[Iraq Truth


“Blair and anyone else will never face justice Freddie, I am surprised at you of all people asking that question because your friends the Israelis will make sure that never happens, Thar architect of the Iraq war was a Jew called Paul Wolfowitz, Israel saw Saddam as a threat, they also wanted to show the rest of the Middle East who was in charge, Bush was easy to persuade, his old man had been humiliated by the Saudis, they did not want Saddam killed, and as the Republicans and Democrats are all bought and paid for by AIPAC it took nothing to get Blair on board, just the promise of great wealth, he has offices in Tel Aviv and Jews run his portfolio making sure he makes lots of money by using inside information. but Blair needed the blessing of Lord Goldsmith to get Britain involved, and as Goldsmith is a Jew that was no problem, we all know what happened next, the Chilcot report is just another whitewash, he is being allowed to make nearly a grand a day from this so called ” inquiry” to make sure of the right outcome for Blair, just another normal day in corrupt Britain by the establishment.”  http://www.express.co.uk/comment/columnists/frederick-forsyth/614097/Tony-Blair-justice-Labour-EU-Rugby