“Zionist Antichrist”

Obama & the “Election” & Liam Hemsworth’s Nickname “Triple six”

Rose Hannah
Published on 16 Jun 2016

GERTLER’S BLING BANG TORAH GANG Israel and the Ongoing Holocaust in Congo
(part one)


Antichrist – 27 Characteristics:

1 Aug 2011

NOT for the immature! Zionist Antichrist will rule the NWO


Comment:  “Allah is NOT and does not mean ‘God’ in Arabic but ‘the-god.’ Allah is the contraction of ‘al’ en ‘ilah.’ Al means ‘the.’ Ilah is the Arabic word for god / God. Satan has done a super job to poison and weaken Christianity in languages, like Arabic and Malasian, using allah as ‘god’ in their languages, because of the domination by islam which reckognizes only allah as god, rejecting all other gods, refused therefore God/ god in their language and put ‘the-god’ of islam as ‘god’ in their language, corrupting – poisoning their langauges! This satanic poison has found it’s way inside even Bibles and Christian books, and the church in those nations. They should repent and clean up their Bibles and all Christian books and other communications! Read more in my book: “Is Allah God?”” https://www.scribd.com/doc/2596718/Is-Allah-God

Comment:  “The fact is that the Zionists/ Israehel have been planning the take over of the word for over a century, and designed 3 Wolrd Wars to accomplish this goal. Aftre this last Word War, WW III the Zionists intend to have set up their enemies – like two dogs fighting over a bone, and the third, the Jewish dog (or as they see themselves Übermenschen and all non-Jews as goyim, or animals) running away with it after the other two have so exhausted themselves fighting each other. that the third can take the bone (world rule) without any of them having any energy left to fight and prevent them. This is the Jewish set-up. The Jewish anti-christ is going to sit on the throne of God in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. Okay, enough.”


Comment:  “as a Syrian i say this , we’ll keep resisting the Zionist state till we destroy it or die trying.”

H L Hunthttp://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/h-l-hunt-213.php

Comment:AIPAC, one of the MANY tentacles of the INSANE JEW, that demands total obedience from the ‘politicians’ that have decided that money is more important than America. The JEW not only owns ‘our’ political system, they own ‘our news media’ that should be called the “JEWS media’, because they own most of them. Radio, Tv, ‘newsprint’, the Movie industry, MORE tentacles. Don’t forget the financial industry, that the JEW has totally infiltrated, controlling the stock market, the real estate, banks and other ‘financial’ entities that the JEW dominates in every way. With all of those tentacles connected to the INSANE< TREASONOUS< JEW, born anywhere, loyal only to israel and THEMSELVES, is there any doubt that America has been corrupted into JEWmerica, the colony of israel, zionazi slaves of the JEW that has ‘our’ JEW corrupted ‘politicians’ sending OUR SOLDiers into the Middle East to kill and DIE, WASTE TRILLIONS of USA tax dollars, so that our kings, the JEW, can keep a piece of SHIT land that a ‘god’ the JEW invented, GAVE to the insane JEW that invented that INSANE CLOWN, the JEW calls ‘god’.

What’s the REAL answer to making America GREAT AGAIN, it’s for DONALD TRUMP to REALIZE, it’s NOT the Mexicans, it’s NOT the Muslims that are keeping America, JEWmerica, the colony of israel, the zionazi SLAVES of the JEWS and ‘our’ JEW corrupted politicians. Do you really need ME to tell you the JEW, born anywhere, loyal only to israel and THEMSELVES ARE THE REAL DANGER TO AMERICA? Maybe you do, because with the total corruption of ‘our’ INFORMATION industry by the JEW, the only ‘information’ the people of JEWmerica (once the great nation of America) get from the JEW is the TWISTED PROPAGANDA about how the JEW is the ‘peace loving’ VICTIMS and everyone else is a ‘terrorist’. The HISTORY of the JEW PROVES the JEWS are the perpetrators of making VICTIMS anyone the JEW calls ‘friend’.
History has proven time after TIME, that the JEW will deceive, corrupt then cause DEATH AND DESTRUCTION to those that failed to learn the LESSON that HISTORY PROVES to be TRUE…
Joe Magnets