2019/20/21 – Prep

#OperationRadiation – October 2020

A WARNING TO THE WORLD. VIRAL Information #OperationRadiation (Logic Before Authority)

Anonymous 22 April 2020 at 04:47
Just in case….. Forced vaccination is a violation of the UNESCO 2005 Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights Article 6 Section 1 = Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.


ProForma For the Doctor ?????

2 Feb 2020: Dance of the Doubles

Pole Shift
Elevation Finder

10 April 2020: Alarming coronavirus chart shows UK regions where death rate is TWICE as high as London – Death % Increase 3-8 April 

“London is at the bottom while Scotland, North East & Yorkshire, and the North West all grew by over 100 percent.” – Midlands 98 London 81.


Hanks is the Keystone? Who is 6?

Hanks is in the ”Big Seat”?

Is there something behind the Corona Virus? Are the Elites prepping 4Wormwood?

Rose Hannah
21 March 2020

Nt Daell73
H202, ( 3% in ears, food grade H202 in water ) drinking Ozonated water. Viruses are Ph sensitive, Higher alkalinity renders them ineffective.  Alkalize with Baking soda, research it ; 1918 survivor testimony on youtube.

Mike Hallett
I understand raising your body pH level to 7.5 to 7.8 (alkaline) is beneficial too. A level tea spoon of Sodium Bicarbonate, aka Bicarbonate of Soda dissolved in a glass of warm (previously boiled) water does the trick. Every little helps. Interesting times.

Final Stage of Arrests / CV / Bill Gates / Queen / Hollywood / Bitcoin & More

contact in Sweden. See 5.03 onwards

John Matteson (Via Lions Republic)
It’s actually ingenious that Chloroquine was used to help fight malaria and zinc makes so much sense for fighting the actual common cold if you think about those two drugs combined. Also its mean if malaria at one time was altered in a lab and if it were to mutate and they were to combine it with anything they would combine it with something as a common cold easy to catch if in fact they are trying to make another bioweapon. I appreciate the information.

Dr Richard Cheng
13 March 2020

Dr Richard Cheng

Tke Vit C (I recommend pure powder), 50,000-100,000 mg or more daily. Divided into 2-3 times or more. Add 1-2 cups of cold or warm water (don’t use hot water), in a glass bottle (don‘t use metal or plastic container). Drink slowly over 1-2 hours. For children 12 or younger, you can reduce the dose to ~50,000 mg daily, in the same manner described above. In the unfortunate event that you catch Covid-19 virus, don’t panic. Take 2,000 – 3,000 mg every 2 – 3 hours, you may even want to achieve a little bit of a watery diarrhea, called VC Flush. VC Flush shows that you have saturated your Vit C absoprtion and will flush out possible toxins in your gut. Drink plenty of water when you do this, you may even want to add some salt to prevent dehydration. This will most likely clear your illness in no time.

1 to 10 April 10 days Darkness

I haven’t had a cold in over 10 years because I drink this twice a week over winter = healthy body healthy mind – you are what you eat – prevention is better than cure



CV Thread from Italian Doctor 10/3/20 – Via Paul Furber

Vitamin C & MMS – Miracle Mineral Solutions – in Colloidal Silver (Via ahava528)

What to buy to protect yourself against the coronavirus

The further down the list you go, the more you can handle serious scenarios:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Respirators — see below
  • Eye protection such as industrial safety goggles, swim goggles, or anything that would keep someone else’s sneeze from hitting your eyes (even basic glasses are better than nothing)
  • Bleach or other household cleaners that will kill viruses on door knobs, etc.
  • Tyvek hazmat suit (the coveralls you see hospital staff wearing in China) or similar disposable outerwear
  • Plastic sheeting and tape to seal air access points to your home (especially if in a shared building).
    We’ve put together a more complete list of home medical, hygiene, and sanitation items that can get you through a shelter-in-place scenario.

Respirators are tricky, and there’s a lot of bad info out there. You can read the full beginner’s guide to respirators and gas masks, including tips on how to use them and recommended models. The most important bits:

  • You want a respirator rated N95 or above (eg. P100).
  • Surgical masks — the common types found at corner stores that are more commonly worn in Asia — are not proper respirators. They are mostly designed to protect other people from you, not the other way around.
  • However, proper respirators are in low supply around the world right now (3M is running their factory 24/7 just to meet urgent medical needs). If the best you can do is a surgical mask, it’s better than nothing.
  • Respirator filters/cartridges don’t last as long as most people think, so buy as many as you reasonably can.
  • A full-face respirator (ie. a gas mask) protects your eyes, nose, and mouth at the same time. If you buy disposable or half-face respirators, you’ll also want separate eye protection.
  • Fit is important — respirators need a tight seal around your face in order to stop bad particles from getting inside.
  • Which means those with facial hair or children with small faces need to be extra careful, since there isn’t a proper seal around the face.
    What to buy for the other challenges of an outbreak

Note that under even the most severe scenarios experts currently envision within the US, utilities and local services/governments will still function. So for now, what you’re mostly focused on is being able to comfortably survive locked in your house for a few weeks.

You also might not have much warning before the moment comes that you need to stay in your home for days or weeks — don’t assume you’ll have time to run to the store or that the supplies you want will still be on the shelves.

Most important:

  • Potable water. It’s very unlikely the tap would run dry, but water is so critical that you never want to risk being without it. Try to reach at least 15 gallons per person (for one gallon per person per day). Here’s a review of common water containers you can fill from the tap.
  • Shelf-stable food. Prefer food that doesn’t need more than boiling water to prepare — eg. pasta, oatmeal, rice.
  • Basic medical supplies. It’s possible that you’ll want to avoid emergency care facilities and pharmacies if you’re not infected, so you’ll want to be able to deal with as many medical contingencies as you can at home.https://theprepared.com/wuhan-coronavirus/

12 February 2020
Love God – 
@Mr SI’m afraid this virus is killing many more than the Chinese govt is reporting

Jennifer Veterans4Truth – 1 February 2020 – *Fo0tage from Viral*Pandemic(!)

Theres a huge number who are dying from this virus. And it’s very likely being used as a bio weapon by the satanists to depopulate as part of their Agenda 21 30. So it makes it more urgent than ever before in history to inform and empower people with CONSTRUCTIVE advice on how to protect and prevent themselves from being harmed by it.

Jennifer Veterans4Truth – What is the US Gov Covering Up?

HighimpactVlogs – 1 February 2020 – MSM Suppresses Coronavirus ”Sim to HIV?”

They Live
@ 18:15 he flashes 666 hand signal when talking about “the manifesto” @18:15

Gen Li
Looks like China become the only out way for this stupid plan.

2019 Military World Game happened to take place in WuHan in October 2019, a month before the first nCov infection. US also happened to be the first to evacuate its people and officers, and soon ban all flights from China, all in a hurry… and what’s more interesting, US somehow already has a cure for this cold, remdesivir $$$ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Military_World_Games https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remdesivir (edited)

Tyr Balance the scales
Let me explain. An uprising will cause nukes to be dropped. You don’t Enter a chess match with only two pieces, while your opponent has a full board.

Came here from Dr. Paul Cottrell’s channel and there is something about this billionaire criminal from China who’s in NY that hates China and was threatening the CCP about something on June 4. I feel so small and helpless. (edited)

@Jerry G The City of London is NOT the UK!!! And, the City of London is only the central part! (like the vatican is not Rome). Those areas are satanic strongholds!

Christina Arebalo
They Live – sometimes they will show what’s gonna happen before it happens… just like TV.. predictive programming.. it’s the way the do their magic.. so he could very well be one of them just like the Simpsons etc.. yeah it may seem like he’s trying to help but in reality that weird thing he did with his hand was WEIRD so I wouldn’t put it past him.. same thing with the Denver airport murals  (edited)

12city Y
1984 Kman it’s mark of beast, read bible revolution. masons are satan/devil worshipers. By end of day, there will be 2 groups of people in the earth. one belong to God, one belong to Satan, satan will put mark (666) on the forth head or right arm to his people – that call mark of the beast, the beast number is 666. Remember never put chip on your head or right arm . Those chips maybe the mark and those chip will change your DNA. It will lead people to hell. I am not kidding, it’s real.

Sethy Student
@MissJody100 it doesn’t need to with the combination of fear of Coronavirus and previous terrorism.

Sethy Student
@Olds Rocket 88 the pole shift is coming?

