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Julien romanovsky8 August 2019 at 10:44
“Abandoned shoes – a sign of a False Flag”

Like all the shoes in the zum Kotzen holo….. museums in the western world.


Eustace Mullins said somewhere in a speech that the fact the holocaust museum in Washington DC is right next to the Federal Reserve building, the FED´s actual Headquarters is no coincidence.

The left and right shoe of the wandering you know who.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


12 June 2019



Anonymous 16 April 2019 at 00:49
This is the Catholic holy week, it makes all sense. MOSSAD did it in order to blame Muslims once again. Altho I dont agree with Jim Stone on many things, this is one of those times when he hit it rite:

Part 1

“Another Notre Dame Cathedral fire update: Perpetrators pegged with 90+ percent probability
Do you know how long arson investigations sometimes last? Sometimes, a year or more. You can’t say the cause of a fire was not arson when it is still too hot to go in and look at a single thing. This means, with Macron claiming what he did, that the fire was virtually assured to have been a targeted hit, done with Macron’s approval and that it WAS ARSON.

Would the Mossad do it for Macron? YEP.

Go over the reports. A large number of them have arson ruled out as a cause. That’s IMPOSSIBLE, the perpetrators of this event are part of the government if arson is already “ruled out”. Is there a demolition scheduled?, JUST WATCH: There’s little damage to the actual interior, the fire looks bad but it was contained to only the roof and the steeple that collapsed, and whatever the steeple fell on below. Firefighters were gunning water into the bottom so fiercely that even the candles survived. The church is miraculously mostly intact. Let’s wait and see if the cathedral is ordered to be demolished, despite being practically undamaged, except for an easily replaced roof.”

Anonymous 16 April 2019 at 14:59
When Macron declared shortly after the fire started in the cathedral, that arson could be ruled out, then this is obviously an important clue that the real reasons are to be hidden by the collaborating government.

Cultural objects like the cathedral are obviously very well protected with an efficient fire detection and sprinkler system. For me, it sounds downright childish, if the official spokespersons are now claiming, that the sprinkler systems were designed not to damage the works of art and therefore could not extinguish the fires.

BTW, the same dumb and criminal explanations were given by the “nationalistic” Salvini in Italy, at the time the bridge in Genoa was blown up and the government immediately explained, that humid air with salt from the nearby sea had caused corrosion of the armored concrete and would be the reason for the tragedy.

Given these communication “feats”, it looks to me, as if the usual suspects would be massively involved in both incidents.  Caveman

Anonymouss 16 April 2019 at 00:51
Part 2:

“UPDATE: Notre Dame Cathedral mostly unscathed by the massive fire (even the candles made it) UNBELIEVABLE, SEE THIS:

The lack of damage to the actual interior is astonishing. There is not even extensive smoke damage.

Notre Dame Cathedral rumors:
Thus far it is only rumor, but rumor has it that the Mossad burned it down. I am not kidding, that really is the rumor. Purportedly to frame Muslims. I am not going to get onto this topic much, but will say it makes perfect sense. First of all, Muslims held the keys to many of the churches in Jerusalem for hundreds of years on end when there were not enough Christians to use them, and guarded the churches perfectly, despite them being Christian.

I find it highly plausible that the Mossad burned the cathedral down to frame Muslims. I am thrilled that’s where the story drifted so quickly. BECAUSE: Silverstein said pull it, and building 7 fell simply because it was grief stricken over the deaths of towers 1 and 2. I am thrilled that’s where the story went so quickly, because the basements of the WTC exploded before the planes hit, and when the towers fell, there were demolition sprites at regular intervals during the collapse, plus obviously shape charge cut debris, and well, you know. Not Muslims.

If the Mossad burning down the Notre Dame Cathedral hits alt media mainstream, I’ll be doing the snoopy dance because after all, WHO WANTS CHRISTIANITY DESTROYED? Just ask your nearest luciferian, or your nearest feminist leader, or your nearest communist. Gee, they are backed predominantly by the same people who backed the Mossad, Muslims don’t hate Christians, – in fact, Muslims know Christ is going to return again for the 1000 year reign, that AINT MOHAMMED, who are those claiming Muslims despise Christians trying to fool?

