”Here is the reason this is all happening. Israel and the rest of the western nations, NATO, and the U.K. are in on the conspiracy with Hillary Clinton who has conspired with Obama who is not a natural born Citizen, and with Bush, in a fascist coup de tat against America, to overthrow our government and enslave us all under fascist dictatorship for their foreign banking masters, so that they can start WWIII and commit mass murder and genocide, so that their banking masters can rule over the ashes of mankind with their master Satan. And, by accepting and calling Obama President when he is not a natural born Citizen, then you are with Satan and worshiping man for your rights, not worshiping God the Creator for your rights, because the right to be nbC status is a Natural Right from God (inherited from your citizen father), not a ‘legal right’ from man (soil birth, which only applies to non-citizen fathers or unknown fathers). The final judgment of mankind is at hand and so even all the Jews are to be judged. The only Jews who pass the test are those who knew that Obama was not nbC quailed and could explain why, and resisted him to the end, like me. The proof is very easy to see.

You have all been misled by false Christians and false Jews, like Dr. Manning, World Net Daily, Orly Taitz, and Mario Apuzzo who have the wrong theory of law. The only thing they have correct is that Obama is not nbC qualified, but none of you have the correct theory of law which can prove the matter scientifically and objectively.

The “Birthers” think that nbC status is defined as “one who is both born on U.S. soil AND born to two parents who are both citizens.” This is FALSE, due to a misreading of Vattel, Law of Nations.

No, that is not what Vattel says. They are ripping the second sentence of section 212, Book 1, Chapter 19 out of its Natural Law context of sexual reproduction and inherited rights which naturally follow the father as an observed natural order rule, i.e., God’s Law, and then making a wrong literal interpretation of a bad English translation, and ignoring the third sentence and rest of the paragraph and following sections which do not support their interpretation at all.

In fact, their wrong interpretation actually contradicts Vattel entirely. Vattel makes it clear in the very next sentence (3) in section 212, that of the two citizen parents, only the father matters and is the one who secures the right of citizenship naturally with nothing but his own testimony alone. He even states that the political rights naturally follow the father, not mother or place of birth. The right does not follow the mother or place of birth, which Vattel goes on to explain in section 212 and in section 215 and 216, that the place of birth is not defining upon natural born citizen status because the right is a Natural Right which comes from Nature, not from Congress or government, so the soil is irrelevant because that is the jurisdiction of Positive Law authority, not the jurisdiction of Natural Law authority which is just the citizen father and his testimony. Try reading the FULL Title of the Book to discover that the discussion is regarding Natural Law (The Law of Nature as Vattel calls it) and Natural Rights, not Positive Law and legal rights, which is the opposite jurisdiction and goes by soil or mother. If you would just read past sentence number 2 of section 212, you would discover this truth for yourself. People have been listening to Orly Taiz and Mario Apuzzo who do not know what they are talking about, and who arrived at that conclusion by ignoring the rest of Vattel’s treatise. The only thing they have correct is the part of how important the book was and influential to the founders in drafting the Constitution.

The truth is so very easy to see. Here is the simple proof.

Natural FACT : Alien offspring are the offspring of non-citizen fathers, like Obama.

Natural FACT : The offspring of U.S. citizen fathers from a State are not born as alien offspring.

Natural FACT: Those who are born as alien offspring must naturalize under the Constitution and Codes of the United States. i.e., they must be born on U.S. soil as natural born SUBJECTS of U.S. jurisdiction, or to a citizen mother which is also a natural born SUBJECT status after 1934, or must make an application and go through 10 years of being a voluntary SUBJECT, and then they are granted naturalized citizenship. They are called “naturalized citizens”, and they have all of the same rights as natural born Citizens EXCEPT the right to be President or Vice President. For proof, just go read the definition of “naturalized citizen” in the Bouvier Law Dictionary, 1856, 6th revised edition, under “naturalized citizen” here:


End of Story

Now you know why Trump is saying Obama was born on U.S. soil. It proves that he does not qualify, but everyone is so stupid they think Trump has admitted Obama’s legitimacy, and admitted that Trump is a racist, and people think he has betrayed the “Birthers’. BUWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! IMBICILES!!!! No he has not! He has set everyone up. Mr. Trump and myself, Paul Guthrie, cannot help it if the rest of society are illiterate fools who cannot comprehend the difference between an alien offspring (the offspring of a non-citizen father, like Obama), and a non-alien offspring, i.e., the offspring of a citizen father which is the “natural born Citizen”. Everyone is a moron, and a failure at being a citizen.

Males who are citizens from a State just have sex and create more citizens naturally with their sex act. Those are called “natural born Citizen” in Article II, and that is what Vattel supports and says if you just read the next sentence number 3 in section 212. It is not what the “Birthers” are saying. The only thing the Birthers have correct is that Obama does not qualify, but they cannot explain why like I can because they have the wrong theory of law!

Furthermore, the Secret Service visited my house on March 18, 2016 for about 1 hour and they left with copies of my book and the motion I filed in Indiana State Superior Court and a complete understanding, and were calling me the silver haired old fox that had outsmarted everyone. They and Trump are reading my book which is why Trump came out with his new position because he now realizes from reading my book that the place of birth has nothing to do with nbC status, and is only used to determine which offspring of non-citizen fathers or unknown fathers are born as natural born SUBJECTS of Congress’ jurisdiction under immigration and naturalization in Article I and under the 14th Amendment. This is so that they can be adopted by the society and granted a legal right privilege of citizenship, not a natural inherited right of citizenship which only follows the father, which is confirmed by Vattel in section 212, Book 1, Chapter 19, sentence 3. I hope this clarifies things for you.

For more proof of my claims, please go to jedipauly.com and read the document, “The True Meaning of Article II natural born Citizen”, and read the letters to the federal judges, U.S. Marshals, and Secret Service, and read the MOTION TO QUASH SUMMONS FOR JURY DUTY which proves as a scientific matter, that nbC status cannot possibly mean ‘one who is born on the soil to two parents who are both citizens.’ I proved in the Madison County Superior Court, Indiana on March 18, 2016, the proof is posted at “”