Tony Blair’s Bad Hair

Crazy Hair Pic Courtesy Metro.

Blair Hair. Pic Daily Mail.

Mr Blair has gone from Grey to Ginger over night.  Mid-life crisis?

“Blair has never denied his admiration for The Iron Lady; and, it can’t be denied that whoever carried out the tonsorial weaving procedure is a very skillful thatcher.”  DM Comments Section.

lordpendry friend of Blair

Lord Pendry – friend of Blair.

Grey Hair – too much time spent in the smoking salon?  Smoking guns anyone????

Blair’s friend dragged into tourist chief fraud’  says The Standard

That old Smoke and Mirrors – well smoke at least.  Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire – Mirror Mirror on the wall……

UPDATE in 2015

Blair said to have a feather on head in 2015

Blair is said to have developed what looks like a ‘feather’ on his head in 2015.

As to that ‘feather’ – Will Tony ‘sing like a canary’ about those obscure financial funds secreted offshore?  Well Tone’s certainly not shy about ‘feathering his nest’ that’s for sure.

DMR Comment:  He doesn’t buy houses ,HE BUYS BLOCKS OF FLATS!


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