[[Transgender Agenda]]

josie da Kat
there is a hidden agenda in Holloweird. there are powerful wealthy elites that are the puppet masters. they use these puppets to shape our society how they want it to go. think about it. …back in the day…there were rap groups like Public Enemy and many others that encouraged and uplifted our people. those elites didn’t like that. there was more unity in the black community. there were more fathers in the homes.

those Devils came up with a plan and had to stop that. so guess what. …the fastest way to influence folks by TV and music. Programming. so now we are in 2016 going into 2017, tadah, look what the hell is going on now….our community has changed drastically. we are hating on one another more than we are on those devils. also our community even has begun acting perverted like them devils…all these kinds of sex acts….ain’t nothing but brain washing. so even now our people think it’s OK to be gay or other engaged in these acts.

I never in my life seen more women looking like men and men looking like women in my life. this has always been those Devils shit. they have slowly indoctrinated that in our community too. wake up people! these rappers now wear women clothing and makeup. this society has been so dumbed down that some say, that’s just an expression. silly rabbit tricks are for kids. the more of our people that are gay, it stops reproduction. another form of genocide.

another thing, start eating more healthier, more plant based, less or no meat, less TV and devices. this help us to tap in our higher selves. Remember, we are the chosen Ones! the elites know that they have made this world a controlled society. folks will believe and fall for anything. it’s Friday after Thanksgiving. ..many of us will go to those stores shopping for things you don’t even need. but we have been programmed do this like damn robots.

the elites getting richer and more powerful and here we are losing our families and many are still in poverty struggling. another thing, we have been conditioned regarding our blackness i…we buy that European hair as if our hair is not good enough, we lighten our skin, we dont support one another, black men against the sisters, the sisters against the brothers. we got to wake the f up! peace and love