Natural Remedies

Mark Anthony Stringfellow
Thankyou Ian!!! With the insights of the illegal Unlawful action taken against Da Noakes, heres a video from Israeli News Live concerning Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) and how it acts to Cure many Ilnesses including Autism!!! it is NOT Bleach and has been Demonised by the BBC and the Usual Entities!!! As always do your own Research and God Bless

Esther Taylor​
Turpentine, Black wormwood root & whole Papaya seeds all kill Parasites

Paul Wedlock
Bush craft tip of the day 🙂
Common stinging nettles have HUGE amounts of goodness 🙂 Victim C & zinc are in abundance! (Victim C overdose = symptoms: You seriously need to poop! There is no stopping it!) That’s it! No other known side effects?
The increase in C Vit will fight off the flu & other ailments.
When picking Nettle! All the stringer’s are pointed up!
So never go in from the top!
Instead, select the new growth from near the top ( new growth is less woody & more nutritious:-) then grasp in an upwards direction & feel no Sting’s :-).
With. The herbalism from mother nature done.
The Freudian slip! An Engineer from the Fracking community mentioned about the injected fluid not being fully recovered? ~40%! In his opinion: it must have been injected into the water table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An older archive link & the 5million gallon Manchester Ship Canal dump 😦 INEOS Shale Gas are planning on Fracking under a National Park! In Hydraulic fracturing, between 50 to 30% of the hydraulic fluid’s go missing? A Fracking engineer said he suspected it went into the natural water table? Shale hydraulic fluid’s become RADIOACTIVE! This is a waste that had 5 million gallons dumped into Manchester Ship canal:-( Radioactive waste Frscked Water dump! ://

“On behalf of Tap and other truly nice and beautiful people like Lynn, Julie and Aldous [and others who visit this helpful site: The Tap Blog] I want to give some useful information.

Dr Joseph Mercola is one of the best doctors who has a first class website and products and supplements. He also has written good books about healing.

Dr Cass Ingram is another doctor who is the author of several Natural Healing books.

The following information covers many things. As a medical doctor who used Essential Oils and Flower Essences as healing agents for many many years I feel excited to share this information with as many people as possible.
Hopefully this information will reach more people on a global scale which can free them from the trap of so called “Modern Medicine” which has made billions of dollars to international corporations – while making the population more sick every year.

Flower Essences and Essential Oils are nature’s greatest healers that have the power to heal any and all of mans ills and they are the greatest gifts from nature. Flower Essences and Essential Oils can be considered as the most effective healing agents although cannot be compared to God and Christ healing through prayer and meditation which comes directly from God as I believe it.

However a word of caution is necessary when it comes to the quality of these products which depends on who produces and markets the products based on how ethical these people are.

North American Flower Society is the leader of Flower Essences where the quality of their products can be guaranteed to be of unquestionable superiority and the people who own this company are ethical people.

It is important to know that I am sharing this information purely because it can benefit you and your family (and your friends and neighbors) and that I have absolutely no personal or business affiliation with any of the companies and/or people who own them or the people whose books and websites I have introduced already or would introduce here on this page or at a later time here or elsewhere in the future.

One of the most potent and versatile Essential Oils is the Oil of Oregano which can cure many diseases. Unlike Flower Essences Essential Oils can be highly toxic when used in higher dosage. Even in smaller dosage toxic symptoms can appear based on the type of oil and if the oils are contaminated or corrupted which is a common problem with Essential Oils. There is a lot of fraudulent activity that goes on with Essential Oil production and marketing.

For instance Thyme Oil or the Oil of Marjoram is commercially marketed as the Oil of Oregano. In fact “Spanish Oregano” is Thyme Oil and Thyme Oil is also very toxic which if mistakenly used internally thinking it is Oil of Oregano can be deadly because it can produce liver and kidney damage as well as respiratory failure due to its deleterious effects on the brain. As such it is quite a dangerous substitute for Oil of Oregano the latter being a safe oil for external as well as internal use with many healing benefits. The best form of Oregano is the wild variety available as the Oil of Wild Oregano. In order to benefit most from these products when and how to use them is important. The most important is also the purity of the product and where to find it. With these in mind:

The following books and products

(1) The Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz

(2) Bach Flower Remedies by Julian Barnard


Flower Essences purchase


Essential Oil Healing

(1) The Cure is in the Cupboard: How to use Oregano for Better Health by Dr Cass Ingram

(2) Natural Cures for Radiation by Dr. Cass Ingram


North American Herb & Spice produce top quality Wild Oregano and other products including FISH OIL devoid of radiation as the stores have been collected prior to the Fukushima disaster and all products sold are also 100% non-GMO and available at:



Essential Oil Healing

(1) The Cure is in the Cupboard: How to use Oregano for Better Health by Dr Cass Ingram

(2) Natural Cures for Radiation by Dr. Cass Ingram

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