FACT: Muslims did not burn down the Notre Dame Cathedral.”

Anonymous 16 April 2019 at 01:49
Full occult/ritualistic crap:


Anonymous 16 April 2019 at 03:31

Brabantian 16 April 2019 at 03:40

Earlier on the same day of the Notre Dame fire, 15 April 2019, “one of three women allegedly involved in a foiled plot in 2016 to blow up a car packed with gas canisters near the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, was sentenced to eight years in prison by a French court for earlier offences. Ines Madani, 22, was sentenced following a three-day trial during which she was accused of encouraging would-be jihadists to go to Syria and participate in attacks against France.”

‘Isis plot to blow up Notre Dame in Paris’, propane gas canisters in Peugeot parked outside on 4 September 2016

Anonymous 16 April 2019 at 10:50
I thought collectively we had long established that ISIS is another name for Mossad.

Al Aqsa mosque burns on same day.

Cui bono?

Brabantian 16 April 2019 at 15:39
Quite right, ISIS is thought by many to be US-backed ‘Israeli Special Intelligence Services’, with Islamic State head Dr Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi widely thought to be Israeli Mossad officer, Shimon Elliot – Sham’oun Ayloot

That 2016 ‘plot to blow up Notre Dame’ had the hallmarks of a security service set-up. Perpetrator of course ‘known to the police’, and the Peugeot with the propane was discovered because of the emergency lights flashing ... ‘Terrorists’ calling attention to themselves

And besides that, there is a history of ‘automobile bombs’ which in fact could never do the kind of damage that was done or intended. This was true of the 1995 USA ‘Oklahoma City car bomb’, and the 2009 Norway ‘Anders Breivik car bomb’.

Yes, who indeed would enjoy the symbolism of attacking one each of the holiest sites in Christianity & Islam, on the same day?

British officers later admitted that when they ruled Cyprus, they sometimes damaged a church, sometimes a mosque, inciting cross-sectarian hostility via the false flags, to distract from their own rule

Anonymous 16 April 2019 at 06:58
Well it’s still the lead story on global mainstream media, so there must be something fishy about it…

Anonymous 17 April 2019 at 01:01
More distraction from everything, like from the genocide from Syria, Palestine, Yemen etc.

wallflower 16 April 2019 at 08:31

Anonymous 16 April 2019 at 08:57
Winterwatch.net has a couple of good pieces on this today

AkhaldanSolo 16 April 2019 at 09:18
I see your tower card and I’ll raise the serendipity aura one too.

Check out I Pet Goat II at the 6 minute mark. The spire falls in the exact same manner at the same distance.

Anonymous 16 April 2019 at 10:04
A comment I posted on 15 March 2019. It relates to the false flag mosque attack in Christchurch. I had concerns – as such, I wrote the following:

“As for a backlash from the Muslim community – ain’t going to happen. The crazies are in the other team I’m afraid to say. The ones that organized this fiasco.

That said, two events are approaching that give cause for concern. Firstly, 22 March or 322 as its known is heavily associated with Skull and Bones and the occult. Two recent events on this day. Westminster Bridge and Brussels Airport. Both as real as dinosaurs (sorry they’re fake too).

That said, the other upcoming day is of course Easter. So the Satanic Paedos (US, UK and Israel) would happily blow up Easter and blame it on the Muslims as a revenge attack.”

The attack on the Notre Dame cathedral – as has already been mentioned – would clearly fit this scenario.

This style of attack has been polarising communities for millennia and the perpetrators are well known.

I’m only surprised that an eye witness (eating a bagel) didn’t report that a ‘man in a yellow vest, with a beard’ shouting Allahu Akbar was seen leaving the vicinity.

