Abdication Rumour

Bush at Military Tribunal Pled Guilty & Obama in Gitmo Pleading not to be executed

David Zublik – 14 April 2020

Peter OfEngland
Published on 4 Feb 2019

The Monarchy may be “Abdicated” to GITMO, along with all of the other Pedogate/Traitors going through military tribunals. Thanks Peter Of England, Where I spent most of 2014. My father was USAF and I spent three years as a wee lad in Merry Ole England!

Polijuana Cracker
The Royal family is as Luciferian as the Vatican , the Clinton, and Soros. They can’t run from God. Maybe she’ll be vacationing with RBG at Bernies. God speed my brother in arms from USA.

Adrenochrome supplies compromised – Bloodlines exposed – Assets frozen – Cabal in panic – Patriots in control – Game is up – time for the Republic.
They will not be able to walk down the street.
Where we go one we go all.

rose sweet
I measure electomagnetic energy on the planet.
People don’t understand what a mind virus is and how it works, but it’s real simple and use 2 Magnets to teach Children how energy works between both North Pole and South Pole.

When your state of energy transitions from a state of Peace within your heart from which your Spirit is in Harmony and balance between both MAGNETIC Poles of light which is what Love is, you’re in a present moment of a Love Vibration that is eternity.
When children come back from the horror of what they are required to do to kill maim and experience such trauma and physical pain what happens to their mind?
The Bi-directional MAGNETIC light in their mind creates a Fractal light mind virus between love and FEAR.
I’ve worked with young women all my life who have what clinical psychiatrists call, “disassociative identity disorder”.
A “multiple personality dilemma.
One identity created a wall.
A memory barrier between love and fear, or living in a lie or inversion of what love is out of FEAR of what love is due to having to relive the horror of that emotional trauma and physical pain.

Fifty percent of US military Veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan who came home couldn’t shut the magnetic light memory recorder of what they Experienced.
They can’t shut the motor of their mind off.
Drugs and alcohol or seeking some other alternative reality becomes a choice of further sabotage of their own peace of mind.
There is NEVER any Peace and harmony.
FEAR of what love is becomes a Fractal light mind virus that self replicates itself through DNA and over time results in a risk level threat to not just this Galaxy but this Universe.
I voted to keep it and lived my life to prove that point that Unconditional love is far more powerful than a Luciferian Satanist Vampire represented by the Draco Reptillian Annunaki bloodline families.
I work with a RH Negative Female who has 3 multiple personalities as a result of severe sexual trauma and a life of physical abuse by males who suffer from the same Virus that replicates itself in the Electromagnetic energy of this Universe.
It’s a Universe killer.
My first wife had 5 fractures of Soul fragmentation.
And this doesn’t even include all the Frankenstein crap that viral infected Scientists and other off planet ETs that don’t know how to live in peace without a need for a weapon.  That’s a viral infected state of consciousness, Because I came in to this Multiverse where this is the only one with Dark energy.
A Fracture in the MAGNETIC LIGHT.
Loss of Memory of what love is.
And our MAGNETIC SHIELD is down 10%.
So guess what Gaia has to do to raise the level of electomagnetic energy on the planet to strengthen the MAGNETIC LIGHT SHIELD?
Magma production.
You can figure the rest out right?

I gave the following learning exercise for chilldren to understand how simple Gaia sets our electomagnetic energy grid up to live in peace with her base energies of love and harmony.

This is what I gave to my Spiritual partner to help her 4 year old daughter learn how a 7 Chakra consciousness energy system works with our state of awareness in an Electromagnetic grid.

Here is the learning curve exercise.

BTW here’s a simple learning exercise you can do with Anuhea.

Preferably magnets around 3 inches in diameter like a circle just as the circle or bubble of MAGNETIC LIGHT that surrounds our physical body

And demonstrate to her by having a Magnet in each hand and show her how when you try to symmetrically join the magnets flush,they REPEL each other.

Then explain with a globe how we have 2 Magnets just like the ones in your hands.
That represents North Pole and South Pole
Opposite ends of the visible light spectrum.
They REPEL each other.

Explain they are Bi-directional MAGNETIC light mirrors that reflect electomagnetic energy.

Have a Gyroscope in this exercise.

Because electomagnetic energy is a field we occupy.

Every time we breathe in we are breathing electomagnetic energy.

The single point of the Gyroscope is where light bends with electrons.

So the harmony and balance we have in our bubble of electomagnetic energy is the Gyroscope between both poles of planet Earth.

The more self love in our Soul which is connected to the singularity of the Gyroscope the greater the strength of the north and south poles between which our state of awareness occupies.

So our PERCEPTION of the world we live in is seen through the mirrors of our selves.

You can teach this to any child.
It’s what I do first off usually around age 7.
Where their cognitive circuits are developed enough to begin to learn their the master of their own chakra consciousness energy field their Spirit occupies to live in peace,harmony and energetic balance with the Gyroscope.

Margaret Reid
Yes, and they are direct descendants of Vlad the Impaler aca” Dracula” or Vlad Dracul. They are decended from the Merovingian line. and yes they are German.

Shell Beechey
You’re right and wrong the biggest thing that is being revealed trump has been bracking the deep state also two weeks ago in America they said the royals were running to Canada could have been Australia. This is it and we should be very scared. This move isn’t because of Brexit same as all the other leaders and governments around the world they are all running to their bunkers, the luxury bunkers that they have built with are money in the way of our taxes. And not one provision made for any of us. America has been putting on a big play in telling their country that everyone who is anyone are being put in front of military tribunals and then either going to Gitmo or being executed and they have all been disappearing and there is no proof that it’s TRUE. I’ve been saying for the last year that what better way to be able for everyone in the public domain to run to their bunkers and we the sheeple won’t panic. This is the new world orders final play as far as we are concerned our life’s are worthless to them. All these extreme weather’s are not natural they are manufactured but they lied to you they told us it was global warming that’s a lie it was drummed into us they spent trillions in feeding the lie when they could have told us the truth and accommodated us with shelter but no because nwo have been telling us for years that they are going to destroy 90% of the population they even etched it in stone. If any of you haven’t been paying attention then you need to hear this. What they have exposed is a huge child sex trafficking rings. Same as in UK savile, and the reason he was knighted was because he would acquire children and babies for them, all of them. I know it sounds looney but everything every establishment’s that you can think of and the goverment the aristocracy the royals around the world. They all belong to secret societies freemasons, order of the rose, ninth circle, order of the garter, skull and bones. The list is endless but these you can do your own research on them please. So in these secret societies they do rituals that have been carried down the bloodlines for centuries. The rituals require sacrifices the younger the better and the more they can torture them the better, we are talking babies and toddlers. First they rape them that’s enough to kill a baby for a start, if they are toddlers it’s horrific.this is a crash course. You need to listen to testimonies, Fiona Barnett, the brother and sister of Hampstead London, toot, also this but I’m not a hundred percent of the title but you should be able to find it ; the judicial watch of child sex abuse or trafficking if I find it I will put the link after this. Bottom line is they are all into pedophilia and pedavore cannibalism. Look up Kate Perry– human flesh is best. It is all out there you should look into America as they are alot more further with information .you should look up David Zublick. For the new world order plans that have been set in motion from as far back as the 40’s that are official documents retrieved from declassified freedom of information. Deborah Taveres, she has made it her life’s work to bring all the evidence she can into the public domain. Deborah is one of the most important information givers you will ever come across.