[ZOG – Land of]

Decryption of I, Pet Goat II prophetic animated video

ZOG = (Zionist Occupied Government.)
”The West has been colonized by these bankers by virtue of their control of government credit. The “elite” –political and cultural– is essentially a veiled colonial administration chosen from the ranks of Cabalist (Satanist) Freemasons. Despite appearances, we live in ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government.) We are satanically possessed.

Today, the United States is their preferred instrument for ravaging the Muslim world. The Mossad and CIA provide the pretext – 911 and false flag terror. American leaders and to a lesser extent NATO satanists have destroyed the lives of millions of innocent people. Feigning compassion for “refugees,” they are using economic migrants to invade the West ….”

”Many Russia politicians and commentators remark that US policy seems to be divorced from reality. But they too are afraid to mention the reason. Is it because they have a Rothschild central bank as well? Does Putin have to tread gingerly? Is he controlled opposition?”


Comment: “The US and NATO are menacing Russia for no reason except to provoke a world war that will kill millions.”

In the short video ‘I Pet Goat II’ we see this clearly planned.

The bombing of a (Turkish? Al-Aqsa?) Mosque during ‘markets plunge’ (ticker in the boy’s eyes) /economic collapse, Iran mourning, mushroom cloud in the distant, African gun/genocide is unwrapped by shadowy satan-like figure, socialist/hammer and sickle Latin American regimes such as Venezuela sinking, Chinese tanks war march, India (shiva/god of destruction) war dance (India-Pakistan) leads to inhalation of millions/billions? Which all is precursor to the emergence (heart of fire) if the Anti-Christ.

The broken kid represents the Vatican and the dervish Sufi rising represents the new world religion to rise from the ashes of a destroyed Christianity (church).

The New Age Religion will be a mix of all three monotheistic faiths having no real root in any of them. It will be GIA-humanistic, holistic, shamanic, mystical, and ritualistic in nature. Paganism and polytheism in its core. It will the be Jewish/Cabalist overlordship promised to them by satan with the help of the Christ Imposter
Quite possible the likes of this guy


A Jew Rothschild who happens to look like the western depicted Jesus Christ and is on a mission to be a global leader and savior of earth and man through ‘geo-friendly’ and holistic approaches.

Rik Clay – Olympics 2012 – Full Length