‘Eustace Mullins’

Hopefully Jim Marrs one day soon will understand where the great Eustace Mullins was talking about when he said that
“wars are carefully staged ‘World Order’ productions”,

June 2008. On Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Martin Bormann, Hans Kammler, Solomon’s Temple, Knights Templar, Teutonic Knights, Thule Society, Solomon’s Treasure, Rennes Le Chateau, National Socialism, Fascism, Corporatism, Federal Reserve, Jekyll Island, Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers, Harrimans, Prescott Bush, Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Winston Churchill, Karl Marx, Fritz Thyssen, Dulles Brothers, John J. McCloy, Rudolf Hess, Barbarossa, The Nazi Bell, “Die Glocke”, Time Travelling Nazis, ORME, White Powder Gold, The Philosopher’s Stone, Ark of the Covenant, Moses, Mount Horeb, Otto Skorzeny, Nazi Ratlines, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Prescott Bush & the USO (United Service Organization), JFK Assassination, Abraham Lincoln, Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, Bilderbergers, Hillary Clinton, NeoCons, Media Control, Bertelsmann AG, Mohn Family, and much more.


How the Rothschilds created Israel – Eustace Mullins


NOT for the immature! Zionist Antichrist will rule the NWO


The Scandal Unveiled


Your ‘Princess Diana And Leon Britton’ blog peaked my interest in Sir James Goldsmith and I found a very good article by Eustace Mullins the person most responsible for putting forth the Nazi acronym being National Zionist if I remember correctly and having been a banker by profession,His article about the 1987 US stock market and savings and loan collapse of 1987 says, ‘Drexel Burnham Lambert, investment bankers extraordinary. What they have not done
(Wall Street Journal,et.al.) is to tell the American public just what is going on — who is doing what to whom.You will read here for the first time the names of the major players, names which the Wall Street Journal dares not mention. The first name is Rothschild. Not once has the Wall Street Journal, during its current “expose”, dared to mention the vital information that Drexel Burnham Lambert (pronounced Lambeer), is the New York branch of Banque Bruxelles Lambert, of Brussels, Belgium or that the enormously wealthy and powerful Lamberts are the Belgian branch of the Rothschild family……’
It is a little long but he gets round to Sir James Goldsmith who at least knows enough to hightail it in luxury to Mexicojust before all shit hits the fan.But what caught my attention in terms of longer range history is that Sir James actually married a Castlereagh ANCESTOR OF THE INFAMOUS BRITISH FOREIGN MINISTER that I only became aware because Iam a Percy Shelley fan and love his Mask Of Anarchy in which the English royals and nobility themselves are portayed as the anarchists.No wonder British aristocracy despised Shelley and promoted the mediocre poetry of Lord Byron a friend of Shelley – but, unlike Shelley, a lover of British aristocracy and titles,particularly his own.
Anyway here’s the link to Eustace Mullins’ article, The Scandal Unveiled’ , mentioning Sir James Goldsmith’s and the Rothschild’s role in the 1987 U.S.market collapse and a small quote from Shelley’s Mask Of Anarchy mentioning Castlereagh in response to the Manchester massacre of 1816.


from The Scandal Unveiled by Eustace Mullins

”The mastermind of the present Drexel Burnham Lambert operation is a former partner of Banque Rothschild, Sir James Goldsmith. He is married to his third wife, the daughter of the Marquis of Londenderry, Viscount Castlereagh. At the Congress of Vienna in 1815, the negotiations were dominated by her ancestor, Viscount Castlereagh, the famed foreign minister of England. Castlereagh apparently did not understand at the time that his negotiations were designed to create a new ruler in Europe, the Rothschild family. Castlereagh was minister plenipotentiary of the victors at Waterloo, the British Crown. With him was his half-brother and heir, Lord Charles Stewart, British Ambassador to Vienna. At the Treaty of Paris, Castlereagh achieved his principal objective in France, to solidify the control of the Bourbons. Sir James Goldsmith’s second wife had been Laure Boulay de la Meurthe, niece of the Comte de Paris, present head of the Bourbon family and pretender to the throne of France……’

from The Mask Of Anarchy by Percy Shelley

I met murder on the way
He had a face like Castlereagh
Very smooth he looked yet grim
Seven bloodhounds followed him
All were fat as well they might
Be in admirable plight
For one by one and two by two
He fed them human hearts to chew
From which his wide cloak he drew……


“Kay Griggs on “the US and the Soviet Union (Russia) were never enemies” has a lot of evidence to support this:”

The $5 Trillion Cold War Hoax


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