@They Live The hand signal like Trump😂

They Live
@Stan喝喝酒养养狗 Yep he is one of them. The “manifesto” is TRANSform humanity of man and woman into one. 911 symbolism of 2 towers into one the New World Order. That’s why 95 percent will have to be culled.

Boris Huxley
@They Live how is the ok sign a 666 hand signal have you completely lost your mind? what is wrong with you ppl its also a military sign to let your troops know youre ok, it also means things are good and ok its also a way to trigger the left because they think its racist lmao but ive never heard 666 hand signal saying its 666 is the most ridiculous thing someone can possibly say (edited)

They Live could also be why him and Kerry parted ways on the original channel of project Camelot?? She wasn’t having any of his affiliation with the dark side cause she’s a true honest person in my opinion… Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan Split because Ryan outed 2 individuals he felt were giving false info.

Marc Gottlieb (Via X22)
– 19 February 2020
Our Blessed Hope Is Approaching – Keep Your Eyes On Purim 2020

God’s Roadmap to the End
////Planet X

God clearly shows us in His Word the methodology with which He brings about judgment over wickedness and that this was given as a sign to Israel through the multi-layered Sign of Jonah. Israel broke the everlasting land covenant that God made with Abraham when Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed to President Trump’s Deal of the Century. It is not so much that God’s land was not divided, but that the borders are removed and that the Palestinians have been invited to take up ownership of land that God exclusively reserved for the children of Isaac. We now find ourselves in the period of time that will lead to God’s judgment for Israel’s wickedness and very serious trespass and in this video we consider the evidence from God’s Word and how prophecy is clearly being fulfilled before our eyes! It would seem that Purim of 2020 is very, very important when it comes to the volume of evidence pointing to it from both Biblical and secular perspectives! You do not want to miss out – so please watch the video to the end!

A plan that our enemy, Satan, has been working on for centuries is also playing out in the world right now – just as shown to us through predictive programming – and this includes even the coronavirus pandemic which is targeting China. Please watch this video to see how the Corona Virus is part of an evil plan and was already on the cards in 2005 – waiting for the right time to execute:

ZH-CH – The Anglo Saxon Mission in place before 2005!!!

Alpha Zebra – Project Camelot – 17 June 2010!!!!

The media which our enemy uses as a predictive programming tool has shown us events for decades that are now happening before our eyes. This fact alone should have every person who considers the information in this video think twice about their understanding with regards to the Word of God, which instructs us to watch for the return of our Bridegroom and looking for events that are described in the Bible that would point us to our unification with our Savior. There are many who will hold to their dogmas and views without looking carefully at what the Word of God says in which we see how a Pre-Tribulation Rapture is modelled after the harvest and Temple models that are given to us to understand this. If you have not considered these yet, you have very little time to do so and to be a Berean in this regard. A link is provided to a series below in which this is carefully laid out. Resolving the Contention:

We have a small window of opportunity that I would consider the highest watch time of our lifetime approaching and this could really be it, given how much emphasis our enemy has placed on this window of time as well. I hope you will be watching with me and that we will all be falling before the feet of our Saviour with me over the next days and hours. Keep looking up and may our Heavenly Father bless you for considering this information! If you would like to support me and help to get this information out to others through social media, you are welcome to do so at the following link. I am going through financial difficulties, which may be something of the past after the 9th of March – if the Lord comes for us, but if not, I would greatly appreciate any support you could provide: https://gogetfunding.com/gods-roadmap… Some other videos that may be of interest:

GRTTE: Angelina Jolie’s involvement in the upcoming events is exposed:

GRTTE: Latest video:

GRTTE: Previous Video:

GRTTE: How Israel broke God’s covenant.

GRTTE: Previous video with additional information:

Trump’s Impeachment:

The sign of Jonah:

What the Word of God has to say about the Resurrection of the Dead:

Below is a video in which you can see what has been done to the economy and why the status is so critical at this point:

Imminent Financial Collapse:

Salvation video:

I Pet Goat 2 Video:

If you would like to contact me, you can do so at the e-mail address below: jprinsloo@gmail.com

keegan fernandes
📯☁📯☁📯☁📯☁ 📯☁📯☁ Greetings in Jesus Christ precious name🙏. My study on PURIM and its in the SPRING…one more critical thing..IT’S JUST AFTER THE ISRAELI ELECTIONS ON THE 2ND OF MARCH!!.PURIM falls on 9th/10th of March! So why is it sooo critical…because we know that Israel are awaiting their Messiah...the wrong one! Also it falls in line with Rabbi Kaduri’s prophecy that on the eve of the Hebrewnewyear 5780 the Messiah will appear. When he made this comment he was reffering to Jesus cause he accepted Jesus as Yeshua…unlike the Jews who will accept the wrong saviour. https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/137666/multiple-jewish-sources-point-to-israels-election-impasse-as-the-gateway-to-messiah/

Watch from 29 minutes…a clip by ChuckMissler. 🎯What is Purim? Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people in the ancient Persian Empire from destruction in the wake of a plot by Haman, a story recorded in the BiblicalBook of Esther. In a “nut shell”, if it wasn’t for Esther, the Jewish people would have been destroyed by the Persian Empire [modern day Iran].

This is a highly simplified description, but it’s important to remain focused on the symbolism described below. So simply put … Esther RESCUED Israel. 📖Eccl 1:9 –That which hath been is that which shall be; and that which hath been done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

The Megillah, the “Book of Esther,” is unique amongst the books of the Torah becauseit does not containing a single mention of the name of God. Purim is a symbol of “concealment,” of the “hiding” the face of God. The name “Esther” itself is related to the Hebrew word for “I will hide,” which occurs in Deuteronomy, where God says “I will surely hide My face because of all their wickedness in turning to other gods. And yet Purim celebrates a miracle, a revelation of divine providence. The name “Purim” is Hebrew for the plural of “pur,” or “lots” (similar to dice), used by Haman to discern the day and month best to destroy the Jewish people in fifth century Persia. This date fell on the 13th of Adar in the Jewish calendar,usually mid-March on our calendar. What feast of God falls in the SPRING? Passover. What happens, and what does God do for His people? Is that revelation for Esther, or is it for now? 🎯Note –All the events in Esther happen twice. Could we not consider the chance that the Theme of Esther will also repeat later in history?

The Feasts of God in Leviticus 23 speak of what God does. Passover, Pentecost etc. The two national days of Israel – speak of what men did. Purim and Chanukah speak of Antichrists, celebrating deliverance from two Gentile kingdoms and their attempt to destroy the Jewish people and their religion. There are two books in the bible that are named after women. Ester and Ruth represent two of the three women of Revelation – A Gentile bride and the woman that brought forth the man-child who has ascended into heaven. We need to understand these two books to understand our relationship to Israel as a gentile bride. We must also realize the remnant elected by Gods Spirit; faithfully Temple building with Ezra and Nehemiah also faced death under Haman’s plot. Back in Jerusalem Hag 1:14 And the LORD stirred up the spirit of Zerubbabel, governor of Judah, and the spirit of Joshua (Yeshua), the high priest, and the spirit of all the remnant of the people; and they came and did work in the house of the LORD of hosts, their God, As Haman’s plot threatened the remnant in Jerusalem, still part of the Persian empire, so will the future Anti Christ threaten the Remnant who are Temple building that church, built on the Rock made up of lively stones. Both the Bride and the woman of Revelation are threatened. God bless Watchman in the wilderness

The Sumerian Tablets


Anonymous ID:986sgSeJ Sat 30 Nov 2019 05:14:36 No.234739802 Report
Quoted By: >>234739947 >>234740052 >>234740093
Well behind the green door is the cure for cancer and a host of other problems. They have the technology now to extend human life to about 150 years per person but really becomes an issue of why do it. The coming Ice Age is going to be horrific. Spoke with a friend close to this and they expect over 2 Billion folks to die before it is over. The worse times will commence in about 8 to 10 years. So much for global warming. Yea there are folks already bailing out to islands in the area of New Zealand and other places. The preparations are well underway. And these folks plan to survive. Guess I will be dead by then so let them knock themselves out.


