“Russell Burton”

28 Jun 2015

Russell Burton — Lets Talk David Cameron


Jimmy Savile and the 9th Circle royal affair


Comment:  “my mother was murdered to clear the way for me to be abused . I later survived being hunted x2 snipers sent by cardinal basil hume . Micheal Shrimpton states Hume was a very nice man and not a paedophile. I have been locked in a coffin in our parliment buildings. I have witnessed satanic worship by the benedicteen order/ society of jesus . The police have threatened me with guns in a public place. micheal shrimpton Im calling you out as a dirty nonce case you worked for m i and would have known how many bombs your men were planting in london to silence survivors you filthy low life cunt”

18 November 2005

Ampleforth child abuse scandal hushed up by Basil Hume


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