Peace to the humans

Brabantian 16 April 2019 at 15:48
Actually, what you jokingly mentioned about a yellow vest at Notre Dame, has happened – ZeroHedge has been headlining a video on Twitter, with a gilet jaune – yellow vest person, walking high up in the church on a terrace, whilst fire hoses pour water on the conflagration

5 second Twitter video here
the ZeroHedge story

Anonymous 16 April 2019 at 13:45
My first thought was some kind of CIA/Mossad Zionist operation. I don’t think the timing of Easter week is a coincidence. Also, the ‘Isis’ tweet gloating on the events is suspicious, given that Isis are thought to be a front for the CIA.
Interestingly, this is also the week that Gatwick airport bosses said the drone at Christmas was an inside job.
The psyops are getting more creative.

Anonymous 16 April 2019 at 23:21
And look at this from the Daily Mail. In the right place at the right time again or something more suspicious?

“A French priest who helped the wounded in the Bataclan terror attack on Paris and who survived an ambush in Afghanistan also emerged as a hero of the Notre Dame fire today.
Jean-Marc Fournier, chaplain of the Paris Fire Brigade, rushed straight for the relics housed in the cathedral to rescue the the Blessed Sacrament and the Crown of Thorns relics from the blazing building on Monday night…
Four years ago he also comforted the wounded after the worst terrorist attack on Paris this century when 89 people were massacred at the Eagles of Death Metal concert in 2015.”

Anonymous 16 April 2019 at 23:48
“A spokesman for the Cathedral reported that they had practised a fire drill just days before.”


Please, really?

They’ve really got to stop using the same markers over and over again with these events.

Anonymous 17 April 2019 at 00:49

A Cathedral and a Mosque Engulfed in Fire; One Ravages the Past, the Other Threatens the Future

Anonymous 17 April 2019 at 00:58
More from Jim Stone:

“What do you do when you need to change the news cycle? Burn a historic church!
Dime to a dollar says that’s what we are looking at with Notre Dame Cathedral, the French government did it (probably with a little help from you know who) NO IFS OR BUTS.
UPDATE: Macron has supposedly “vowed to rebuild” Notre Dame Cathedral
I CALL BULLSHIT. Let’s see THAT happen. The only way it will happen is if the only possible reasons for burning it to begin with were:

  • 1. To distract the news cycle.
  • 2. To cause a religion war and Macron got busted.

Perhaps Macron is backing off because the very FIRST thing to hit the alt media news cycle in a big way was that the Mossad burned the cathedral. If that’s where alt media took it right from the get-go, obviously the best thing to do is apologize and REBUILD IT.

Anonymous 17 April 2019 at 01:11
Bottomline: distraction and divide and conquer at its best. Shall we move on?

Anonymous 17 April 2019 at 02:32
US DOLLAR – contain image of Bhaphomet the mason devil god:

NOTRE DAMNed – devil statute on roof – also appeared in the dust mist of US twin towers! ; https://wfdd-live.s3.amazonaws.com/styles/slideshow/s3/images/slideshow/Images-Notre-Dame-Cathedral–713682491-1555376416.jpg?itok=v9A4huyx

Anonymous 17 April 2019 at 04:25
This is how sheeple are kept in line/under control

Anonymous 17 April 2019 at 04:27
Jean-Marc Fournier, officially, serves “god”. One of the many “gods”. Unofficially, he works for the secret service(s). So blatant and obvious it hurts. Politics+religion = love, its been so since always, nothing new.

Anonymous 17 April 2019 at 05:37
Great surname, they really like to take the piss:

Fournier is a French surname. It is a former designation of baker. Prior to the 1900s it was the designation of a fire tender. The fire tender became by default the baker as he was normally in charge of the communal ovens.

Anonymous 17 April 2019 at 04:29
Behold, we have another one of the same name:


Could the priest’s name be a fake one? Definitely….

