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Thursday, 28 September 2017

They’re Here. They’ve Always Been Here.

Published on 23 Jan 2017

Aliens and reptilians are actually demons and fallen angels.

Mark Mildenberger
V is without a doubt the perfect description of who the elites are? And they tell us the truth because
THEY believe it’s not sporting to leave humans in the dark. However, their not alien but Satan’s
creation called the tares, truly the devils children the synagogue of Satan. And they are only 1%
of this population but after they lost the war in 1776, they vowed to infiltrate all are high offices
and put in their own puppets to control us and imprison us with no bars. Now it’s too late to
stop them. THEY own this world! They use fake Jewish names to discredit the real Jews in Israel.
Like the Rothschild family that are estimated well over 500 trillion dollars. As God said in Revelations, these are not my people but the synagogue of Satan.

Armored Saint
great comment. right on. and ” They use fake Jewish names to discredit the real Jews in Israel.” I agree. I think it could be way higher than only 1% too at this point.

The real jews in israel are the very center of the cesspool.

icke11234 (edited)
What’s a ‘fake jewish name’? I thought a name was either jewish or not …

MrTruthislight (edited)
nope Jews are just accountants and middle-men facilitators. They could not do this alone. They are merely one ugly head of the tranny nephalim hydra that seeks to destroy the Children of God. Wicked men are just wicked men, tranny or not, and are unredeemable by Christ’s blood. We face a force with the spirit of rebellion, and not flesh. However corrupt spirits are born of corrupt nephalim hybrids or tares. Days of Noah – all flesh is corrupt except a remnant, the last decendents of Adam as he was created – Judah (not Jew) and Israel – the two witnesses – time of Jacob’s trouble.

Blinded by the Light
They toss out a few clues not because they want to, but because there is a higher power that forces them too. They didn’t lose the 1776 war. They wanted to put their jesuit controlled catholic church in power and they’ve succeeded. Try reading ” Rulers of Evil” by F.Tupper Saussy. It’s online for free.

There are also many cryptos with non-jewish names.

Blinded by the Light
That’s the whole point of being a crypto. What the hell is a jewish name to begin with ? Most of them came out of the Kazars. They learned the trick of going by the mother’s religion so that they marry into goy families and take them over.

Martin Luther was accepting converts, but a couple of them turned out to be honest and he got a look at the unholy talmud, blew a major gasket and condemned them to his dying day.

milashka koshka (edited)
just ask of jews who for them is Jesus Christ or learn what the talmud says about Jesus Christ!!!!

I A from_ Europe (edited)
+milashka koshka
For the jews, Jesus doesn’t exsit !!!
They’re waiting for the next up coming prophet, ~ they found him ..

I A from_ Europe (edited)
Na dann, .. bon appetit 🍴🍻 😂

Blinded by the Light
The only one that’s going to get fucked is you talmud boy. The world is catching on to your slimey lying games, with the phony HOLO HOAX bullshit story that you’ve been conning everyone with your poor little victim fable.

The synagogue of satan is going down !!!!!!!!!!!

Blinded by the Light
+I A from_ Europe
They are waiting for their messiah the anti Christ, then they think that they’ll get the goyim to kiss their feet outright.

Ever see them at wailing wall aka ( Remnants of an old Roman fort ) Their into the most unholy kabbalah , when you see them rocking backing and forth, it’s because they are getting it on with their shekinah, female demon goddess. Yup, they are having intercourse with it.

I A from_ Europe (edited)
+milashka koshka
That’s what I meant by sayn’ :
“… they found him !” ;-)

I A from_ Europe (edited)
+Blinded by the Light
“2017” is no jew ! ??

aamongstus365 aamongstus365
Mark Mildenberger please tell me where you got that number 1% from. I don’t recall reading that in the bible

I A from_ Europe (edited)
musste mich erstmal durch die Bibel – Verse von oben scrollen !! Stöhn ..
Er schrieb in einem Kommentar an dich : “Talmud – boy”, der Kommentar steht etwas weiter oben !!!
Dann lass’ die mal projektieren, ~ der kommt eh fanatisch rüber ..

I A from_ Europe
Lass’ den links liegen !!!
Wir sind nicht bald tot, ~ rede dir das nicht ein !!
Bevor das geschieht, werde ich kämpfen, aber richtig !!!

