‘911 Itinerary Codes’

Knights Templar in New World

Knights Templar in New World.

Hidden Timelines of Secret Societies – Cracking the “9/11 Itinerary” Code, PART 1/2


Knights Templar Satans Axis

Knights Templar – Satan’s Axis

Hidden Timelines of Secret Societies – Cracking the “9/11 Itinerary” Code, PART 2/2


Check out 1440.  Phi and Spiral Geometry.  Procession Cycles.  Investigate the no fly zone over Israel Syria Jordan and the triangle there on air navigation maps.

Knights Templar Israel Syria Jordan

Knights Templar Israel Syria Jordan no fly zone.

Knights Templar Ship Parked in Atlantic

Knights Templar Ship ‘parked’ in Atlantic.

Comment: “connect the dots is a religion WTF
a-Merica star [The Groin] or the phallic as in Osiris’ missing penis
[The Bear] Ursa Major is more hidden to ‘the masses’ known as [The Bier] a funeral cart in ancient star cartography at one time known as Charles-wain.”

Comment:  “excellent info lots of good code breaking on the syncretic lines and by the way the mystery # 223 is the secret # of the skull and bones 322 backwards these ppl (Luciferian/Rosicrucian/Templar/Nazi/Sabbatean-Frankists) love to invert everything from crosses and pentagrams to lying everytime they speak (affordable healthcare act), the # 322 refers to the aryan great white brotherhood, March 22 is 1st day of Aries which refers to the victory of the sun god over the death cycle of winter and also the god of war the planet Mars also known as Aries rules over the month of march, and ultimately since they reverse all their symbolism, i believe the supposed solar orders of the afforementioned groups worship saturn cuz it refers to death as it is the black sun (hexagram,nazi  swastika both refer to the black sun and Saturn) or the opposite of Sol”

Comment:  ” they’re all SECULAR. vast majority of nwo elitists the players are babylonian/sumerian/egyptian mystery school devotees.”


27 Dec 2012

9/11 False Flag Conspiracy – Finally Solved (Names, Connections, Motives)


Red Ice Radio – Richard Grove – Hour 1 – 9/11 Insider Trading Whistleblower & Voluntary Servitude


Kurt Sonnenfeld: The Man Behind the Camera / 9-11 Witness


Russia Threatens US With Smoking Gun Satellite Photos Proving 9/11 Inside Job!


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