[NWO Use ”Shibiliths”]

June 20, 2016

Our Patience Is Wearing Thin


4 October 2014
French Ex-President Sarkozy again tells French to mix races

French Ex-President Sarkozy again tells French to mix races.

Comment: A “shibilth” is an article of faith. People acquire their shibbilths in various ways:
Family, religion, public education, the media, and social trends (Popularity).
Shibbliths are pounded into your head continueously.
Since the latter part of the 20th century a chief shibbilih has been that non-white
peoples have been opressed by white racism, and in the interest of “fairness”
steps must be taken to adress “historical grievences.” Another words, ALL
non-whites are innocent victims of evil white oppression. Whites have lives of
luxury and ease, with no struggles at all.
Equality of oppertunity is NOT enough because whites simply can’t help
being racist. You have to pump prime. You have to have equality of RESULT.
Since “everybody knows” that an unqualified white male, reeking of body oder
can show up at any job site and demand “I WANT THAT JOB!’ and get the job
solely because he is white and male, (It happens everyday doesn’t it?) we must
establish a quota system to put unqualified minorites in these jobs.
Since blacks were brought here in chains 400 years ago, and black women
were raped, it’s only just that our white college girls are knocked out cold,
raped, kidnapped, murdered and disposed of like soiled paper.
“Up is down. ” North is south.” East is west.” Get with the “Justice Program!”
“What are you? Some reactionary racist?

Comment:  Screw him. Nobody has to listen to the government about interracial dating. It’s our choice to marry within our race. No government has to force our choices on us. If white people were the problem why have a lot of cities in France been so kept up? White people are the natives of France. If this is because of bad things whites did in the past, well I’m sorry there’s no reason for this severe racism. People aren’t realizing that this is genocide yet, because the truth still hides behind that word. Then there are people that know what it means and will act like they don’t what it means, by saying oh its racist and wrong. Again no government has the right to force anybody to marry within their race. It’s supposed to be a choice and it mostly is a choice. But if they try to force It then they should be held accountable. Again let people make their own choices. People don’t have the right to force anything on anybody. That is pure evil and wrong by forcing something on somebody.

Comment:  The anti-Whites only care about racial interbreeding of one race, Whites. They have no interest in mixing Blacks with Asians or any other racial interbreeding. That’s because their goal is to blend Whites out of existence.

Comment:  Sarkozy is Jewish. So no surprise he wants to get revenge on the French.