Maritime Matters

‘The powers over this world all stem from the ocean meaning both religious power and financial power. The ecclesiastical powers of the Roman Catholic Church all come from the sea. The Pope is the fish god known as Dagon and if we place the letter ‘r’ into that word we get dragon, if you know the true meaning of Vatican you will know it is the divine dragon. The Catholic Church idol worship of Mary is nothing more than Moon and sea worship, the name is connected with maritime for instance. All life is born from and needs water, you were born via your feminine mother’s birth canal and her waters of life. Nothing lives without water or the rays of the Sun. The financial power stems from the organization of finance which started with the Phoenicians of Phoenicia (Canaan). This region was the greatest civilization far greater than the hyped Egyptian civilization. The Phoenicians created what some today would term the law of the high seas. The Roman Empire took on this financial system and improved it. The Vatican continuation of the Roman Empire then perfected this system and based it upon Vatican Canon Law. This is what some may know today as Maritime Admiralty law which works through Roman civil law which now usurps all Common Law jurisdictions since 1933. The financial system is managed for the Vatican by the Order of Malta, Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem and the Opus Dei. The central command over world finance is The City of London through the Livery companies under the City of London Corporation ruled by a powerful Kingship known as the Lord’s Mayor of London. The Rothschild family are part of this Vatican financial system and this family is a guardian of the Vatican Treasury since the alliance with the Jesuits who were suppressed by the Pope. If you want to know the real financiers then you have to look to hidden Italian bankers such as the houses of Pallavicini and Savoy or shall we just say the Fondi. The Genoa originated Pallavicini were running the finances of Britain going back into Queen Elizabeth I and they have a scion with the Cromwell’s.

Money is the Moon eye and also has ties to Jupiter the breeder of the Moon and father of Venus. Jupiter is of course the Saint Peter and we all known how much the Roman Empire worshiped Jupiter. The Egyptians worshiped Jupiter too as Ptah-Rekh and this is where we get the name Peter and Patrick from. Interesting when you think about all the catholic parents in Ireland mostly picking this Patrick name for their boys. The U.S. dollar is even worship of these Gods. How? Well they first of all lay the blue ink of the Moon (sea) then they create a generative principle sexual union by laying the yellow ink of Jupiter (Baal) on top. The combination of these two colors then gives us the offspring of green ink of Venus. May I remind you that one of the names for Venus is Aphrodite, if we add Mercury (Hermes) to Venus we have the hermaphrodite.’

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