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Anne Marie Waters – For Britain – talks with Islamic Scholar Robert Spencer

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Published on 10 Oct 2018

Max Maere
Sharing a friend’s post (A.A.A.S.) This was written about the Tommy Robinson interview with Sky News and posted on the Tommy Robinson facebook page where it was deleted twice.
England has taken in a foreign population, provided them with housing, welfare, healthcare, education. You have allowed them to break your laws, as they establish their own court system. You have been told to acquiesce, to bend in every possible direction to accommodate your new guests.

It is a quite a sign that assimilation is not occurring when we see laws changed to allow an incoming culture to prosper. Everywhere Islam goes, so does the regulation of speech. Because you are simply not allowed to offend them. They can stab you on the streets, run you over with cars, bomb your concerts, rape and murder your children, but you have to be the ever faithful host country, believing that all will work out in the end. And why would it? They have never been able to live peacefully in a homogeneous environment. Shia, Sunni, always fighting. Always in conflict with any minority sect or religion at hand. Why would a multicultural environment work any better?

And if you believe yourself to be spiritually superior; why would you debase yourself by assimilating with degenerates? You wouldn’t. You would set up your own distinct community and your own legal system. It’s only logical. But why does your government allow it? Because they want it. Bringing in a foreign and hostile people is the fastest way to collapse the present system of government. How else can you successfully bring about a one world government? The EU, the UN, The Union of the Mediterranean, these are just the testing grounds. I find it interesting that the leaders of the UK, France, and Germany do not have biological children. Do not have the investment in the future that the rest of us have. And are willing to use your children as part of the hospitality package for their new guests. It is all to cause chaos. It is interesting to watch this video. Jason Farrell could not be more disinterested. He is just stolidly waiting for Tommy to use the correct words for the spin. He probably has a mental checklist. I sit here amazed that we have come to the time when we find it a condemnation of a man’s character when he says that the prevention of our children being raped is more important than the incitement of fear. Profiling is a higher priority crime than rape. And people are believing this. Take back your your country.

The World Is On Fire
Robert Spencer casts a worrying prognosis, and do you know what the scary thing is? IT IS TRUE..

10 April 2018
Robert Spencer video: Tell the truth about Islam at University of Cincinnati, lose your job

sylvi2909 (edited)
Liam McCann – Gerard Batten UKIP’s new leader is also defending the UK, especially against Militant Islam, he is British born and bred. I support Gerard Batten and UKIP 100%. We also have Nigel Farage defending the UK, also British born.