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Geopolitical & False societal Narrative update 25/1/19 (Pelosi Pindar Vineyard)

Tim Emslie
25 January 2019

Karin Juronen
Wasn’t the Jacob Rotchild the head pindar…

Paul Maheno
Pindar is name of the reptilian earth based overload & god father to Queen Liz & Euro monarchy – lived in France recently deceased (terminated) & now possesses body of Prince George

Tracie Roberts
The Pindar. Jacob Rothschild, currently. Whoever holds the title Baron de Rothschild is The Pindar according to my research. The women are very involved as well. The Dark Motherhood. The males are the public face but make no mistake: it’s the women who prepare and control the children…..

As a woman and a mother myself, I can not fathom harming any child ever. These sickos need to return to the dimension from which they crawled out. 💖

Ivy Rivard
As well as the Native who was baiting these kids,there was a group of Black ‘hebrew nationalists’….whatever that is,
these blacks were verbally attacking the kids.It is to promote racist claims against whites.The media is attacking the kids also even tho the lie has been exposed.
The Deep State is in full force trying to cause a war. A race war.
The Caravan attack on border didn’t work. Pelosis’ attempt at assassination of Trump didn’t work. They are just moving targets.

1. Cobras Perspective on Eclipse….”Bubbles of Heaven”
2. Operation Disclosure Report 22/1/19

Tim Emslie
Published on 22 Jan 2019

Just Citizens Electoral Council (Rec Piers Corbyn)

Mobs, Migrants & Protestors -Here’s how the globalists pay for it.

Tacitus Today
Published on 9 Oct 2018

Tim Emslie
20 January 2017 in Melbourne CBD – Quite likely, a false flag operation of the COMPANY – 2

Published on 20 Jan 2017

Below added at 13:30 25JAN17 Australia time.
YouTube manipulated and made it “Comments currently unavailable. “
How disgusting is that? but THAT SHOWS that they don’t want us to communicate and analyze this FALSE FLAG OPERATION.

The last comment I got here from HAWXTER12 kindly giving me a link to a video that shows ‘blood’ therefore I was going to write back as below:

Thank you very much HAWXTER12, for the link!!
0:05 / 2:33
only that bit when you ‘mowed down’ by a car!?
Also, if you get hit by a car, your torso to legs should get damage than your head!??
Did he hit his head?? HOW? and why TWO streaks of blood coming down diagonally,

0:26 tincy wincy bit on her left calf? How come was it ONLY THAT much and there??

2:33 Oh, this doesn’t look real, mate!!
And you know what Hollywood etc can do nowadays.
Also, blood coagulates and turns kinda blackish and dry especially on edges and the surface, right? Also in that liny ditch. I don’t see that at all anywhere so far and all seem ‘wet’ if you know what I mean. They obviously can’t show that detailed change when they use FAKE blood, and this was the case I’d say. Same with that guy’s TWO streaks of blood. Also, what were those FAKE undercover police cars/officers doing when he was running on the sidewalk? Can anybody tell me???

Please try if you wish, my blog article comment, if you have anything more to say.
(Below, original description)
We had to walk a long long way around the CBD since the COMPANY calling themselves Victoria Police closed so many roads and made trams stopped and their routes altered drastically. What was the fuss to require closing such vast area when I cannot find a footage of this man with mental health or ice or whatever doing what we were told especially the part of him killing and injuring so many as your TV told you?

I was meeting up with a friend and was very glad to find out that he thought it was fake too. When the media compared this with 9/11, I found it was just SO ABSURD and rather funny cause they were certainly telling us that this was just like 9/11 which was an absolute INSIDE JOB.

We were saying we’d love to see real blood stain on Bourke Street mall, which they wouldn’t let us see. It’s either using those Crisis Actors or actually killing some innocent citizens but the culprit is most likely just a patsy, who participated this drama according to their script.

Look at so many, seeming police cars etc on Elizabeth Street.

So-called mental illnesses + DV, or violent crimes etc are created by HEAVY METAL TOXINS and mineral imbalance but they’ve been deliberately hiding that fact for decades and selling poisonous psychiatric medicines. In our area, I heard the ice problem was started by two seeming police sergeants and I can believe that when they are not real police but just COMPANY employees, as a couple of seeming officers admitted to me in person last month on top of nobody was successful at all to present me any verifiable counter evidence to prove they are real police but a COMPANY. They have NO AUTHORITY over anyone but the majority simply BELIEVE they are our Police, therefore they can keep deceiving us, and stealing from us.

Let’s wait and see what they will offer as a solution for this DRAMA and then we will know their agenda. This must be partially their exercise for the future when they will make the mass OBEY further more, to say the least.

