Jeremy Corbyn

Brabantian  15 March 2018
The Rothschilds’ Emmanuel Macron & Jeremy Corbyn are saving us from global disaster, apparently

Rothschild banker Macron is speaking like an adult here … saying there needs to be evidence, that established international procedures & treaties need to be followed

The same rational talk is coming from UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, who, as Aangirfan has noted, was a boyhood neighbour of Victor Rothschild who employed Jeremy’s father during the war

With this affair and the wild-eyed Theresa May accusations – May ignoring the weapons treaty investigation channels –

We have May set up for downfall in favour of Jeremy the Rothschild man

And Vladimir Putin – who had been menaced with low turn-out by bored Russian voters this weekend in the Russia national election –

Putin now gets a domestic filip as the unfairly-slandered leader of an unfairly-slandered nation

Whilst Russian oligarchs are further ‘motivated’ to come home

And we have the Rothschild men one step closer to the ‘rational’ global international order

One thing good on the day when Corbyn moves into No 10, will be Aangirfan’s extensive re-post about Corbyn’s dodgy history