Nick Gibb Con MP Refused To Read a Report Which Warned Of the Danger Of WiFi In Schools

Nick Gibb Schools Minister.

Nick Gibb Schools Minister

Mr Gibb is Con MP for Bognor Regis and Littlehampton at the mo’.

The ‘WiFi Humanity on the Brink’ Report is featured at RenseCom.

The Education Dept have lied about the possible dire health consequences of installing WiFi technology in schools.  Barrie Trower says all MPs use the same lie when tackled???  20 years from now these youngsters will have paid a terrible price for today’s profit by a few.  Deaths, birth defects and 50% still births to name but three consequences.  TETRA used by the police force carries the same risks.

See UK Column 19 September 2013 for full interview with Barrie Trower.

The Military and the Secret Services have a vested interest in all this – it comes back to the need for surveillance.

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