21 Jan 1919
$1,071,660,000 GAIN IN GOLD HELD HERE; More Than $2,000,000,000 Already Impounded by the Federal Reserve Banks.NOT READY FOR EXPORTING Light on Foreign Needs Wanted Before Present RestrictionsCan Be Lifted.
They Dare Not Speak Its Name
“International bankruptcy runs every 70 years. It is timed to the minute.”  Coming to a bank near you this September.

“Just an accidental choice of Name. two heads better than one?”


Taking Back Control of our Money Supply

By Joseph W. Duggan

Keiser Report: War on terror – self-leaking ice cream cone (E731)

Comment:  ” The enemy of the free world are the NON PROFITS approved by the banksters that take on Gov contracts and pay no taxes , the world needs to wake up”

Santos Bonacci – Law and Language – Geelong 2 May 2012 Part 1.avi

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