‘For June 2010 Author of the Month, we are pleased to welcome back to the pages of researcher and author Flavio Barbiero. Flavio’s new book, The Secret Society of Moses offers fresh insights and answers to age old questions.

Flavio Barbiero is a retired admiral in the Italian Navy who last served with NATO. He is the author of several books, including The Bible Without Secrets and The Secret Society of Moses, and is an archaeological researcher in Israel. He lives in Italy.’

Comment:  ‘It is clear that the problem in our world today stems from child slavery ie child sexual abuse. There is not one human being who is sexually abused as a child who does not have long term damage to their personality. Think of MK Ultra – clever how the US government(CIA) knew to use this method to create people they could control. I suggest it originated with ancient pagans – Babylonians and of course this includes the Babylonian Talmud that has more influence on Jewish population than any other book – even the written words of Moses. Every person should read this and decide for themselves. Clearly, our fundamental society is being torn asunder by a group of very evil people who are determined to break all rules and standards that most people recognize are important to maintain a fair and just society. Sex abuse is so prevalent today it will only get worse especially with the child auctions held and never have I seen anyone prosecuted for this behavior.It seems no one is willing to speak up – I got an indication how the child auctions are handled in Houston and I am convinced we face destruction of our society and a complete break down of order and respect for one another if we do not address this issue. Google the words “rabbi and pedophiles” and see how this is a complete nightmare world wide. Then read an article by Flavio Barbiero titled, “Mithras and Jesus: Two Sides of the Same Coin”. This is an eye opener and an indication of what has been going on in today’s world. Then add the gross priests who are equally as guilty although they manage to keep their pedophilia in house it seems. Once a child has been sodomized, that child is controlled forever by whomever the child deems to be a perpetrator. Many of the child victims grow up to become homosexual and this experience begins when the child experiences trauma at any time in his life. I do not suggest all followers of the Babylonian Talmud are perps and indeed this is a group of the wealthy who control most of the economies in the world today – a small percentage but so powerful are they that they can actually get away with ruining our culture, our beliefs, our religion and soon we will have no voice at all. Thanks to AANGIRFAN at least a chance is given to try to alert people of the truth. These are very serious times to live in.’

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