{{{Firenze & “Rifrullo Del Diavolo”}}}

Crossing Piazza Duomo you will suddenly find yourself in a vortex. Behind this phenomenon lies an ancient legend, one which requires explanation! Near Via dello Studio you feel a breeze that, in the colder months, turns into intense wind. This wind that ruffles your hair is nothing more than the “Rifrullo Del Diavolo,” as it is referred to by all Florentines, a strange atmospheric phenomenon that hides behind a disquieting legend.

It is said that a long time ago, the Devil chased ​​a priest through the streets of Florence, trying as hard as he could to steal his soul.

Once in front of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the man told the Devil that he wanted to pray one last time before suffering eternal damnation.

The Devil agreed and leaned against the cathedral, waiting for the priest to come out. The priest took advantage of this moment of ingenuity to escape, using another of the doors of the Cathedral without the Devil noticing.

Meanwhile, Satan, bored from the long wait, began to snore, thereby creating a slight breeze. Once he discovered the deception, his breath of evil turned into a veritable whirlwind.  Since then, the Rifrullo of the Devil has never ceased blowing: the Devil’s breath still waits in vain for his chosen bait to come out of the church. https://www.florenceinferno.com/secrets-and-legends-of-florence/