March 12, 2015
Thanks for that Silver, I did certainly appreciate the Abel Danger insights regarding the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot, it is not there because it is not a site that I use regularly but I will have another look over there. Thanks. Without downplaying the quality of the A.D work on MH 370, which was great, in my opinion, the work of Yoichi Shimatsu (in concert with Mattias Chang to a degree) was far and away the best explanation of the MH 370 mystery.
There are several Youtube videos and these are the articles.
MH370 Revisited Part 1
MH370 Revisited Part 2

August 17, 2015
6 million thank youz from fellow Auzzie who thinks EXACTLY the same way! RENSE.com. DAVIDDUKE. IHR.org.

Trying to convince others to wake up is a bit challenging ey? Howzabout that shnericulous MOSSADISTICIA THEATRICAL escapade in Sydney? How much did I laugh when a week later perfect Penelope was interviewed (ever so noicely dressed and made up afterjustwitnessingtheslaughterofabunchoffellow AUZZIES), she looked like a Bold and Beautiful extra, they even vaselined the lense.

If I could just cook Grenville Janner’s chopped up balls and serve them pickled and dowsed in vomit to his but buddies in the houses of pedoment I would feel so much better.


19 March 2018: MH370 FOUND on Google Earth with BULLET HOLES

CuiBono – > Eddieket Edited
Agreed. One of my old flat mates, back in the day, worked for Rolls, as an engineer sourcing engine parts, for engines around the world. He said RR knew where every engine they had was and how it was performing 24/7. That was back in the mid 90s. They had/have a transmitter in the engine itself that squawks them where it is and what needs replacing etc. He said he could then source the nearest part and have it delivered to the destination airport ready to be fitted before the plane had even landed. So…

CuiBono – > EricWallman
Research Boeing made ‘Uninterruptible Autopilots,’ been around since 2006, probably earlier. Makes you go …hmmm.

terencebooth – > CuiBono
@cuibono–-I think it is called GLOBAL HAWK. They can take over the plane from the ground and fly it anywhere, nothing the pilot can do. All comms cut.

Strange ,, Malaysia had a ”mock” trial of Tony Bliar and George Bush using real lawyers and judges over the war in Iraq. They found them guilty of war crimes. You may be able to find this on the net. Soon after MH370 goes missing, and also the other malaysian plane over Ukraine. Not saying there is any connection but two disasters won’t do their airline any good. Strange indeed how coincidences play out.

CDK – > WarwickPalmer
Parts of the plane already turning up.  It would appear unlikely that the plane is in one piece hence the google image amounts to pareidolia.

I am still not convinced of MH370’s route as disclosed so far – some accounts (primary radar) would suggest it was heading to India!

Twitter user sent voice mail with Phonetic Alphabet code linked to MH370

The Outer Light
Published on 16 Mar 2018

Carrie Bella
It’s a larp. Lots of weird things going on. I think Silicon Valley is behind a lot more than we know. They are against us and think we are weird when actually it is the other way around – a bunch of immature young adults who make too much money and think their terrorizing, brainwashing and spying on us is funny. Ever since the Deep State got desperate, all of sudden there is flat earth, aliens, false flags everywhere, murders, mega spying. I need Trump to hurry up and drain the swamp. I’m getting sick and tired of waiting. Is Q real? Could be. Seems like it, but could Q be a larp to give us all hope when really something really nefarious is going on that I won’t even mention that possibility right now, but the thought is there.

Radioactive Banana (edited)
There were scientist from a company called “Freecell ” going to China to a convention to show their gyroscope invention. When they died on MH 370 – their only other investor got all the patents – that would be Rothschild. I don’t believe the people were killed as the supposed “Nature Perverse; the island North of Diego Garcia – is a CIA torture site. Why would the CIA kill someone when they have so much fun experimenting on people? I think they are still alive. I think someone needs to go check that island!

Ask the Pilot

MH370 Timeline

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/malaysia-airlines-flight-mh370-timeline-3370836  Note the take-off time differs in this article.

8 March 2014 at 12.21am Take-Off Kuala Lumpurhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2576087/Malaysia-Airlines-says-plane-missing.html

24 Mar 2014 Dutch Jets scramble to escort 777 http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-03-24/two-dutch-f-16s-scrambled-intercept-unidentified-boeing-777

Bodies in the cooler in Holland for 16 and a half weeks – 116 days? Missing a total of 131 days.

MH17’ takes off 12:15 local time on 17/07/14 (but Abel Danger said that it was listed as ‘cancelled’ on that day and that the route has been subsequently flown as normal after the Ukraine incident)

The declassified Operation Northwoods: The almost EXACT modus operandi for the MH17 operation!


3 Apr 2014

Jeff Rense & Yoichi Shimatsu – Flt 370…Israeli Double-Cross


28 April 2014

Flight MH370: Why Are They Hiding So Much Information?



May 10, 2015

‘All pilots know Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 NOT an accident and WAS hijacked’


DER Comment: “For the benefit of dannydubi and jay1188, one of the videos show a relative of one of the passengers had received a text message, it stated, Being held by armed personnel. The telephone company had confirmed that the call came from Diago Garcia”

10 Jan 2014

EC135 FADEC failure


3 Apr 2014

Jeff Rense & Yoichi Shimatsu – Flt 370…Israeli Double-Cross


Comment:  “Very suspicious that Israel closed all their foreign embassies march 23 plus there is a blood moon on April 15 , they like to do their big stuff on blood moons it fools all the Zionist Christians  into thinking that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled. Of course this has nothing to do with the common everyday Jew, this is the work of their elite and just so happens that their elite are incredibly evil !!! It’s so sad , the Zionist elite have tricked those poor Jews into going to Palestine so that they can slaughter them. I wouldn’t be at all shocked to see Palestine blown off the map before this decade is over. So sad! If we’ll  all put our silly differences aside maybe we can stop it but it doesn’t look likely and sadly It may already be too late, but I hope not. God bless everyone and please quit fighting with each other. The real enemy is enemy to us all, no matter what color or religion or how much money or lack thereof or what you prefer in bed we are all under attack and if we don’t hurry there isn’t going to be many of us left to tell the tell of how a few people destroyed our beautiful planet and we sat back and let them because we had a place to life and something to eat and some entertainment. Wake up or go to sleep forever!”

Jacob Rothschild & Malaysian Airliner MH-370 ‘?’

Comment: I was checking out the company Freescale Semi Conductors. I see that they have been bought out by a company called NXP, who were the co founders of NFC technology. This NFC technology cosist of paying from phone/cards. They use Radio Frequency in order to achieve this. A few years back I was watching a video with a guy named Aaron Russo who was a close friend of one of the Rockefeller family (cant remember who). He mentioned how Rockefeller wanted a nation where RFID chips were used. Ideally what the elite would want is RFID chips implemented into humans to gain full control of our lives. This RFID chip would consist of our personal/sensitive data, our identity, getting rid of possibly debit/credit cards as well as ID. In this moment of time, RFID chips are already being put into place, not in our bodies, but with the necessary essentials we carry with us day to day. This can be, our mobile phones with NFC capability, our travelcads, our debit/credit cards and few more. These chips store our personal data, and the owner and creator of these chips are none other than the NXP company i mentioned earlier. The very company that are owned by Rockefeller who has a close relationship with the Rothschilds as well as many other elites. Having this total control of data, easily narrows the search of individuals and a violation of privacy. This is pretty evident that the New World Order has come into place, and many of us are blindly allowing them to do it.

25 March 2014
MH370 Insurance Via a Rothschild entity: enter the ‘German’ company Allianz Insurance.

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