‘Faking It eg isis’


How To Fake An ISIS Beheading In 5 Easy Steps! – Xendrius and RedpillRevolution


Comment at Abel Danger:  “I used the term “Jewish Stocktake” because that is a direct quote from Rene Rivkin who called it that himself. Rivkin did this at a seminar where he was one of the speakers along with Mikhail Gorbachev, General Norman Schwarzkopf, and Al “Chainsaw” Dunlap etc. that was in Brisbane in the late 1990’s. My jaw hit the ground when I heard him say that in front of thousands of people because it was basically a confession to arson and fraud. The meaning is: “The process by which a shopkeeper destroys their own shop in a self-lit fire, in order to claim insurance. The payout from the insurance”

Sad end for Rene Rivkin

“In February 2001  Rivkin’s financial world began to fall apart after the head of private banking at Leumi Bank in Switzerland was arrested for embezzlement. An inquiry began that eventually brought Rivkin’s Swiss banking details out in the open.” http://www.smh.com.au/news/Business/Sad-end-for-Rene-Rivkin/2005/05/01/1114886255223.html

Published on 3 Oct 2014



isis busted

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMoLIzYoI4U isis busted by Jeff C and friends.

 GW:  2 is U R 2 is U B i C U R 2 is 4 Mi.

NASA’s weird and wonderful orbiting machines (pt2)


Caravan To Midnight – Episode 232 Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax Deconstructed


17 May 2015

“Staged Terror?
Shortly after the incident, many media outlets released a flurry of reports early on May 5th, stating that ISIS had claimed responsibility for the Garland attack via a radio broadcast on its Al Bayan radio station, a story which originated from SITE Intelligence Group.
As we’ve noted numerous times here at 21WIRE, the intelligence monitoring group SITE, has ties to both the CIA and Israeli intelligence. The group has also raised ethical concerns over the years and according to the group’s founder, Rita Katzthey’ve managed to the release terror related material linked to ISIS prior to the group itself.
The staged events in Copenhagen, Paris, and now Garland, repeat the same script, all had intelligence linked gunmen who are also apparent extremists.And when you consider SITE’s involvement in the Garland story line, linked with that of anti-Islamic media personality Pamela Geller, who is the president of  the well-funded organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, the organizer of Garland’s Mohammed cartoon event, a polarizing political narrative emerges.
Additionally, when reports suggested that ISIS had somehow orchestrated the apparent attack on “US soil,” in Garland, Texas without any forensic proof. The claims seemed much like the fake “ISIS in Mexico” story, where authorities and the media had to back away from the fuzzy claims in favor of a new meme – one stating that the suspected gunmen Simpson and Soofi were instead inspired by the terror group.
Here’s a recent interview on the Sunday Wire with host Patrick Henningsen along with whistleblower and legal analyst Kurt Haskell, listen as they dissect the highly orchestrated affair in Garland…”  http://www.abeldanger.net/2015/05/again-fbi-is-involved-with-staged.html#more

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