The Houndog
27 November 2019

Food Prices around the World are soaring on poor crops and inclement weather. It`s time to start stocking up! Little Ice Age, Big Chill

Morgoth’s Review
22 November 2019

  • The HatchlingSee Archetypes Of The Left : The Hatchling
  • The Abomination – There to just ”shut you up” by getting you fired from your job or getting you locked up. The Abomination actually revels in breaking our social norms. When civilisation has been corrupted, then the weirdos are elevated into positions of power over the populace because the system recognises that these folk will be vindictive & are malleable.
  • See Alexander Solzhenitsyn for further information about these types.

Bill Whittaker
Stuchbury is a vile facsimile of a human being, he gleefully doxxed TR’s wife and kids when he knew TR wasn’t there and then fled to Germany when his own address was revealed. (edited)

Freek Groeneveld
As if the Germans haven’t suffered enough from immigration already.

James Gibson
@Freek Groeneveld …. and under the Soviet Army invading Germany viciously encouraged by Kaufman and Ilya Ehrenburg. All recorded in ‘Hellstorm’ by Thomas Goodrich (both DVD and book). And we remember the mass murder of millions of Russian Christians by Stalin’s henchman, Gerenkh Yagoda

James Gibson
@Freek Groeneveld ….. and I forgot Dresden (the numbers of roasted dead officially reduced ! ! !). Shocking ! Last year, I posted a commemoration of Dresden on 13-14th February on Fakebook which was immediately deleted as incendiary hate speech ! Everybody should post a commemoration of Dresden on the internet on the requisite anniversary. The globalist elites hate being reminded of this atrocious vicious war crime. It prompts a re-examination and revision. Prostitute ‘ historians’ hate it and makes them feel more than un-comfortable in the face of Truth !

J.Cheever Loophole
I wonder how many thought of that creature during this video? He’s like the internet’s Gollum but less attractive and with fewer redeeming features

Freek Groeneveld
@James Gibson The crimes against humanity we aren’t supposed to remember.

Freek Groeneveld
@J.Cheever Loophole Let’s not sully Tolkien’s work with such associations.

Richard Witherow
@James Gibson Yagoda’s name needs to be as well-known as any other despotic monster. Solzhenitsyn was right (about why people don’t know about this key historical figure).

He’s the first piece of shit I thought about. He’s subhuman

Bjarke Erik
One thing everyone on the right should always keep in mind is that no matter how little power we have, the left still is much more miserable, depressed and separated from meaningful ways of living. Some on the right might be depressed and self-destructive to a certain degree but ATLEAST we can imagine something good true and beautiful unlike leftist to which these concepts are meaningless.

Klaus Ebner

Fal Treas

Bogatyr Bogumir
Leftists like to say, we are born alone and we die alone. They certianly will die alone. We on the other hand have no intent of dying, we intend to echo into the future eternally. And sit in high heaven among our ancestors.

Isen gard
The right have their ancestors smiling upon them, can the left say the same?

Happiness doesn´t stem from external forces but from within, from a noble spirit. Leftists in general are either mentally unstable or at best souless blank slates, they will NEVER be happy. They chase their irrational “utopian” ideals so desperately trying to fill that internal void, that they transform the world around them into a projection of their own unhealthy personalities. Such is the life of the spiteful mutant…

John Lemon & The Sourtones
Great comment

Carol Wolf
@Victor YES

The Dude
I think its important to realize that we actually do have power and the left wants us to not understand that fact,. Most of their energy is focused on brainwashing the right, for exactly this reason.

Em Jay
They are broken twisted people that are breaking and twisting society to suit them. They are the Skeksis, and the dystopia congealing all around us is their natural habitat.

Pete G
the darkening cometh

Captain Midnight
Whenever the person behind a left wing twitter doxxing account is unmasked it’s always someone who is physically repulsive and / or a sexual deviant. All their anger is born out of deep rooted personal grievances and insecurities rather than sincerely held political convictions.

TheDay OfTheLion
Male feminist = creepy, sexual deviant they come in super skinny and super fat size.

lol, you are projecting… when the alt right gets deradicalize they always turn out to be losers who though hating jews and social progres was the way to ‘defend western civilization’ while totally ignoring their total lack of integration of society, all the progress that has ever been done, comes from the imagination of the left reaching for more and better living conditions while the right just focus on attempting to keep the things as they are due to fear.

Tired of being jewed
@Sesshounamaru Obvious projection from a pathetic and docile indoctrinated shitlib is obvious.

Fabrizio Cerri
More like, El Abominación.

La Atrocidad

El Esclavo de Israel.


youtube username
El Goblino, El Abominacion de los Americas

La Lux Extinguido…

HaveBad Day
La creatura

56% Groyper
dios mio…….el goblino de los americanos……..la luz extinguido…………el atrocidad… …..

Very disrespectful to say you won’t name names only to throw up pictures of Mike Stuchberry. Very disappointed in you Morgoth

Magna Carta
Lol, very good.

claude bawls
Stuchberry is special needs. He recently decided that Scandinavians can’t complain about mass rape because Vikings sold white slaves into the Ottoman Empire.

Jewel Citizen
Easy with the misgendering there buddy, everyone knows that’s a portrait of Diane Abbott.

@claude bawls the Vikings and Ottoman Empire were two very different periods of history XD

claude bawls
@Philip I didn’t say it, Dickberry did. I have read before of Vikings raiding coastal towns for white slaves, I remember Ireland was especially hard hit. Were they sold into Middle East? Maybe I misquoted him, but fuck him anyway. (edited)

claude bawls
@Philip Incidentally, it’s amazing how many history blogs and sites have disappeared over the last couple of years, I was recently looking for some old Booker T Washington quotes, completely disappeared from the internet.

@claude bawls It’s doubtful many slaves were sold to what we would consider the middle east by Vikings. They’d have used many themselves and many of the ports that would allow access to the middle east were under Byzantine control not to mention the distance between Scandinavia amd the middle east. But some of the slaves taken in raids in the Med might have gone there. I think the retard in question was probably confusing the vikings for the berbers. The berbers took many many European Christian slaves over the course of a 1000+ years in their raiding of the Med and depopulated vast areas of coastline so fierce was their raiding. They were put down and stopped only in the 18th century by superior western technology and the French occupation of North Africa. These where probably the worst pirates in history. They where of course islamic. The shear length of time they where at it and the hige impact they had is hard to overstate. Not to mention they where important to Ottoman expansion and had it not been for the likes of the Knights of Saint John could have perhaps helped the Ottomans successfully conquer Europe.

claude bawls
@Philip Thankyou. I hate to defend the cunt, but I didn’t quote him word for word, it was something I saw on his twatter a couple of months back.

@claude bawls It’s theorized the Vikings did get into contact with the Islamic empires of the time through their riverine raiding expeditions & colonies through modern-day Ukraine & Russia towards the Caspian Sea.

claude bawls
@TheT34Tank Yes I’ve read about that. Nice one I read was a handful of Longships coming down the river and whole armies of brownies vanishing over the horizon such was the Norsemen’s reputation. Doubtless this type of image has been exaggerated and embellished, but they were utterly ruthless and fearsome bastards. It’s interesting to think about what’s become of their descendants.

claude bawls
@Philip Okay. Been googling. Found this; https://www.meforum.org/58519/painting-muslims-enslaving-white-women Worth a read. Contains; “Indeed, the insatiable demand for fair women was such that, according to M.A. Khan, an Indian author and former Muslim, it is “impossible to disconnect Islam from the Viking slave-trade, because the supply was absolutely meant for meeting [the] Islamic world’s unceasing demand for the prized white slaves” and “white sex-slaves.” Emmet Scott goes further, arguing that “it was the caliphate’s demand for European slaves that called forth the Viking phenomenon in the first place.”.” It’s by someone called Raymond Ibrahin, who wrote this book I just bought on kindle; https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sword-Scimitar-Fourteen-Centuries-between-ebook/dp/B077XWR9H2/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

Philip there’s a channel called @AshaLogos who you’d find interesting, history of the Indo-Europeans and all eventual cultures/empires that emerged from these people/our ancestors.

claude bawls
@spf_fishing Watch his channel with a VPN. Some of his vids are blocked outside of US. Better still watch him on Bitchute and use a VPN.

Keep in mind, the foundation of all these archetypes is their backup by the system. If it weren’t for that factor, none of their tactics would be successful or in any way shape or form bothersome to us or society at large. They are dysgenic freaks and would be recognised as such if it weren’t for a completely corrupted powerstructure.

Morgoth’s Review
Haha if only I’d thought of that……

@Morgoth’s Review Of course you do. It’s just considered as a whitepill of sorts.

