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Ashley Lala
GeorgeSpain I have a LOT of experience with this and I have tried many different cleanses. There are a lot of options but most contain three common ingredents. Cloves, Wormwood and fresh Black Walnut Hulls. I would recommend starting with either the…
~ParaSmart kit, which you can buy at a health food shop or Vitacost, etc. It used to be called ParaGone and I liked that more. They reformulated it but it is still decent. You will need about 2 of those kits. You can read the reviews on Amazon, they are pretty good.
~A made to order herbal blend called Humaworm, you can order that online. I asked them to make mine without the psyllium because that ingredient can cause gas for some people.
~If you are on a very tight budget your options include eating large amounts of raw garlic, papaya seeds (taste horrible, like eating black peppercorns). Turpentine is another option which I have not tried. Dr Jennifer Daniels has a protocol for doing this.

All turpentine is, is an extract of pine resin. When you google it, you will see a lot of websites telling you it is poison and it is going to kill you. That is not true, big pharma puts a lot of extensive effort into suppressing natural cures and making them sound dangerous. Many youtubers have vids about their experience with the turpentine protocols. If you aren’t familiar with the issues going on with our medical system I would urge you to please watch a Corbett Report titled Rockefeller Medicine. The corruption going on right now is unimaginable. Big Pharma does NOT want people curing their parasites because they are making a LOT of money by telling people they have IBS, Acid Reflux, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, etc and selling them rx drugs to medicate these symptoms. The medical schools have been corrupted so the Drs are barely even educated about parasites. They are taught that parasites only exist in third world countries, which is absolutely laughable to think that they magically have been unable to cross the border.
I have struggled for years with “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, “depression”, “anxiety”, “gastritis”, migraines, etc. Most of those problems and all of my mood issues have completely cleared up, I no longer take any rx drugs. I do still get migraines occasionally, but I have found a natural treatment that works well (coffee enemas).

When you begin the herbal cleanse, you will probably get headaches and feel horrible by day three. This is a sign that you do have parasites and they are dying. As they die, they release toxins into your body, which makes you feel like crap. This is called a Herxheimer Reaction. If it’s really bad, you can take Coconut Charcoal Pills in the morning and evening on an empty tummy, they are carbon and they will absorb the toxins. If you are adventurous, you can also do coffee enemas which will help you expel the toxins quicker. You may see parasites such as flukes or roundworms in your stool. If you have roundworms, they are a bit harder to get rid of due to the nature of their life cycle, but you can cross that bridge when you get to it. Curezone is an excellent website if you have questions. If you do try these cleanses and they help you, please pass the information on to others. Many people are suffering from this and subsequently falling victim to big pharma. I was put on antidepressants, mood stabilizers and anxiety meds starting when I was 15 years old and stayed on that garbage for over a decade. Now that my “mood disorders” are completely cured, I have a lot of contempt for the “healthcare” being provided in the United States.

Here’s a quick vid from Dr Group about parasites….

Here’s a vid about coffee enema’s from the wonderful late Dr Gonzales…

I wish you the best of luck on reclaiming your health. ❤

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