Demons can enter INTO the body or the brain of a Christian in many different ways.

A)  They may be inhabiting the body or brain prior to salvation & were never cast out after being born again.  I call this “CARRYOVER” (see Teaching section).

B)  They may have entered the body or brain when the Christian backslid & turned their back on the Lord to return to a sinful lifestyle.

C)  They may have entered the body while in the womb thru a family or word curse.The person may be “oppressed” & the demons may not be INSIDE the body or the brain.  They may be attacking from the outside only.

D)  Sygils or markings made on the body eg tatoos attract negative forces

E)  Participation in such as seances, ouija board, hypnotism

F)  The wearing of certain items associated with the occult and satanism

G)  Alcoholism, drug addiction, pederasty, homosexual intercourse, listening to satanic incantations etc