Em Jay
You’re right. Maintaining this unnatural situation takes an inordinate amount of influence and energy with little margin for error. This is why they’re constantly paranoid and aggressive toward any opposition. They know one mistake could bring the whole thing down.

Richard Stockton
@Morgoth’s Review It takes a lot of public money to breed these things. In an honest society, they’d starve to death — which would take a long time for most of them.

Its presicely becouse they are worthless useless freaks that the system needs them. They are dependant on the system being able to siphon off excess resources for them, so the system knows they will be loyal to it. https://bloodyshovel.wordpress.com/2018/01/21/leninism-and-bioleninism/

claude bawls
Dr Ed has some great theories about why these people exist, he calls them “spitefull mutants”.
Dr. Edward Dutton: The Jolly Heretic


Western Nationalism
Here a use this against the corrupt system


These are Dutton’s mutants, like the fat slobbering human-potato hybrid known as Mike Stuchberry

15 November 2019

This is one of (((their))) core concepts- that “we, the people” don’t care about immigration, that we love “our Ali” & “vibrant communities”.
That “far-right” politicians blame immigrants in an attempt to “divide us”.
That anti-immigration sentiment is forced on us, from the “top down”

⭐️ 🇮🇱Boomer Carl 🇺🇸 ⭐️ @Boomer_Carl
50m50 minutes ago

The hatred the likes of @DavidLammy and @HackneyAbbott have for the native White British people is really something to behold.

I just hope to God above this sort of video finally wakes up those zombies who still vote Labour “cus mah dad voted Labour”.

GW: David Lammy said he wasn’t on the Front Bench because the party is controlled by ”white men.” https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/political-parties/labour-party/news/94196/labour-mp-david-lammy-suggests-he-not-frontbench

UNCED – & Xtinction Rebellion

FreemanTV Link

https://twitter.com/99freemind/status/119207187121224499213 May 2018: The Great Awakening – Martin Geddes

The Great Awakening

Survival in the 21st Century

Environmentalism = Communism: GREEN is the new RED – YouTube

Freedom Watchmen
13 March 2016

Consider how the environmental movement pushes the exact same agenda of the communist manifesto’s ten essential planks & you will see that the climate change hoax is being promoted to abolish the private property rights of every person on Earth.

ReddIt: I just spent about 3 hours or so arguing with folks on Facebook about this little video snippet:
Is Global Warming The Biggest Fraud In History? Dan Pena

Have a look at a Video put out by George Hunt on UNCED Earth Summit 1992 AGENDA 21 Pt1-6 – it’s shocking & one of the most important pieces of information about the Totalitarian Agenda.

“This Is Our Estate, Not Theirs” | Britain’s Forgotten Men

BBC Three
Published on 19 Aug 2017

1 May was the start & June it will be over – Trump will run with Kennedy
The Truth about the Witch hunt,JFK junior,Brexit,Royals news-Trump about the Measles Vaccines

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Published on 28 Apr 2019

Art of Discipline

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Published on 22 Feb 2015

Call to all Patriots for Friday 29th March 2019

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27 March 2019



Peter OfEngland
Published on 7 Apr 2019

Because the Withdrawal Agreement was voted down, it means that the new Brexit date became 11 pm on the 12th April 2019 – or does it?

Unless this new exit date is struck down by the court case being brought by Robin Tilbrook, then the Article 50 extension as accepted by the UK will continue to be law.

And, if this date stands, many people are thinking that, if we do nothing by that time of 11 pm on the 12th April 2019, then we will leave the EU on WTO terms.

But the one thing that worries me is the actual wording at the end of the EU Council decision. And we know how the law is being used to trip Brexiteers up at every opportunity, don’t we.

And here is what it says:

“In the event that the Withdrawal Agreement is not approved by the House of Commons by
29 March 2019 at the latest, the period provided for in Article 50(3) TEU is extended until
12 April 2019. In that event, the United Kingdom will indicate a way forward before 12 April 2019, for consideration by the European Council.”

And remember, the letter sent by Sir Tim Barrow is claimed by the government to make this legally binding at an international level.

Now I’ll read the very last bit again:

“In that event, the United Kingdom will indicate a way forward before 12 April 2019, for consideration by the European Council.”

If read strictly, this does not give the UK the scope to leave on WTO terms!

All it strictly allows us to do, is take a proposal to the EU for the consideration of its EU27 leaders.

It does not mention leaving with no deal.

I don’t know what the legal ramifications of that are in international law.

But as I said this morning, I find it extremely difficult to understand why this EU Council decision has been woven into UK statute law, in the form of the amended exit date in the EU Withdrawal Act.

The entry in the Withdrawal Act has gone from being a single exit date and has been replaced by a screed of text, which also includes mention of the very European Council Directive that offered the Article 50 extension.

Why was the date not simply changed from 11 pm on the 29th March 2019 to 11pm on the 12th April 2019, straight after Theresa May’s proposals were voted down early last Friday afternoon?

No, the statutory instrument involved was specifically worded to ensure the European Council Directive was jammed into that statute.

Having looked at the way this government and the EU are now operating, every little thing must be analysed to ensure nothing underhand is going on.

What concerns me is that we might get told in a few days time that, due to this tight wording, we are tied into the EU as full members for as long as they want us there!

Now, it may turn out that my worries are unfounded and the default is still that we leave without a deal at 11 pm on Friday the 12th April 2019. But I do not trust the UK government to not try and stitch us back in somehow.

And where the obvious route has not been taken of simply changing a date in an extremely complex and far reaching statute, my internal anti-Stitch-up radar fires up to full power.

I fervently hope that Robin Tilbrook’s Article 50 extension judicial review is successful.

mark reeve
@Lokio Pens Loloc dont ever join up / they like war let them fight it / research how they intend to bring democracy to north africa / tax the hell out of us to pay for the conscription of our children /

We need Theresa May to be declared clinically insane, and everything she has signed to be declared null and void.  Then revoke the 1972 European Communities Act unilaterally.

English Democrats bring Case to get a Declaration that UK left the EU on the 29th March at 11 pm. It will win.

English Democrats bring Case to get a Declaration that UK left the EU on the 29th March at 11 pm. It will win.


kendrickdm says:
Ok I will give a health warning and a wealth warning.

Last year my experience with the court system against the corpocracy led to Judge Williams a HC judge attending my case to shut it down his parachuting into it from the West Country or out of his administrative area, attending the case 1/2 hour late, with the defendent not turning up, entering into cross examination on behalf of the defendent and refusing to answer any prosecution points – literally silence, during which time for 30 mins I endured what was actually a half hour of personal character abuse which the defense never sent into the case as arguement. The reason this could be gotten away with is simple it is because there is no jury or witness in a hearing and the court system allows judcial abuse without a management oversight because the Judge writes up the case notes, his governing body looks soley after his interests, and the recording just has to be him & his verdict in 4 words in less than 1 minute because abuse of process is permitted in a rigged system.

Point being, the man complained when they could not rule against me with costs, in fact screamed it when he discovered it. Thank God I was enforcing a broken agreement not going through a case where he could bounce up the costs to the millions in his abuse.

To cut a long story short, only an absolute idiot jumps into the British court system since the Elite (corptocracy) will be Supporting and Juding the Elite, in this instance another self supporting prosecution will be attempting to eforce their rights without realising what they are dealing with.

So if they go in, it will take another 9 months to get the case through to be heard, they will walk into a court room challenging statutary law which orgs tend to do after ‘legal advice’ usually at barrister level, the rate at which is 99% or more against the claimant and if it is 99% against it is 99% for the government, and a health warning is now given, law is not considered law or hard until it has gone through the courts at least once, and therefore the judiciary get to make rulings on it.

Effectively taking a case through the court system and losing stops forever any other challenge to that law. It then has to be reapealed in Parliament by Act. So however well meaning, your best bet was in fact always in getting a parliamentary act, the system will never rule against itself in the same way as a police investigation is dropped if it goes the wrong place.

The best possible thing which could be done by this political party is to get elected since this limited company political party has assets of less than £600 yet by its well meaning effort will give Remain by which the establishment corptocracy unlimited powers by judicial interpretation which they did not have before which is exactly what remain does when it has taken Government to court against brexit also.

Able Bodied
​traffic lights go out with electricity, so take roads without lights. stop signs work much better. wrecks happen right away.

