‘Where’s GovWatch?’

Top websites crash as web ‘starts to run out of space’: Fears major technical problems could become regular occurrence


GovWatch calls ‘Bull****’ on this.  GovWatch has suffered ‘technical issues’ since the IDS posts went up.  The ConDem Cabal are gearing up for 2015.  Furthermore Robin Williams died on 11 Aug 2014.  There is a ‘suicide agenda’ being perpetrated by tptb.  This story feeds into that agenda very nicely and the date is perfect as August is well …

1 AUG is Lammas day:  Animal or human sacrifice required.

21 August is their preferred date for WWIII =  Bankers V The People

Common GovWatch, stoppit.  Always look on the bright side of life.  Also AbelDanger has been revving up.  Expecting a third plane event before too long. 

August 13 2014

“McConnell claims that David “Riot Club” Cameron (Treasury 1990-93) and Nicholas Soames (UK Minister of Defence 1994-1997) had Serco and ITT Sheraton set up a Red Switch Network base in 1996 in Chicago where guests selected by Bill Clinton could check into 5-star hotels to synchronize Boeing spot-fixed hijackings with experts in the spoliation of crime-scene imagery.” http://www.abeldanger.net/2014/08/2069-marine-links-mh-17-debris-field-to.html

They have to have their sacrifices remember.

Ben Jennings Guardian via J4J

Ben Jennings – Guardian and Justice4Jobseekers

J4J submitted the cartoon –

Third Secret of Fatima


GovWatch will have to move to a new site.


Tech issues seem to have abated for the moment.

UPDATE – 15 December 2014 – Tech Issues now ‘Full Sweat’

What are tptb worried about?

    • BOE ‘Stress Tests’ for major banks?  Brrr!  Housing market imminent collapse?  Brrr!  Just after they’ve stoked the fire to the max?  Brrr!  No fuel left for that ICE BOMB XMAS?
    • UK Dictatorship will be achieved by 2017?  Police units to be brought under single control.  Ken Clarke saying the ‘right’ people will want secret courts?
    • Carla Buckle is locked up over non-payment of council tax.
    • Use of Privy Council to by-pass Parliament.
    • ptb want to run essential services outside the public sector via ‘mutuals’.
    • Exaro and Reuters circle the wagons re UK Parliamentary Paedo row.
    • The Mansfield Tribunal has connections to a Bertrand Russel Group.
    • Police have been threatened over investigations into Parl Paedos.
    • UK def connected to Torture and Terror and Teresa May tried to hide it.

And much more at UK Column 15 December 2014 if you can get it.

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