[[[Withdrawal of Consent]]]

To whom it may concern, in the year of our Lord 2019

 Notice of suspension of all implied rights of consent and notice of selective suspension of consent and fraudulent use of; surname, name, D.O.B. and address written in all cap’s dog Latin script/text including all contracts bearing the same script/text until further notice.

Notice, be cautioned and aware of the maxim in law that, all acts, statutes, instruments, and byelaws are not law; they are only given the force of law with consent.

It is therefore a criminal offence to attempt the enforcement of policy, or to attempt to contract with anything other than individuals choosing of their own free will to identify as a surname, name, D.O.B. and address without consent.

It now being apparent and beyond all reasonable doubt that many of those entrusted with defending, protecting and preserving the laws, the customs, the traditions and the peoples of this nation Great Britain and it’s commonwealth have been, and are being obstructed by the doers of evil and wickedness from honourably discharging the duties that they swore to uphold under penalty of perjury.

To suffer the doers of evil and wickedness by doing nothing would be to assist in the triumph of evil and wickedness. To adopt a continental style of protest, which involves the wilful destruction and damage of property, would be a clear breech of the peace, unlawful and exactly what the doers of evil and wickedness would hope for.

Therefore competence, reason and clear sane logic can only allow for one lawful honourable action by way of offering assistance to those obstructed by the doers of evil and wickedness, that being to; Suspend consent until such time as the highest, most supreme rule of law is restored to its rightful state of grace * and that remedy be immediately initiated and made **

It therefore now being mandatory under this notice that all constables and all those in public office who having sworn an oath under penalty of perjury to hold that office will honour their oath, and that oath will be superior to any and all other oaths while performing the duties of that public office. Refusal to honour that oath of office will be to, with malice of forethought wilfully commit the criminal offence of perjury, to then attempt enforcement of any acts, statutes; instruments or byelaws without consent will be to, with malice of forethought wilfully commit the criminal offence of fraud and to, with malice of forethought wilfully commit the offence of malfeasance and malpractice of a public office, with the additional offences of sedition and treason also being taken into consideration.

(Optional) Henceforth the bearer will be known as they are known to their family and as originally intended by the grace of almighty God as; ______________of (the family)___________________written and expressed in either English or Latin script/text.

*The restoration of Habeas corpus, Corpus delicti, trial by jury, common law, the charter of forests, Magna Charta and the British constitution all being superior in perpetuity to all acts, statutes, instruments and byelaws. (This may require the immediate initiation of fully independent investigations into those trading as, HM Ministry of justice, HM courts the judiciary, HM legal aid, The attorney general, all local government/councils and all so called charities, NGO’s and Quangos allegedly acting outside of the law for profit.)

 ** 1) The restoration of control of Britain’s armed forces including its nuclear capabilities from any and all control of the EU.

 2) The suspension of any and all obligations to the European Union. Including the charging of VAT, all payments to Quangos NGO’s and/or committees created for the benefit of the EU, pending investigations into the legitimacy of any and all treaties with the EU entered into on behalf of the British people by those whose loyalty, integrity and motivation is now being seriously questioned.

 3) The suspension of the technology known as 5G and its installation, pending fully independent investigations into not only the consequences that this technology has on the health of all life forms in its vicinity but also how this technology would impact personal privacy regarding it’s claimed excessive surveillance capabilities (point cloud) and its potential for weaponization.  

 4) The restoration of the department of health and social security and the abolition of the department of work and pensions pending investigations into the conduct of DWP management, staff and also the conduct of its hired in contractors.

 5) The restoration of the National Health Service and the implementation of 360 degree centricity, inclusive leadership along with the immediate termination of all negotiations and formulation of any and all legislation that may assist in its privatisation.

 6) The transition and eventual adoption of the national currency known as the British Bradbury pound along with the suspension of interest payments to private banks with funds taken from National insurance contributions, pending investigations into loans brokered by those in government whose loyalty, integrity, transparency and motivation is now being seriously questioned.

 7) The termination of lobbying MPs and those holding public office by those not in a public office, with lobbyists and transgressors facing arrest and/or immediate dismissal for bribery, fraud and not declaring any potential conflicts of interest.