If something goes down, STAY OFF THE STREETS, those are who is going to rounded up.

Angie Russell
​water rice beans toilet paper candles alcohol burner lugaloo

Confirmed: Hillary died,FISA,Pelosi arrest,Alabama,Mind control,Visions about Trump,Reset

Utsava Psychic Medium
12 March 2019

3rd eYe Via Ian R Crane
I believe that the whole Brexit scenario was invented to work the way it has, every component fits perfectly if you know its true purpose. I predicted a year or more ago that if I was correct that no agreement will be met at the deadline and I could see it extending far past it – maybe even for years. My Prophesy looks to be correct so far but no matter what happens, In, Out or fifty shades of Grey the UK will suffer greatly as an Economic community. We are facing the Globalist weapon of Finance but they have many more such as 5G and I see that the next 5 years as crucial and as indicative of things to come. Also keep an eye open on things across the pond as they too are under attack by different weapons that may come here. If you look for reason then look no further than Agenda 21 and the UN who are controlled by the Globalists but read between the lines. Your politicians and many more are all traitors to the people and are bad actors at best…

The REAL Reason Why Stocks Haven’t Collapsed! SECRET They Don’t Want You To Know!

The Money GPS
Published on 24 Aug 2018

Populism – It’s the Economy stupid

The Houndog
12 March 2019

We need to change from “fractional reserve banking” to “fractional reserve lending” and one should be able to lend to oneself. Say you have 20% for a down payment on a house, you can lend the other 80% to yourself. A mortgage management company(call it a bank) will be hired and allowed to charge a one-time up-front fee of $500 to create and monitor a bank account listing a negative balance into which the new home owner will make payments. The account will have been debited the 80% of the house value and that money will go to the home seller along with the 20% down payment. The mortgage management company will monitor payments to the account and if payment isn’t made the mortgage management company will start standard foreclosure procedures. This way, all interest goes to the person who creates the money for the principle and interest, that is, the new home owner, rather than to the bankers who create nothing.

In a healthy home market, the 20% down payment will be enough to insure the system isn’t inflationary in case of foreclosure.

Video Link

Milissa Poisson
Everyone needs to go local. Boycott big government and corporations. Buy local, produce local as much as possible. Form city council’s, vote on referendums, file charges. Issue arrest warrants. If the majority of communities and courts make their own changes by legal vote then the federal government will not be able to ignore them. Pay taxes but hold them in escrow until your dollars are not being used to oppress you. Get off the grid as much as possible. Use your fireplaces, lanterns, solar chargers, ride bikes or use mass transit as much as possible. Use the old ways as much as possible to hit them in the pocketbook. Also, do preparation for your locales. In your churches and schools. Be sure that you have enough food stored, enough fuel (firewood, propane, rechargeable lrg batteries) and a volunteer militia to protect it. Fight and change peaceably and legally from the bottom up. Also, establish local radio stations, websites and newspapers as a means of communicating truthful information.

John Wilson
Like France, the United Kingdom is at war. Under the rule of war, it is illegal for a member of the public to pay any taxes to Government as this makes you complicit to the crimes carried out by Government during the ongoing war. Before you question who are we at war with, answer this question. Has the war on terror been deemed as over? No it has not. By that fact alone, when the UK Government or any other Government allow known terrorists into the country, they are citing war & committing treason. That is not including the mass genocide being perpetuated on the public via other methods. Like 5G rollout, GMO food, Vaccines, and other methods. BY LAW it is illegal for you to pay taxes to a Government during war.

Milissa Poisson
Everyone needs to go local. Boycott big government and corporations. Buy local, produce local as much as possible. Form city council’s, vote on referendums, file charges. Issue arrest warrants. If the majority of communities and courts make their own changes by legal vote then the federal government will not be able to ignore them. Pay taxes but hold them in escrow until your dollars are not being used to oppress you. Get off the grid as much as possible. Use your fireplaces, lanterns, solar chargers, ride bikes or use mass transit as much as possible. Use the old ways as much as possible to hit them in the pocketbook. Also, do preparation for your locales. In your churches and schools. Be sure that you have enough food stored, enough fuel (firewood, propane, rechargeable lrg batteries) and a volunteer militia to protect it. Fight and change peaceably and legally from the bottom up. Also, establish local radio stations, websites and newspapers as a means of communicating truthful information.

Eric L Krepps Sr
As a builder I say it’s all about the key stone ..

The lesson to be learnt by all Europeans is that this tiny political elite has no real power. Their power is an illusion and is simply based on our acceptance of their whims. Europeans are overwhelmingly against mass migration but this tiny elite continue to allow it. We just need to take one step forward together. The French are showing the way once again.



Charles Hughes-Smith: OfTwoMindsBlog


Tommy Williams
Published on 1 Mar 2019

  • Pope Francis removed on 22 February 2019

“Faux Buddy Fight” : The Real Reason Why A Deal Wasn’t Signed In Hanoi Vietnam!

T.R.U Reporting
Published on 1 Mar 2019

kroikye @Windows on the World
Those that Control the Fed are Trying to Make the U.N. a SOCIALIST World Government through the CO2 SCAM and Agenda 21. The Federal Reserve was set up by the Rothschilds and their Cronies. The Rothschild Family however has the Official Title : ” Guardians of the Vatican Treasury “, its even in the Encyclopedia Judeica. The European Nobility are All VATICAN Knights and/or Freemasons too, they Serve the 1500 year old Papal Hierarchy. First EU President van Rompuy was Raised and Educated by the JESUITS, the Head of the EU Commission Barroso was Educated at Jesuit Georgetown University in DC. Current ECB President Mario Draghi was Also Educated by the Jesuits in Italy. When this System Fails, the U.N. and the Papal Roman Empire will Act as “Savior”, Offering the World Socialist System as ” Solution “ to the Chaos. While Unknown to Most the Jesuits, Freemasonry and Papal Rome Created Much of the Problems in the First Place. All (NWO) roads lead to the 1500 year old ANTICHRIST Papacy, just like the Bible Predicted. Please : Do Your Own Research and Get Born Again, God bless.

Mark Sykes
UN > Treaty of Versailles > Club of Rome > Murder of the Tzar > League of Nations > Creation of Communism > The Cold War – It’s the same fingers in each pie going back such a very long way.

Mark Sykes
UN/EU next phase = The Global Parliament of Mayors – The abolition of the electorate for the UN Corporation One World Fascist Govt. – RESEARCH > The Global Parliament of Mayors

Mark Sykes
UN Agenda 2063 The African Union. 54 African countries to be merged into a single sovereign-less state by 2063. AU Population to be mobilised and resettled into resettlement zones – EU being a zone.

Mark Sykes
UN CORPORATION Sustainable Development/UN CORPORATION IPCC Climate Change Mantra = Global Genocide of the Poor by Open Stealth – UN Agenda for the 21st Century – Agenda 21 Depopulate by Open Stealth

2019 Grammy Rituals: The “Queen of Heaven’s” CERN-Portal minions.

ChildrenOfItsRealOutHere Yahi
Published on 12 Feb 2019

John Doe
I agree with him apart from the trump/government part .
Someone from every country needs to create a party called the last party, where they teach everyone how to live without government, and bring the people back from the dead to the living, use lawful money in s credit based system, teach the creditor’s they are creditors instead of the creditors being tricked into acting as debtors and having to pay again, everyone needs their own equity and should bankrupt and liquidate the pagan account, removing the state and it’s ability to create citizens, this party should take ten years to dissolve all control forms then disappear leaving a couple of extra laws, like, no government allowed, and no corporations, they are unlawful and amoral.

Charly Gaul
5G created in Israel for the rest of the world, whereas in Israel they are using the safeer fiber optic cables instead of the deadly EMF!

Derek Finch
I think we have to get away with about control in it is about destroying it it is about undermining the family the values of these Nations and plunging them into Civil War with a massive influx of an ideology who is opposed to everything the Western culture is based on this is basically the elitists bringing about a goal of the human race and allowing them the elitist to inherit what is left this is not just about control of the banking system this is not control over governments this is about genocide of the Western Nations they have all the money have all the people in government and they have all the weapons they need to accomplish but they can do it without this by creating great instability with all those countries across Europe and allowing the breakdown of society break down of Law break down the government and they are well on the way to achieving this it is about time we started to realise those at the top despise and hate us because we have been civilized for so long and they now feel there are too many of us and we need to be cold in the past that used Wars created conflict around the world for their own self interest of grabbing the wealth of those countries once they were defeated but now the globalists are working on an international scale to destroy us how countries are identities and our future generations

Cha 211
Lead paint stops 5g artists used to use. The political parties are funded by the same source and lead based paint to paint some lived to be 100 years old when average life expectancy was 40. Trees stop the signal and so does lead. The political parties are funded by the same source and contain the same people. in the Uk labor has conservative politicians to create the illusion of an opposing party.