Anonymous 17 April 2019 at 05:06
Check it out, its a good piece:

Robert Steele: Notre Dame Cathedral Burning False Flag, Organized by Macron, Insurance Fraud, Funding Paris Olympics, Saving EU & Central Banks UPDATE 18

Brabantian 17 April 2019 at 15:42
That’s a curious piece … Robert David Steele says per his sources in French government opposition, that there were:

« Two dead within the fire, both evidently murdered (two bullets each) »

but no further details

Steele adds:

« Official narrative pretending it was an accident was immediate and clearly on the shelf and ready to go … No helicopters brought in to fight the fire … Dysfunctional water spraying machine, a mockery of a fire-fighting performance … For the existing plan to blanket this sacred site with water, to not have been executed instantly, is the equivalent of Dick Cheney controlling NORAD on 9/11 … ‘could not find the fire’ until 6.43pm ….when the inferno was raging out of control ? »

Brabantian 17 April 2019 at 15:59
It is perhaps not too impossible, that the fire was set by angry Muslims … who perhaps were allowed to carry out their plan

Sustained ‘false-flagging’ involves not just direct security service operations, but also inspiring others to carry out violent acts in the same agenda

Perhaps Notre Dame will become a major Muslim demonisation scheme, the dark powers waiting a while to deploy in full form … maybe after the EU Parliament election, after ‘investigators’ have made some ‘shocking discoveries’

Re the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem –

In a recent video, 12 March 2019, Palestinian cleric Sheikh Abu Taqi Al-Din Al-Dari, speaking at the Al-Aqsa mosque, predicted a Muslim take-over of France, through a combination of population growth, immigration, and jihad

The Sheikh fondly recalled past Islamic campaigns in Europe, and urged today’s Muslims to follow in the ancient footsteps

The video appeared just a few days before the Christchurch New Zealand ‘mosque massacre’ ... which would certainly have angered some Muslims enough, to want to destroy a cathedral

Here is the video of the Sheikh speaking at the great holy site of Islam in Jerusalem … Note that the video and translation, is provided by the Israeli-and-neocon-tied ‘MEMRI – Middle East Media Research Institute’, 2min9sec

Anonymous 18 April 2019 at 00:28
“It is perhaps not too impossible, that the fire was set by angry Muslims … who perhaps were allowed to carry out their plan”
Abu Taqi Al-Din Al-Dari-who the hell is this guy? It seems the only information on him is from the discredited MEMRI and other unreliable disinfo sites. Could he be a jew? Is this part of the false flag to inflame Christians against Muslims? I think so!

Do you really believe that what “he” said? The Muslims are typically peaceful and passive.Exception: The Wahhabi and Salafi head choppers. These Muslims are an offshoot of the Sunni sect, not the Shi-ite. We, the US and Israel wholeheartedly support them as a matter of fact we love them!! It seems Jared Kushner also has a love affair going on with them especially MBS. Other than that trash, the Muslims will only fight if invaded or attacked internally. Have they ever invaded another country in recent history that is? (not counting the fake Muslim Wahhabi Salafi head choppers)


Brabantian 17 April 2019 at 15:37
Daily Mail describing a bizarre delay in Paris firefighters taking action, at first ‘unable to find the fire’ (!) … hint of a 9-11-style stand-down:

« Paris public prosecutor Rémy Heitz announced on Tuesday that firefighters were called to the world-famous cathedral at 6.20pm CET, almost half an hour before the roof caught fire after a fire alarm was triggered.

But after an initial inspection they said they were unable to find any evidence of fire.

Firefighters remained inside Notre Dame until a second alarm went off at 6.43pm and eventually discovered a fire in the network of wooden beams under the cathedral’s roof – but were unable to put it out.

Mr Heitz said this evening: ‘What we know at this stage is that there was an initial alarm at 6:20 p.m., followed by a procedure to verify this but no fire was found.

‘Then, there was a second alarm at 6:43 p.m. and at that point a fire was detected in the structure.

