Hitlery Clinton


Published on 17 Apr 2018

David Smalley
#The Clinton kill list now outnumbers the number of American casualties during the Vietnam war, thanks to the Arkansas prison blood scandal. I am willing to bet you knew about the modern AIDS epidemic but did you know it was This highly suppressed Clinton scandal that caused “The worst medical treatment disaster in World History”? After Clinton stalled the legal action against him long enough to be elected president. He used his position to secretly block the class action they WON against them. For only a few million in campaign contributions and by favoring those involved with high level positions within our Government. Passing out presidential pardons like candy. They then gag ordered and destroyed as much of the evidence as his cover up machine could get their hands on. And have hidden the American victims story from ever becoming public knowledge. They have even kept sickening revaluations like Hillary’s Rose law firm and associates being exposed after in lawsuits for taking out what are known in the business as Dead man life insurance policies, on American solders they knew had received Clinton’s AIDS tainted Arkansas prison blood, without their knowledge, completely out of the media…Sharing nothing with these orphaned families. Talk about insider information trading… After even the heads of the FDA and the CDC were exposed in internal documents conspiring to keep this from Congress and the general public they have had their minions in place to deny these American families every form of justice including the Act of Congress that had been passed when the AIDS epidemic was so pronounced and in the public’s face. Funneling most of the money into areas of their choosing after, by refusing to inform the American victims of it’;s existence in time for them to collect. Then they buried the fallow up Bill for a few million in Donations, simply to keep this story under the public’s radar. The dirty games this cabal have played to avoid domestic and international lawsuits and accepting accountability are beyond the scope of most people’s ability to comprehend was possible… Tricks including placing an un-Constitutional 3 year statute of limitations for these victims to sue after stalling them 4 years in legal red tape. They managed this feat by placing it in the final pages of a desperately needed 800+ page MILITARY spending Bill passed at the midnight hour on the final day of sessions. But Clinton’s cover up machine was in such a rush that they forgot to include the victims who were out of the country at the time of their infection. Their cover up think tank of elite lawyers skilled in subverting and manipulating American law used the handful of American cases to make it seem as if ALL American victims have been compensated. To this day Wikipedia refuses to correct their “Citation needed” beside their propaganda. Even when provided that citation by the very law offices that represented these victims. The Clinton Cabal is notified whenever anyone tries to add that citation and quickly shuts them down and removes it. The Arkansas Department of Corrections Archive, loaded with stories of Bribery and corruption, completely omits the span of years during this scandal as if they time warped pass them altogether. Justice is for sale in Clinton’s America. They have the world convinced this was an 80’s scandal that all happened in other countries. When in reality they just changed their name and kept knowingly Breaking State and Federal law to carry on business as usual well into the mid 90s. Wiping out 2/3rds of the Worlds Hemophiliac population that relied on the blood supply for their very existence in the process of making their Blood money. The Suppression of stories that try to expose this to the public like the American Documentary Factor 8 the Arkansas prison blood scandal have seen to the fact that to this day 95% of Americans remain clueless it ever happened. The Film maker had to endure intimidation from the Arkansas Mob like Clinton’s secret service agents holding a gun to his head. His tires being slashed and his hotel room broken into. His notes and files were also stolen for simply trying to research this scandal. These victims have spent tens of thousands of their own money just trying to get their stories past the Cover up machine to no avail. Having their websites professionally crashed and deleted from existence, though they can prove every word of their story… No one should have this much power over what scandals Americans are and are not allowed to learn about. Don’t you think? What will it finally take to bring down this cabal of swamp rats? Posted in Loving memory of The Forgotten Victims of Tainted Blood USA. By Smalley MD.

Dina Eddy   (edited)
The 9 & 11= In the picture of all the military Generals standing around President Trump, sitting at his desk, see there are 9 Generals to one side (looking straight, our view of the picture) and 11 Generals to the other side of President Trump.

Dina Eddy (edited)
T.R.U Reporting- The SES, Senior Executive Services are the Deep State, included in this unaccountable group, is the Committee of 500, which are all lawyers. Obama packed the government full of these people, increasing the numbers of people as I mentioned, up to around 9,000 people. These people make up their own rules, totally unaccountable, make their own pay increases, but…the great news is they’ve been found out!  Look into Abel Dangers(Field McConnel) for some very interesting history to help bring things together and up to date .