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Brigitte Gabriel – The Muslim Brotherhood in American Schools

Brigitte Gabriel Interview, A survivor of Islamic terror warns America!

Raleighwood DriftwoodManor
Where it says “Elders of Zion”, I assume that this is in reference to the entire legitimate sovereign govnt of the Nation of Isreal. So, here is an idea I have been contemplating, and I think it would work in just about every way, including that it would “fit” into the NWO, at least for the present. The card itself makes a reference to this very idea!! The idea is that rather than have the Muslim Brotherhood looting and pillaging the former colonies of France (circa 1905) ~ and they have not even got to African colonies yet, but if they did, watch out !! because France was perhaps a bit too “casual” about withdrawing from their colonies, in 1905, without giving them the option of Industrial participation in the modern world economy ~ what if the countries up for grabs right now by the Muslim Brotherhood, were instead put under the governance (through the UN) of Israel? Namely: Yemen, Egypt, Turkey, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Syria.

These are the “traditional” homelands of the Zionist tribes. In fact, if you bother to read the literature from the Babylonian Enslavement (6th C BC) most of it happened in Syria, under the rulership of the Greek king Ptolemy (as per the “Wars of the Medes and Persians”. ) Which is to say: Ptolemy (greek) was running around Persia doing his usual war routine, he seized the local tribes in Syria to use as payment to the soldiers (in the form of slaves) because he didn’t want to pay them in gold. That is what the literature says, verbatim.

Rome had the same problem, about a 1000 years later, they ran out of money to pay the soldiers in North Africa (and got sacked as a result, several times. You know the drill. ) So, my point, and I do have one: Europe cant afford to have all the contents of the former colonies of France “come back” and live in Europe. Its not practical. Its too expensive. It causes social problems (ie: mass rape of the white women, random bombing, competition for jobs, etc).

The most OBVIOUS solution is the same now as it was in 1905~ let the barbarian countries run their OWN factories, in their OWN countries. That is where they live! And, industrialization will allow them to participate in the world economy, which is the central sore point here.

But: here is the thing ~ France just royally screwed it up. It never fails ~ just about EVERY former colony of France, CANT keep even a puppet beurocracy in place. The Tribes rise up (without industrialization, since that is what is really called for) and just slaughter the beurocrats and then resort to black market gun running, largely inflamed by the CIA and the Russians.

Solution: Let Isreal run these countries, that are “up for grabs” to the Muslim Brotherhood. We do not want the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe, or in the USA. Upon that, we internationally agree, through out the first world. Its a consensus. Israel is in the ideal position to suppress these barbarian tribes, and bring these “developing” countries up to speed on how to do math, follow Laws, (As per the “Covenant of the Law”) and run a factory. And, it would benefit Israel.

They REALLY REALLY REALLY need farm land. The portion of the country they were meted out after WW2 is the armpit of the wilderness. They need land on a scale that matches Canada and the USA. They need a lot of it. They need water. They need mountains, beaches, wells, mineral resources. They are ideal, to solve the problem. And they can patrol the lawless areas in Syria + Iraq and lock down the Nuke situation in Iran at the same time! No more “troops on the ground” for the USA or UN ! We don’t have to spend our blood + treasure, they get farm land they need, no more wars, the former colonies get factories and “The Law”. Problem solved. Goodbye, Muslim Brotherhood.