Vatican Truths

Pergamonmuseum Altar

Pergamon Altar – Museum Berlin – This is their religion.


The Bitter Satanic Truth About The Vatican’s Hierarchy – The Pope Is Babylonian Another link down – Oh dear.

Jesuit Pope Francis invited Shimon Peres to Vatican for Francis’ visit to Israel 2014  Link not working?  More censorship?  My they are busy brushing their tracks away.  Try this one  Not working?  Lordy Lordy.  They sure am keepin’ me busy Ms Bessie. Try here.

Obama is being used by the Vatican to prepare the way of building of 3rd Jewish Temple


Adolfo Nicolas

Adolfo Nicolas the Black Pope is the most powerful man in the world.

Eric Jon Phelps – of ‘Vatican Assassins’ fame.

PDF download of the book –


James Ramsey – Cappello Hat

‘Father James Ramsey wears a cappello romano or saturno hat, reminisent of the Pope’s Saturn hat, only black–the color of Saturn, Satan, and Lucifer.
The Roman Catholic Church still retains much of its Saturn worship from past centuries. Pope Benedict XVI wears his red Saturn hat. Catholic priests wear all black robes and clothing, except for the white collar. The saturno hats are not worn during mass, usually only in public, outside, as opposed to ritualistically. The Cardinal’s saturno used to be red until Pope Paul VI changed that rule. They now have red and gold chords with scarlet lining. The pope’s saturno may also be white.’


Pope Benedict xvi satan handsign

‘That said, they’ve tried to field their anti-Christ before, with Maitreya, and they failed miserably. Nothing is set in stone. It’s all incumbent upon the eternal now and the choice therein.

maitre = master

yah = lord, god.

dethroned frontman to usher-in

the return of lord sauron (satan).’


Child in the background of this picture makes some bloggers nervous.

Deliver Us From Evil Part 1

2 May 2015
Pope sacrificing children underneath the Vatican Undeniable proof

Sister Charlotte’s Testimony

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