‘The investigation is going to be long and complex,’ he added. ‘We are in the process of interviewing witnesses.’ »


Tony Ryals 17 April 2019 at 16:28
Apparently as the story goes it was an Australian ‘Christian’ who
set fire to the Al Aqsa Mosque in 1969.

A Cathedral and a Mosque Engulfed in Fire; One Ravages the Past, the Other Threatens the Future

A previous fire set to the mosque by a zealous Australian Christian in 1969 failed to capture headlines. Indeed, the threats to al Aqsa Mosque have accelerated over the years to a point of no return. Given that the fate of this mosque holds the fate of us all, how can the media be forgiven for their deafening silence?

Anonymous 18 April 2019 at 04:57
Check it out, this is big, REALLY big:


Brabantian 18 April 2019 at 05:03
Cathedral-burning copycat crimes already?

St Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan, New York, on 5th Avenue between 50th and 51st, is one block away from the Jared & Charlie Kushner owned building at 666 (!) Fifth Avenue between 52nd & 53rd Streets

« Marc Lamparello, 37 was caught walking into New York’s famed St Patrick’s Cathedral with gas cans and lighter fluid … He is a Boston College-educated philosophy professor who once wrote a passionate defense of Donald Trump … and also held several roles in the Catholic church. »


Julien romanovsky 18 April 2019 at 06:29
In 1324 Jacques du Moulay last Grandmaster of the Knight Templars was burned at the stake in front of the Notre Dame…

´´The Knights Templar were big financial backers for many major building projects, including the great cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris…

Via: Leo Zagami

Mysterious Figure Caught On Tape During Notre Dame Fire

…Built by Masons, financed by Templars it makes sense that this figure could have been the ghost of an original Knights Templar sending a veiled message to the Jesuit Pope.¨

´´ Templar Organizations commemorated with great solemnity and the celebration of a mass on the 18th of March 2018, in Notre Dame cathedral, in Paris, during the 900 year anniversary of the foundation of the Order.´´

LZ a ´Vatican & illuminati insider´, speaking in a march 2019 vid about satanism in the Vatican, is at the end of that vid trumpetting Trump after bringing up the Kalergi plan and the invasion of Muslims into Europe whom he says are all anti-semitic.

Of course Leo, white Euros are allergic to the great numbers of them but he forgets to mention that Kalergi & his plan are zionist jew made.

Your Trump is rolling outh the 5G carpet, info wars amego, making the USA (and the globe) a Max Matrix Frequency prison.

Watch this vid and tell your zio host Alex Jones:

דוקו 2 – 12/04/2016- איך אנחנו הורגים את עצמנו – קרינה – How we kill ourselves – Wireless Radiation


The human body, the Arc of the Covenant, the Christian Cathedral.
the Temple of the Whoile-I-Spirit, the Mosque of the total Cosmos.

Anonymous 18 April 2019 at 09:06
“Lamparello can be a Jewish name.”

Gotta love such kind of speculation. X can be a Jewish name, Y can be a Jewish name. But is it? Noone has to be Jewish in order to be evil.

Greg Burton 18 April 2019 at 11:23
I see the movement, I see the flash.

The fire could have been started by a hand-held Direct Energy Weapon. A flashlight so powerful, it can start a fire. Some may be still commercially available under various product names. I’ve attached a YouTube video for one such design.

FlashTorch Mini Firestarter Flashlight by Wicked Lasers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sawNxuKc6is

Brabantian 18 April 2019 at 14:16
Famous politicians watched Notre Dame burn, one took a selfie

Michelle Obama was cruising along the Seine River in Paris, watching Notre Dame on fire

Jack Lang, French Minister of Culture under France’s Président Mitterand – Jack Mathieu Émile Lang, born 1939 – now a director of the Arab World Institute in Paris – took a selfie of himself on the Arab World Institute balcony, with burning Notre Dame behind him and a colleague – Photo here:

Brabantian 18 April 2019 at 14:56
Media photo of Michelle Obama on her Paris river cruise whilst Notre Dame is on fire

If you look closely, the burning cathedral seems to be reflected in her wine glass

Anonymous 18 April 2019 at 15:01

“Only two blocks from Notre–Dame, on the right bank of the Seine, there stands a lovely plaza, spread like an apron before the dignified, mansard–roofed Hôtel de Ville.


