Kelly Backlash

Kelly-Jane-Stone-2162967‘^ is this the public face of the social scorched earth policy ?

One of Ian Dumbcunt Smith’s foot soldiers?

Describing stopping someone’s rent payments as “bliss” is sickening,

This behaviour is obviously a hate crime and deserves 25 lashes in public,
one lash each from those affected,
in the interest of not becoming the monster to fight the monster,
feet must be planted, no run ups.’

  • ‘but you wouldn’t really though would you, you wouldn’t actually hurt him if you had the chance?… if you were Really actually put in a room with IDS, you would see that he is just a human being, YES he is a cunt, a psychopathic self-indulgent cunt, but still a human being…and I think for all the yelling and shouting about wanting someone to come to harm, you wouldn’t even raise your fist to the man… and no I’m not trying to say you’re a pussy or a wimp or insult you in any way shape or form, only that humanity when faced with it, overrules any sane mans mind.

Give me a room and 5 minutes with the P.O.S. He revoked his clause to be a human being a long time ago, in a supposed civilized society those weakest and vulnerable shouldn’t be punished in any way for the wrongdoings of others.’

  • ‘+1 i will join in with you, just give me a baseball bat and some knuckle dusters.’Kelly
  • ‘Kelly Stone & Siobhan Condon are just Thatcher and Blair or Hindley and Brady or Savile and Sutcliffe types… as in mentally diseased sick twisted.’

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