I A from_ Europe
Boaaah, aber sowas von 🙈😫

I A from_ Europe
“Der” hat total weibliche Augen und das Lachen !!!
Zahn – Bleeching war ja damals noch nicht angesagt in Hellywood ..
Warum sollte “der” auch nicht dazu gehören ?!
Eines der letzten Fotos von Corey Haim 😉 , das, was du gepostet hast, ist ja auch schrecklich !!!
Total aufgedunsen von den Drogen !!!

I A from_ Europe (edited)
Wie gesagt, Haim soll ja von Charly Sheen missbraucht worden sein, und der Hammer ist, Haim ist von einer Party !! aus sozusagen entführt worden von S. J. Parker und ihrem damaligen R. Downey jr. , und musste dann ein paar Monate bei denen wohnen ?!?
Er sagte darüber später, dass er sich kaum erinnern könne warum, und wie die Zeit bei denen war ?!?
Wasn das ???
Haims Mutter war ja auch auf Drogen und tief im Hellywood – Sumpf, die war auch auf dieser Party, und ihr war es egal, was mit ihrem minderjährigen Sohn passiert !!!
Wie krank ist das alles denn ??!!

mea’s investigatives wohnzimmer
der mensch , unmanipuliert und rein ist ein wunderbares wesen, also hör auf diesem pack in die hände zu spielen und reiss dich zusammen. merci

They may have been 1% centuries ago, they are actually more than that now.

Mark Mildenberger they don’t tell us the truth cause they think it’s not sporting to leave us in the dark. They do it because God wouldn’t let us to never not know the truth about them. I believe that!!

My Hero, Ezra Pound
Mazzy Star Once I got the information on skeletal differences, effects of hormone treatment and the books by Aleistar Crowley The Diary of a drug fiend and Sex Magic, learned about baphomat, Michael Aquino and what he did to Cathy O’Brien as told in her 2 books Tranceformation of Aoand Access Denied For Reasons of National Security I realized the depth of the evilness and this deception runs deep

Stevie Aurum
You don’t get bad vibes from Trump??????? Trump who has visited Jeffrey “the jew” Epstein’s sex slave island where they rape underage girls……..and Trump who has pictures plastered all over the Internet in sexually suggestive poses with his “daughter”……..you don’t get bad vibes from Trump? Bad vibes are all that piece of filth sends out!

Lo And Behold (edited)
Sherry K
The highest paid female model, Gisele Bundchen
Has the most manly face
and the elites want us to believe she is pretty.

Sherry K
Lo Hsiung right!! Giselle has a mans torso. i think all of the supermodels are trannys. jerry hall and janice dickinson were two of the first of them.

Excellent Job ! Clever. :I think another term for them would be Frankengenders ! :D

Charla Vandermeer
Another presidential tranny family to add to the list. What a freaking mess. Does anyone stop to think about when these entities disclose their true being, and the bible says they WILL? It will be terrifying, more so than IT ALREADY IS!!!


Aaron Solis
Published on 13 Mar 2017

Great compilation MrE3000. This agenda is coming to a head, especially considering the madness of the “protests” these days. Baccarin from V was one of the first trannies I checked into. Ty for continuing to contribute despite the inherent foolish comments, new eyes are being opened to our spiritual reality each video you list.

Andrew Holley
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Model Hanne Gaby Odiele reveals she is intersex to ‘break taboo’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-38730291

Aladin from Azra tribe
And they’re following what the devils recited about the rule of Solomon.
And Solomon did not deny, but the devils denied.
Teaching humans magic and what’s lowered on the two angels in Babylon, Haroot and Maroot.
And not those two taught anyone before they two said: “We are a temptation, so do not deny.”

So, they’re learning from them what will cause a separation in relationship of sexually capable person and its pair.

And they are not caused by that damage to anyone, except with the permission of Allah.
And they learn what will harm them and what will not be useful to them.
And surely they know that whoever buys this nothing of created exists for him in Afterlife.
And it’s really bad because of which they sold themselves, if it happened for them to know.
(Qur’an, 2:102)

Devils learned “Sex change” in Babylon from two fallen angels. Since then, devils are teaching humans…
There’s nothing from created as their pair in Afterlife, for these creeps.

Exposing Liars
I don’t believe they have souls. I’ve been thinking about all this frozen egg and test tube baby stuff. I think that’s what the Matrix meant when they said they are “grown” or harvested not born.