Mike Maloney – The Hidden Secrets of Money Series Phim Video

Pain Comes In Many Different Forms, Full Control, Panic – Episode 1784b

Published on 5 Feb 2019

Buckle Up! The Storm is Here!

27 December 2018

Charte Officielle Des Gilets Jaunes


  • A constitutional cap on taxes – at 25%
  • Increase of 40% in the basic pension and social welfare
  • Increase hiring in public sector to re-establish public services
  • Massive construction projects to house 5 million homeless, and severe penalties for mayors/prefectures that leave people on the streets
  • Break up the ‘too-big-to-fail’ banks, re-separate regular banking from investment banking
  • Cancel debts accrued through usurious rates of interest
  • Constitutional amendments to protect the people’s interests, including binding referenda
  • The barring of lobby groups and vested interests from political decision-making
  • Frexit: Leave the EU to regain our economic, monetary and political sovereignty (In other words, respect the 2005 referendum result, when France voted against the EU Constitution Treaty, which was then renamed the Lisbon Treaty, and the French people ignored)
  • Clampdown on tax evasion by the ultra-rich
  • The immediate cessation of privatization, and the re-nationalization of public goods like motorways, airports, rail, etc
  • Remove all ideology from the ministry of education, ending all destructive education techniques
  • Quadruple the budget for law and order and put time-limits on judicial procedures.
  • Make access to the justice system available for all
  • Break up media monopolies and end their interference in politics. Make media accessible to citizens and guarantee a plurality of opinions. End editorial propaganda
  • Guarantee citizens’ liberty by including in the constitution a complete prohibition on state interference in their decisions concerning education, health and family matters
  • No more ‘planned obsolescence’ – Mandate guarantee from producers that their products will last 10 years, and that spare parts will be available during that period
  • Ban plastic bottles and other polluting packaging
  • Weaken the influence of big pharma on health in general and hospitals in particular
  • Ban on GMO crops, carcinogenic pesticides, endocrine disruptors and monocrops
  • Reindustrialize France (thereby reducing imports and thus pollution)
    Foreign Affairs
  • End France’s participation in foreign wars of aggression, and exit from NATO
  • Cease pillaging and interfering – politically and militarily – in ‘Francafrique’, which keeps Africa poor. Immediately repatriate all French soldiers. Establish relations with African states on an equal peer-to-peer basis
  • Prevent migratory flows that cannot be accommodated or integrated, given the profound civilizational crisis we are experiencing
  • Scrupulously respect international law and the treaties we have signed


Love Film Millionaire – New Political Party
”In May 2002, Paul Gardner and Graham Bosher launched Online Rentals Limited (trading as DVDsOnTap), based in Harlow, Essex.[3][4]

In September 2003, William Reeve and Alex Chesterman launched ScreenSelect, based in Acton in West London. And in the same month Saul Klein launched Video Island, based in Kings Cross in central London, with backing from Simon Franks’ Redbus Films.[5]”

Deep State Developments & Threats [videos] ~ January 22, 2019

Lawerance Lourland
You remember? The first caravan? The news with the caravan videoed thousands of foreign tanks with a big red 5 point star on them. Never seen before. Soros and Democrat handler said he has a phone number to call if they don’t get in the United States. A foreign power Is coming. He refused to say who. But he made the call. And thousands of the caravan went missing. They are training in the tanks. The Democrat blue wave is meeting at our border. To attack us. The CIA. fbi. Our government sold us, and our country to Soros. Rothschild etc. Comunisim. hitlers democracy we are losing ww2. Nancy is Soros new Hillary. Schumer is at her side. For only 13 billion DOLLARS. And to murder Trump. And because Soros owns our states through our elected. Our justice systems stand against the constitutional Republic of the United States of America. 🇺🇸. This is real. all equals they are attacking 🇺🇸 another 911 by our CIA elected and Soros employees. our elected.
Ps. The Democrat handler Soros is missing at the same time. We are being attacked. With tanks. Just like the NWO CIA .fbi .over run 🇮🇶. Iraq. Then every NWO country will be here like Afghanistan. Syria . Iraq. Lybia. CIA aka Obama said he’s in touch with over 37 countries. For us. how come Trump don’t know?

GE0RG1 3463
GE0RG1. . –

  • costs for refinancing leaving deposits will be paid by you.
  • There are some trillion loss for some trillion deposits left and most Europeans realize such connection as the SCHAUBLE WENT IN THE PARLIAMENT FOR IMMUNITY?
  • No one else will buy recklessly junk bonds to collect them with force so EU will fall apart without Merkel, so the circles behind her push her strongly to be premier to keep their share bubble and wealth and all others run away to support her or take responsibility of reckless investments and loans she is so confused and greedy that may expect even I to pay them.
  • Deposits leaving EU banks, rationing is coming in EU.
  • USA may steal them, so diversify.
  • See how EUR declines 25 % in currency crisis and ECB bluffs with interventions these days.
  • Bundesbank’s TARGET2 claims increase a lot to some 0.91 trillions at end 2017 according to monthly updated by them website where you can also see time series as Germany should not be able to provide much more means for mainly Spain, Italy but also Portugal, Greece banks in trouble to cover for their non reversible process of leaving deposits you may find on line.
  • ECB bluff for growth and election changes in France, Germany does not work. . . .
  • Require deposit rationing from Draghi, as his friends will try to take complete deposits abroad and the loss will be paid by you.
  • See low prices of banks in EU as proof for trillions of assets. Main loss is coming from bad loans in Eastern Europe some of the greatest in the world and bad prospects for growth in EU due to high government debts and wage rigidities.
  • Follow Austrian banks telecoms as EU tries to sell lemons first.
  • Greek banks are bankrupted with assets in Eastern Europe,
  • Austrian banks work in the same region and their banks and telecoms data may be cheated.
  • Follow also for illegal activities as money washing Austrian banks and telecoms.
  • Follow EBRD, the funds that cover eu sovereign bonds. Ask them until when they will endanger the health of my family for the facts I reveal that endangers their financial markets forever.
  • My family was moderately poisoned these days to scare me not to write here. I DO NOT HAVE COPY RIGHTS SO DISTRIBUTE IN EU ON LINE EDITIONS CAREFULLY.


Free Energy Exists

Seventh Anubis
Whether the UK is in or out of the EU, western Europe all serve the US, Israeli, Saudi axis of morons and preach their crazy nonsense. Hitler and the Nazis made more sense and had more purpose. The rising USA and USSR was going to make Western Europe irrelevant. So the Nazis had to cheat to compete. The UK bowed out of that crazy nonsense and gave up the empire. So what’s with the US? Not a superpower? Not relevant? Lacks size and resources? Not enough people for a work force or army? Why does the US need to turn whole countries in South America into concentration camps whilst it’s own people have no jobs? US media is utterly bonkers and the BBC follows suit. Europe got rid of the power of the crazy Pope, but Islam is much better? The EU is supposed to turn western Europe into a world leader and economic superpower. How does it do that with NATO run by the US? I’ll bet it’s Macron’s EU army that brought the wrath of the CIA, Mossad run Yellow Vests. Which is incompetent, since it mostly helps Russia and China….LMAO!!

Tptwtb Have Already Been Chipped – Hannah Rose
“The Trump Card” played, Trump & Family discuss WORMWOOD

Rose Hannah
Published on 17 Nov 2016

NB: Abrahadabra

Obama & the “Election” & Liam Hemsworth’s Nickname “Triple six”

Published on 16 Jun 2016

Operation Disclosure Standing Stones Glen Innes 29/12/18

Tim Emslie
29 December 2018

  • Gov Shutdown & arrests are unfolding.
  • Massive police presence in Washington DC
  • The intention is to put the Fiat US Dollar back into Gold Standard via a Global Reset which would take out the Federal Reserve & return taxpayer money to the people.
  • The Commonwealth Bank of Australia cash withdrawal system is down as is ANZ Bank & WestPac.  The EftPOS system for swiping cards is also down.
  • GESARA Law implemented with a fair tax system.

