eyes wide shut gay party.”  http://tapnewswire.com/2015/06/matt-damon-on-elite-nwo-amazing-speech-on-this-evil-world/


Shillers List from Harrow-on-the-Hill



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