13 Oct 2011

Meltdown -The men who crashed the world. Aljazeera PART 2


Meltdown The men who crashed the world. Aljazeera PART 3


At around 19:40, one of the interviewees mentions “neo-LIBERAL privatization.”

Meltdown The men who crashed the world. Aljazeera PART 4


Comment:  “Nope definitely not it’s just the world has been tricked and brainwashed in believing they need money to exist. You only have to go back to how the Incas lived. To eat they grew their own vegetables, maintained livestock and if they needed more meat for example they would go to the markets and food or other items were exchanged, no money needed. They had someone to govern over a settlement and the people would contribute a percentage of their crops  each week to the governor which was stored away safely, kind of like paying tax but with food so if the settlement did run low on food they had a ‘food bank’ of supplies the governor could distribute out when needed. Peace of mind to the citizens knowing they would not go hungry. Just an example and can totally be done today. If everyone had enough to eat, shelter and clothing, it would be a happier planet and you shouldn’t have to buy it. Money is and will always be the root of all that is evil, created by evil, controlled by evil. This has been a great series to watch, even though it made me sick seeing how these pathetic excuses of human beings exist. They should be executed the whole lot of them and their wealth used to get people back in their homes and food on the table and clothes on their back. That’s pretty harsh to say even for me but they aren’t human.” (ramble over) 🙂