Michael Sani Is Not the Voice of UK Youth

Michael SaniTptb are fond of creating leaders for the Sheeplic to follow.  So far we have had Fabian Russell Brand, Cambridge Grad ‘Silke’ Carlo the X girlfriend of Charlie Veitch from the Shill Policehttp://www.atlanteanconspiracy.com/2011/07/charlie-veitch-and-shill-police.html

Now give a drum roll for their latest creation Mr Michael Sani.  Sani seems to have had a great life so far including a world trip where he found he had acting skills, a BA Hons from ‘Southampton Institute’ and a teaching qualification from an institution which remains unclear at the moment and he is just 27.  Wow he sure has packed in a lot so far.  Anyhow, he seems to have made enough money from ‘acting’ to set up an organisation called Bite the Ballot of which he is now the ‘Managing Director‘ according to LinkedIn.

Sani Team

Sani Team

Mr Sani even manages to employ ‘a team’ to help him run his Chari-Business and even has spare cash to set up events.  Not bad for a part-time jobbing actor/teacher/managing director really.  Most MDs of small businesses are really struggling to keep things going at the moment.  Wonder if he is any relation to that faux rags to riches character called Jacob Greenberg erm I mean Mark Zuckerberg?  http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2295460/pg1

 Oliver Sidorczuk  – Interesting – LSE (Read Tavistock Institute) – Lib Dem/Tory – House of Commons and Charidee etc.

Beware Illuminati Shills and False Prophets with beards.  It seems you have to sport some kind of facial hair or look like you’ve just got out of bed to qualify for the position.  Or in Silke’s case long blond hair and short tight skirts.

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