[Potter & The Ring]


Comment @ AAG: A relation of mine who is a west London senior policeman said that the area where jill dando was killed is smothered in cameras, as soon as they got images of a dark swarthy looking man and began to blow up the images, the enquiry was closed and a patsy barry George was arrested, it was said to be a mossad hit. Cliff Richard was said by an ex rent boy David Lambert who now runs a gay massage business in Bury st Edmunds, to have attended satanic rituals with cliff richard and greville janner was there too, believe me he is no Christian and completely under the control of mossad.

Comment@ AAG: Just powerful material all the way Aangirfan on every level. The past few days have provided a bevy of wealth of information that is flowing like a sieve seemingly inadvertently from the mouths of the abusers themselves on various media outlets. With the combination of your work and careful examination of the patterns just within the past three or four articles alone can you piece together an overwhelming amount of information that crystallizes the fact that there is an international organized child trafficking ritual/sexual abuse ring with a long term goal of usurping every avenue of society.

I just have to say thank you for so much inspiration to keep the fight alive for the harm done to the victims and the devastation this ‘industry’ has had on society.

The Hampstead Children: Cliff Richard;Tavistock;Freud;McCann; – Worldwide Ring

God Bless and God Speed

“It is now an undeniable fact that the UK establishment has, for decades, been run by people who tortured and killed children for entertainment, for political power, and just because they could.”

Comment@ AAG: “The cognitive dissonance that statement produces in the majority of the population has provided the cloak of invisibility that has kept these people in power and their actions unpunished for all these years. When faced with an undeniable proof of any part of this, people’s shock was easily comforted by soothing assurances that the person was only one, that no one around him had been aware, that this would be taken care of. The idea of a society of torturing murderers, openly known to each other, controlling not just the UK but embedded in the upper echelons of many (if not all) countries was the stuff of conspiracy websites, those prolific disseminators of unbelievable truths well mixed with repellant bigotry and obvious falsehoods, presented as a whole to discredit all ingredients. Human trafficking is the largest criminal industry in the world. It is far less reasonable to believe it is conducted without the full knowledge and co-operation of those in power, but the power of deeply anti-social behaviour is how unwilling anyone is to believe another human is capable of it.””

“These people who want to be known as child lovers are death eaters.
They feed on the agony of others. They torture and murder not because they have to, but because it feeds something in them. The only reason they are attracted to children is the increase in pain, horror, power, and taboo. They are no less attracted to mass slaughter than they are to the torture of children.”


Peter Bottomley & Elm Guest House

LISTEN: Bottomley Denies Elm House Child Abuse Rumours