2017 is: 2 + 1 + 7 = 10
20JAN is: 2 + 1 = 3
And 10 + 3 = 13

*After seeing NO footage of the car ‘mowing pedestrians’ or NO BLOOD anywhere, I’d say this is simply a HOAX i.e. nobody killed or injured. All Crisis Actors, Aussie version, and VERY POOR PERFORMANCE I should say.

Absolute FAKE, Melbourne CBD rampage is a FALSE FLAG OPERATION of a COMPANY calling themselves Victoria Police!!

OK, now I saw the footage with seeming ‘blood’ of Melbourne CBD ‘rampage’ which is a FALSE FLAG OPERATION, and that man with blue top…

30 August 2018

Renegade Economists – Imperialism’s Point of the Sword

Karl Fitzgerald Melbournehttps://twitter.com/earthsharing


Activist News

President Trump Take Out The Vatican

Published on 19 Nov 2017

last update]]] this was on the comments on another AntiChrist Chuc Missler site. in his final comment, how to avoid the evidence of creation, Christ identified in the pyramid, Stonehenge, the earth measure, that we had sent to him, I the lord God.. as if I was the Devil. quote:- The BEAST will not allow you to hear the truth. everything is censored. Christ coming back? the Jews own the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. In Protocol 14 they state “we shall forbid Christ” they cannot stop him being born of the almost extinct true royal line of David. He the Christ was born into the last daughter, he was conceived by the Holy Ghost just as he was in Mary. He explains how to measure everything and it identifies, who he is, where he will be reborn, who he will marry the children’s births through 3 wives, a genetic miracle in time distance location and is written in the Great Pyramid even predicted by Isaiah 19-19/20 as the Hebrew value is the same number as the height of it. It is so profound the Jews totally block the news worldwide. He said on YouTube message to Tru mp i.e. World wide, tells him to take over the Vatican, declare war on it as being corrupt and full of pedofiles. arrest Francis, he believes Jesus is himself being the supposed illegal Vicar of Christ being God on the Earth and as he will refuse the US President his request to verify if Pope Benedict XVI announced Christ was in Australia, he has met him and via live emails, saved in hard drives, are all the communications via Facebook and Emails. It happened from March 12th 2013 when he saw a photo of the odd Australian claiming to be Christ, saw his face and believed and said he was going to put it in a special place hidden in Castelgandolfo. He wrote that Christ is Br ian Leonar d Go lightly Mar shall{Computer spy of Mossad watches all vies world wide} He met with FraNCIS ON THE 23RD FOR 45 MINUTES, HE SHOWED THE EVIDENCE AND fRANCIS SCOFFED. this man is not Christ, even though Pope Benedict XVI told him he was the face on the Shroud of Turin. Then he said, I respect your beliefs but may I write and apostolic Letter of the Historic event, he uploaded IN CHRISTUM CREDUNT on the 26th but failed blocked in the Vatican. Father Civello, later murdered by Francis, sent it to his friend MonsignorRosini in Toronto, he was able to upload. it is now in hundreds of languages, and the vids one finds by association with the Holy Name, proves absolutely it is a mathematical miracle as of the odds itis coincidend=ce and that to demonstrte divinity, he is not God is 10 to the number of atoms in the Universe. He says he is God the Father who was to conceive the Holy Ghost in Mary then as the soul of Jesus, who had no subconscious spoke as a baby as I did when I left the cross leaving the fleshhanging on the cross. conceived in 1943, born 1-11-44 sunrise to moonrise 888 minutes. Trum p has 4chan on the case, they have a super IQ mind program. ask the question is God back, is Francis a Jew murderer of Sister Della Maria Rosa, biographer to Benedict XVI for 20 years, Father Gupessi Civelly and Monsignoir Rossini, three end time witnesses saw Benedict and I talking. So the reason its ‘owned’ by the Jews who own National Geographic who pay 200,000 US a year to releases ant discovery. On October 11th the Mossad poisoned me suffering 11 heart attacks, 10 climbing the Grand Gallery 286.1 pyramid inches of the centre line of the rejected capstone. So do you really think any of you will realise the Christ who is Rejected and everyone slanders world wide, except Poland who declared my king last year, so you are all hoplessly stupid lemmings who have not the sense to recognise me as God in the flesh just as a was as in Jesus the immortal soul you are made in the image of, that is if you receive it?Christianity is under seige because th Antichrist in the Vatican Pope Francis refuses to announce that Christ is back and has prevented Pope Benedict XVI from publically making the declaration he made in March of 2013 The Christ is back in Brian Leonard Golightly-Marshall. End of the world’s problems when that announcement is made.

Zyklon B works at 26 degrees Celsius not Farenheit.