Madness in the western world and introduction to possible solution – brief version

Military & Survival Theorist
Published on 23 Apr 2018

Treason May’s BREXIT Betrayal
Video Link
Mark Collett
14 December 2018

It’s hard to understand how anyone other than a die hard Tory would ever vote for Conservative again. But what is the choice? The Labour Party, run by a bunch of dangerous totalitarian thugs and nutcases who represent a real threat to democracy and personal liberties. People in response then, and in the absence of any real choice, vote for what these people call the ‘Far Right’ parties, a clearly derogatory expression used by those who wish to put down anyone who voted to leave the EU. But who can blame them? They have been so badly served. We all have. Teresa May is an evil witch. She is not alone, one of many who belong to a professional elite. Add to this a huge immigration and you a perfect toxic mix for civil rebellion and violence.

Michael Mayes
Do you honestly think Theresa May wants a deal? she might, but the people who are controlling her do not, we must remain for the one world policy to be continued.

Migrant policy, what control has any government put on inward migration to the uk? my answer is none. May 850,000 in one year whilst all the time we are being told we are cracking down on migration to the uk, all lies.
Will it change no listen to Corbyn and Abbott of labour, or Vince Cable for the liberals all three main parties cannot take enough migrants. UN migration charter, the right for the migrant to chose the country, and on arrival be given the same rights as that countries citizens.
Any country who wanted to control migration into their country would not sign this, or would they Germany, France, and the UK signed, this is before the debate in parliament which must take place due to over 130,000 people signing a petition to object to the uk signing this un charter, no the government just signed it, no debate, next to nothing in the paper no program on the BBC or ITV highlighting this nothing.

Democracy is dead in the UK, and the EU we are living in a dictatorship of lies, rubber bullets, batons, and armoured vehicles being used against the citizens of Europe.
Now ask yourself who are the paymasters of all this, the answer is you in your taxes, and debt being taken on in your name to pay for this multicultural society.
Why to achieve the one world government, with the elite in control.


The Two Witnesses are Here: There are Now 2 Years Left

The Church In The Wilderness
Published on 2 Dec 2018

Natural Health – Tony Pantalleresco
Email Tony at independz@yahoo.com
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Tony’s YouTube Channel

Abel Danger had him on 15 Sep 2015
Tony Pantelleresco 9-14-2015 Nanoparticles + more

BBC’s Climate Censorship Leaked – Asch Conformity – YOU Must Be The Sane One

Ice Age Farmer
Published on 9 Sep 2018

Assembling the Dome – Gratitude & Abundance – Happy Thanksgiving – Ice Age Farmer

SHARE THIS: ICE AGE is upon us And NASA agrees

Published on 25 Nov 2018

Ro ot
It’s called grand solar minimum , remember why it feels like the sun burns you more even though it’s cold and overcast. Well that’s because our magnetosphere is weaker due to low sun spot activity. A weak magnetosphere affects More that that it also affects thermal ducting, jet streams, ocean current ,radio waves ,electricity the list goes on ……It’s a natural cycle not global warming or climate change. On the other hand I DO BELIEVE “THEY” are using it to push THEIR AGENDA.
Here’s a few sources on gsm


Real time mapping


Adapt 2030 channel , he has a lot more maps, graphs and records on grand solar minimum



Connecting the Dots: Micheal Jackson, Me, & Guy McPherson; Strange at Best!

Cindy Garay
Published on 26 Apr 2018

cindy garay   (edited)

[11.15] More CEO’s Resigning / Clinton 2020 / FoxNews & CNN / Climate Change & Free Energy

Destroying the Illusion
15 November 2018

Quantum resonance Frequencies
The sobering reality, of elite individuals owning as much as the entire poorer half of the human, global population combined, leads me to deduce, they’re not emotionally “human”. Whatever else the ruling elite may be, they’re misanthropic, malignant narcissist, malthusian megalomaniacs, whose insatiable greed & utterly selfish lust for luxury & power, gets justified as a Darwinian Imperative & manifest destiny. They own the monetary system. They project guilt onto “losers”, typical humans, who are denied their right to live free, thrive & cooperate, by their winner takes all reckoning. Humans are mammals, born naturally enthusiastic, curious & creative problem solvers, who could cheerfully follow their higher, empathic potential & noble ideals. But the ruling class are only interested in how ritualized heirarchy enslaves minds & harnesses amoral, dependent willingness, to blindly follow orders & do harm to others. Society is set up, to justify & excuse, the lowest common denominator of selfish opportunism, gloryfying ruthless exploitation, for the elite’s exclusive benefit. Their hypocrisy is literally stunning. Our cognitive dissonance, between the superficial, manipulative lies, we’re told, to placate us & the hideous realities we’re confronted with, generates maximum cognitive dissonance. Most of the world’s people are primally traumatized, from the moment we first recognize the unreconcilable dichotomy. We remain dissociated, in denial, with a powerful subconscious gatekeeper, preventing objective examination of a reality too horrifying to face.
Most people live in a state of collective Stockholm Syndrome, defending & virtually worshipping their institutionalized captors & abusers.🤔

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Don Cummings
Howdy Howdy from Canada, tell that little bugger Truman to chew his food better, cause it didn’t smell like that when he ate it…if you get a chance Linda, check out Black Pigeon’s latest video explaining in a nutshell…why they want us replaced in the West: the elite as a different species who care no more and treat us like cattle…in the same way we don’t consider the life of a chicken or a cow in these industrial farms when we eat our food. Why the immigration push into the West by mobs of illiterate, uneducated masses..when clearly if you want to better a country, the collective wealth of the nation increases by allowing people in on a merit basis..he postulates: In these old world countries, including the EU, The Middle East, China etc….they rule absolutely, ruthlessly, and any sign of rebellion at all is squashed immediately. Our Leaders in The West, which are all part of these bloodlines...the Bushes, The Clintons, etc. etc. can be traced back to the 13 bloodlines...they want to rule us absolutely however, in The West, we are educated, independent thinkers, we can vote their ass out, and we have guns….so their plan, is to replace the domestic population with the same people that Elite rule over ruthlessly in the Third World...so the plan in the West, through the increased surveillance state is to have us eventually replaced with uneducated 3rd world populations who have always been used to being oppressed, are not independent thinkers, many trapped into a political theology such as Islam…they are much easier to rule over than Western citizens. They want a communist brutal authoritative regime to replace our current system of government. They are speeding up our demise through chem-trails, poisoning the food, and chemically bombing the water to a point where male testosterone levels have dropped 70 percent in 50 years and so on. They thought she would win, and now they have been exposed and trying to speed up their plans and they are making more and more mistakes exposing themselves even more…PS Alex Jones has been hammering I mean hammering Q since Sessions was fired, …clearly exposing himself as Controlled Opposition, …I am completely convinced now…why does he care about “Q” at all, and now I know for sure he is a Zionist shill 100%….Alex claims how he has this supposed close relationship with POTUS, that is according to him…since just before the Election, the President hasn’t had anything to do with Alex Jones, because once he became President, he found out exactly who he is…Tell Truman Xmas is coming and he better not drop another rose in your studio…God Bless you Miss Snarky

Preppernurse1 Explains How To Prepare For Coming Reset
A major event is about to take place! Are you prepared?

Streamed live on 1 Nov 2018

American gov. Is doing everything wrong.
Here is an idea that would benefit both parties.