Those books were all the known copies of the Talmud to be found in Paris and its environs, brought here by the soldiers of King Lous IX, also known as (Saint) Louis. His men had invaded and ransacked Jewish homes and synagogue to get at the books.”

Anonymous 18 April 2019 at 15:08

  • 15 April Titanic allegedly sinks (Miles Mathis has a brilliant piece on this). Love him or loathe him.
  • 15 April Hillsborough disaster. Accident or occult Masonic tripe – you decide.
  • 15 April fake volcanic ash over Europe grounding flights (remember it was the Satanic Paedos that told us it was real)
  • 15 April Boston marathon bombing. Recent history. Very little of what we were led to believe about this event makes sense (I think we all agree it took place in Boston and the date was 15 April). The rest – total tripe.
  • 15 April Notre Dame.

There are a few amateur enthusiasts that will point in the direction of the Simpsons. For those who may be unaware, the Simpsons have a long history of parodying events and predictively programming.

Perhaps not an exact science when considering contemporary events, it is worth looking at evidence where ever it may present – in this case anecdotal.

Events don’t happen organically as we are meant to believe. Rather, as many are aware, take place on an occult and esoteric level.

Am event that demonstrates this (at least to my satisfaction), the D Day landings.

6 hour, 6 day of 6 month. Oddly enough 666 who would have thought? A blood sacrifice or famous military campaign?

All we need now is the so called meteor/asteroid signifying the antichrist/dajjal.

When they start building the 3rd temple – do take notice. The final phases of the perceived ‘end times’ are taking place before our very eyes. The satanic paedos are playing out these events whether the uninformed atheists believe it or not.

Those with zero knowledge of religion or religious events will be unable to see the sequences as they occur.

Step by step our demise becomes ever closer. Very few seem to be aware of our collective enemies and who they are, their motives and their objectives.

I have read inferences that it could be the Muslims that may have been responsible for this most recent event.

Evidently, this further proves that (although well meaning – in some cases), some people are so way off the mark as to defy belief.

If you still think this and the other churches that have been desecrated is the Muslims then clearly you have misunderstood the last 20 years since circa 911.

Wake up. The satanists are giving you the middle finger and destroying everything decent about our collective lives.

Peace to the humans.

Anonymous 19 April 2019 at 03:28
Amen brother

Anonymous 19 April 2019 at 04:53
“Love him or loathe him.”

He’s no better than Snowdon or Assange whom he obviously criticizes. Mathis’ mask has already fallen, but too few see it. More will dont worry….

Anonymous 19 April 2019 at 07:50
PS good comment, makes sense..no “accidental” burning.
Planned with cold blood, most likely. 15 april…

But “they” are running out of time 🙂

Anonymous 19 April 2019 at 04:28
Intriguing ‘arson comments’ from Notre Dame architect…


Anonymous 19 April 2019 at 06:17
Of course, the French tourism will record major losses after that. Countless morons are already jumping for joy….

moh35 19 April 2019 at 06:58
Check Panamza.com

Anonymous 19 April 2019 at 12:00
Pretty good site, thanks!

Brabantian 19 April 2019 at 07:02
Regarding the Notre Dame fire, and what you can see online on Twitter etc –

You see major cultural fault lines, a very sad kind of non-dialogue, showing how people live in different mental worlds

Some Arabs are tweeting amusement, how they don’t care about this event, some how it’s time to build a mosque there

Some blacks are online talking about how selfish white people are, to care about an old building when black people are poor

Some Jews say that the cathedral was built with money stolen from Jews, when the church burned the Jewish Talmud books in the 1200s

But Macron says he will re-build the cathedral to reflect France’s multi-cultural ‘diversity’

Anonymous 19 April 2019 at 07:47
Hallo from France…

At least few ppl are aware here that Notre Dame is no more “Notre”, it is rather ‘yours, ‘their’ in the sense of being used like “money is god” symbol, tool of controling the people, no more christian thing neiher spiritual…


False flag ? Yes, most likely, say also : ritual, desperate attempt to diverse attention from GJ movement and othere problems here in France ! So nothing new under the Sun 😉

Hopefully, no other attacks will folow, no more !

OMMM peace Love, Easter etc 😉

And snow still lies on beautiful Pyrenees…



Julien romanovsky 19 April 2019 at 11:10
The Notre Dame a mystery man, a hologram projection?


Marc Delantre Belgian top Gladio ex-insider / whistleblower: Gladio (NATO) behind Notre Dame

Anyway, the Strategy of Tension NATO = ZIONATO. A bit fishy that he is still alive.

These intell. orgs are quite well inter-connected. Does he try to lead away attention from mossad?

Browsing through his book is interesting, tho.

Julien romanovsky 20 April 2019 at 03:40
Dutch would call this a ´Belgenmop´.

In a mocking way: Belgian´s joke.

Julien romanovsky 19 April 2019 at 11:47
Check out:

Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery – Professor Robert J. Miller

Mark Charles – “Race, Trauma, and the Doctrine of Discovery”

These vids zoom in on west European imperialism (since 1492) in the Americas and elsewherer & the leading role the Catholic Church plays in it with its Discovery Doctrine.

Mark Charles draws a parallel between the founding and the later expansion of the USA and the founding of isra.el. and the greater isra.el.

Noteworthy is his pointing out that JC is diametrically opposite any form of imperialism.

Anonymous 19 April 2019 at 13:26
The Notre Dame Cathedral fire and the French Revolution : The Storming of the Bastille.

Is the Burning of Notre Dame a Mega-Ritual?

Brabantian 19 April 2019 at 14:53
More from the curious ‘ex-spook’ (still a spook?) Robert David Steele

« The entire roof was burned simultaneously so as to show this burning cross into the Heavens. This was a Satanic ritual desecration »

Photo of Notre Dame burning from the air, indeed a giant burning cross … as if a Ku Klux Klan project:

« What I see is a 13th century wooden rooftop that was sprayed lightly with incendiary fluid or powder.

The Chief Architect of Notre Dame publicly stated this was not an accident; that there was no welding or other possible cause; and that 800-year-old wood is like petrified rock, impossible to burn unless an accelerant is added. »

Anti-cabal hope?

« There are some extremely wealthy people who are not part of the Deep State Rothschild network – so utterly angry about this that they have sworn to spare no expense, no effort, to get to the bottom of this

The Catholic Church, the Rothschilds, and all the national secret intelligence services that are completely controlled by Freemasons and Knights of Malta and other more Satanic secret societies, are feeling very exposed with public awareness of their high crimes now spreading. They sense the end is near.

I believe that the wheels of history are finally bringing the Zionists as well as the Catholic Church down. »

Steele adds that he thinks the Mossad-linked Julian Assange, will get shipped to the USA, pardoned by President Trump … and ‘leak’ some more things he is given to leak

Notre Dame False Flag Event – Satanist Macron Burns Heart of Humanity — Deep State is Desperate

Anonymous 20 April 2019 at 00:03
Indeed, hear-hear. Again, consider the combustible properties of hard wood oak. It sparkled like magnesium powder had been applied.

As has been already stated about the science of fire/burning. Now consider Grenfell Tower in London. A never before event. The block went up like a ‘Roman Candle’.

Having had 20 years + experience in concrete and aggregate builds. Regardless of the alu-clad it wouldn’t burn like that.

Notwithstanding the ever changing account of events, anomalous material and occultist undertones. Another event consigned to the annals of time.