With that many troops americans could easily take over Honduras and kick out the corrupted goverment, We wouldnt need to immigrate to the us or any other country, Just take over honduras and put us to work in OUR OWN LAND, We would pay you taxes all year long as long as you want and as much as you want, All we want is a safe enviroment to work and a safe place for our kids to grow up and go to school, thats all we ask for, We can work the land, Plant corn, Tomatoes, Watermelons, Bananas we can help you with your imports to other countries, Our labor is cheap. We hondurans cant fight our own goverment, We already tried. They got weapons and have already killed many of our civilian brothers who protested in the past two years, gang members expect you to pay them taxes if you live in their territory, And our goverment is ok with that!! Its a nightmare, We hondurans are peaceful respecful people, the images you saw on tv about some of us bringing down fences is because most of us are desperate and will do anything to get out of our own country, Its a life or death situation and we rather live a few more days than die the next day in our country, I understand americans dont want us maybe because we have brown skin, Or maybe because we speak a different language, Americans dont have to explain why they dont like us, We simply understand. What ever it is we understand, But for us its a life or death situation if you only lived in honduras for one day you would know what is like, If we look desperate is because we are, we would do anything to get out of our own land, its like when someone is choking you to death you would do anything to get out of that situation right? I dont know, i guess what ever happens happens, We hondurans dont see a way out of this anymore our lives just dont have a meaning anymore, but then we look at our kids and do the impossible for them.
-We are also human beings. -Abelitro

Are You Seeing Unicorn Symbolism Everywhere? Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? Naughty Beaver (More Musk Info)

Naughty Beaver
30 October 2018

The Return Of Leviathan. Humanity’s Trial By Fire. Naughty Beaver

Naughty Beaver
15 October 2018

Wxyzwebcams at hotel Cesario also shows the green orb!! its on the other side of france!

Madeline R Van Deven
jeff leroy Jeff, I believe in the 3 days of darkness when Jesus will come for a mini- judgement on all of mankind to prepare us with grace and strength to with stand the worst of the Tribulation and give us time with Him to repent of our sins and receive His forgiveness and redemption.

Xochtil Craig  (edited)
It is indeed real Naughty!. I was opressed by a Leviathan spirit for years. Many ppl have the same story. A Leviathan, Kundalini serpent, marine spirit that feeds off the human spirit.

jeff leroy
Not sure if your aware but Hitler took the symbol of male purity and holiness and perverted it into what is know to this world as a symbol of evil , the swastika . Of course we all know who was behind the nazi movement , satan himself ! Jesus Christ has this symbol on the inside of Him leg ……. :o)

Naughty Beaver
I am well aware of that and have mentioned on several of my shows in the past. The Hopi people say that the swastika is a symbol of one of the 2 helpers of their messiah. The Bible might call the the two witnesses. NB

Steve Olsen – Grand Solar Minimum and Sky Observations

Published on 30 Oct 2018

Steve Olsen Live Leak


Global Witness
Published on 27 May 2018

I know many in the world find Elon Musk to be the hero they always dream of however his overpopulation discussion mean that he has already thought of the solution or been told of it. What could Elon have in store or, what could the Luciferians have in store for Lucifer’s son. Elon’s bloodlines are linked to the top of the Elite as has been discovered (Maye Haldeman – father Joshua was in Canadian Technocracy Movement) and considering the amount of paved passage for his companies into areas the Governments do not relinquish unless they control the person they hand it to, speak volumes for the future of Elon for the Mark.

George Hunt – UNCED_Earth_Summit_1992 AGENDA_21 Pt.1-6


In 1992 George Hunt was fully engulfed in investigating the the New World Order and architects of a One World Bank. To further the Development of this bank and its effects on the Earth’s land, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development a.k.a. UNCED Earth Summit Meeting on June 3-14th , 1992 was held. Prior to this George Hunt recorded this video to heighten awareness of what secret agenda they might have from this meeting.

UNCED Earth Summit 1992 Pt. 1 – In Our Hands
George Hunt introduces the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) which takes place in June of 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. This video will show strong evidence that the persons running the UNCED Earth Summit are actually setting a net to place the power over the Earth and it’s people into the hands of the World Order. We also learn about some events leading up to the Earth Summit and people involved behind the mask.

UNCED Earth Summit 1992 Pt.2What is the World Summit Meeting and Who’s behind it?
The UNCED world summit meeting is a key event in a series of environment meetings which have occurred since 1972 most of which were convened by Maurice Strong and the Rothschilds. George hunt goes on to explain about previous Earth Summits and provides some examples of phrases, documents and audio recordings from the meetings.

UNCED Earth Summit 1992 Pt. 3– The First, Seconds, Third Worlds
The First World, Second World, Third Worlds are used to describe blocks of political entities. The First World is the capitalist countries of Europe and North America who are industrial and therefore the world’s biggest polluters. The Second World is the Soviet Union and the Eastern bloc countries. The Second world countries are going to be saved by a Second Marshall plan created by the Rothschild Group, the truth comes out and we see examples of it in effect already. The Third World are those countries who have emerged since World War II, they are young and easily fooled and the World Bank drains their assets even faster than they can blink. In an article we see, Maurice Strong suggest that the Third World poor countries may start an uprising at the World Economic Forum held in Switzerland and demand that the First World countries sign an agreement to reduce their impact on the environment.

UNCED Earth Summit 1992 Pt. 4 – The Fourth World
The Fourth World is referred to as the coming One World Government where there are no more First, Second and Third World governments, it will be a return to a society much like Caesars or Babylon or the Third Reich. The UNCED Earth summit will link environment with industry and they will be the masters of who gets what and when. We hear a recording from the 4th world Wilderness Congress where Maurice strong introduces Baron Edmund de Rothschild as the positive synthesis between the Environment Conservation on one hand (Thesis) and Economic Development on the other (Antithesis).

UNCED Earth Summit 1992 Pt.5 – Politicians and Bureaucrats Exposed
David Rockefeller and William Ruckelshaus were speakers at the 4th world wilderness congress, Ruckelshaus being the representative of the Environment and Rockefeller being the representative of Development. The Hypocrisy behind this matchup is that they are also the men who make the Laws behind what they can do to the environment. So Who’s Behind the UNCED Earth Summit Meetings? This question is as easy as following the money. In an audio recording we hear Edmund de Rothschild suggest we develop ways to maintain the temperature of the Polar Ice Caps with inoperative and modern technologies as an example of what the might do with the money in this bank.

UNCED Earth Summit 1992 Pt. 6 – The 4th World Wilderness Congress Audio Recordings
We listen to a voice recording from the 4th WorId wilderness congress of Edmund de Rothschild who talks about the concept of the bank they have planned during this conference and how the wilderness has a part of their investments, created by Michael Sweatman.

The Global Reset is Underway! & Digital Earth Dollar & XRP!

cindy garay
27 October 2018

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America

Red Dawn takes on New meaning! & Niburi What’ Are They Preparing For & American Lock-Down!

cindy garay
Published on 19 Oct 2018

The Elite ARE Planning their Escape!

cindy garay
Published on 14 Jul 2018

This is what I have been talking about for a while now! It is clear to see the Elite are definitely making plans to Save their Sorry Asses with Zero regards towards the rest of Humanity! More food for thought! Realize Your Power before you have none! Sorry guys, I gotta get going! Have a Great Day! BTW: They won’t let me use Elon Musk’s picture for the thumb nail! Hmm!

Creatrix13 (edited)
cindy garay Just as they believe, they have won – THEY LOSE! They believe, they can escape – there is no escape. One will always be confronted with one self and one’s own actions no matter what. They are already caught – they chose the wrong path, if they wanted to escape. Stay super well. God bless you and your great work – thank you for standing up – thank God for you. Stay protected under the Blood of Yeshua.

Transhumanism, The Singularity , Kruzwell and Stealing Your Soul! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaKDMYmeKm0
14 August 2018

5G Coming Oct. 1 & How Nano & Wi-Fry interact!

Published on 13 Sep 2018
Beware the Blue Beam:

MUST WATCH: The Dystonian Future of the Social Credit System! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1d4-3RSmuQw
Published on 28 Sep 2018

cindy garay (edited)
Links: Dave Hodges show: http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/in-china-social-credit-system-forces-citizens-into-submission-to-the-state-2/ Coming to America? Social Credit System: https://www.infowars.com/coming-to-america-china-introduces-credit-score-for-obedient-citizens/ China’s Social Credit System of Punishment & Rewards! https://www.boredpanda.com/seen-black-mirror-lets-talk-about-the-sesame-score/?utm_source=rense&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=organic

Truth Seeker
This is why the Zionists are shifting world wealth and influence to CHINA. AMERICANS WILL NEVER GIVE UP YHEIR GUNS and be totally enslaved. They aim to bankrupt America and place China at the pinnacle of world influence because the people are enslaved already in a communist state system where they have no real freedoms. They will use China’s influence to push further toward a one world totalitarian communist type government.

Claudio Ariel
I’ve always wondered why Jacob Rothschild is never seen with a cellphone or a laptop.They don’t use these gadgets because they know that they track you.

The Crypto Push & A.I. Take-Over! Use Your Power NOW!

Published on 26 Sep 2018