Just saying………



Anonymous 6 September 2018
Churchill and Rothschild for the jews, sold Britain to the USA in 2 world wars, this is why we now have these US bases in all our old colonies and British mainland, we are a country under occupation.
The board of British deputies say they own us and they do

Anonymous 7 September 2018
The Chinese were in on a contract to build a tunnel in Israel only the Jews refused to honour the contract by paying them. The Chinese downed tools….apparently the Chinese were eventually paid…..a salutary lesson which the Chinese are probably too unknowledgeable to take note of.
The NZ Jew Rewi Alley was one of Mao’s mates. He was actually a serial pedophile who had a field day while China was in turmoil pre WW2.…preying on helpless often illiterate starving Chinese boys.
It is said that the Parsi’s in India are actually very well hidden Indian crypto Jews…..

Sidney Shapiro, politburo member (!). Chinese are allowed to call them foreigners (laowai), but they dare not mention that all of them are Jews

Anonymous 7 September 2018 
I dont know and dont care whats said – many things “are said” after all – but the Parsis arent (crpyto) Jews. Or come with proofs

Anonymous 7 September 2018
That’s the only thing with Mossad infiltrating Indo-China… I can’t think of a single Jew who could pass as one!
Meh? We’ll buy ’em… 😉

Anonymous 7 September 2018 
Well never say never. They’ve got every port covered.

Jews in China more than a millennium ago

If its not true, they’ll claim it is anyway and get believed. Any mafia getting themselves believed by the masses on their declaration of being “God’s Chosen” can get away with anything

Brabantian 7 September 2018 
Tho it is not well known, Mao Zedong had Jewish Communist advisers so close to him, they became top Chinese ministers and members of China’s ruling politburo!

Photos of Mao Zedong & other Chinese leaders, with assisting Jewish government figures at the top of the Chinese hierarchy:
‘The Secret Role of Jews in China’

Rewi Alley

Foreign Jewish figures were close aides to Mao even before he took power. For example, Polish-born Jew Israel Epstein became Mao’s powerful Minister of Appropriations handling key financial matters, & knew later Chinese leaders up through Hu Jintao, when Epstein died in his 90s. Sidney Shapiro – politburo member! – and ‘Chen Bidi’, Sidney Rittenberg, Virginius Frank Coe, Rewi Alley also served Mao closely despite being of non-Asian, foreign-Jewish origin.

Mao with Sidney Rittenberg

China, Russia, the USA & Israel are all closely linked thru one man, the 20th-wealthiest person in the world –

Netanyahu’s sponsor Sheldon Adelson, dominates Israeli media – and he makes the greatest part of his billions in Macao China in partnership with Beijing

Adelson hobnobs with Putin’s Chabad & Jewish billionaire friends in Moscow – and Adelson controls much of Trump’s Republican party in the USA

As UK economist Antony Sutton pointed out half a century ago, documenting how the USA was supplying tech to the Soviets – with Israel a key transfer agent – big power ‘rivalry’ is mostly a show.

The enormously powerful Chabad Jewish cult, encompassing so many from ‘Putin’s rabbi’ Berel Lazar, to Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, lists 11 Chabad centres in China:

Beijing China, Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Shimon Freundlich, Director
Shanghai China, Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Shalom Greenberg, Director
Chengdu Sichuan China
Hong Kong Discovery Bay China
Hong Kong Centre China
Guangzhou China
Kowloon China
Ningbo China
Shenzhen Guangdong China
Shenzhen Nanshan China
Yiwu Zhejiang China

Talpiot Talk 7 September 2018 
Thank you!

Firestarter 8 September 2018 
Yale University is of course where the Skull & Bones of George Bush, Stephen Schwarzman, and John Kerry (Robert Mueller’s schoolfriend) is located…

Mao Zedong was connected to the Yale-China association, Yale in China:
“Between 1919 and 1920, future Chairman Mao Zedong had several encounters with the school: he edited its student magazine, re-focusing it on “thought reorientation,” and operated a bookshop out of its medical college”:

For a long story on Mao Zedong’s connections to Yale:



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