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Veeken 777

Pamela Howard (edited)
Hey Veeken, I have a question. I know the Bible pretty well , I am right their with you guys, but I Noticed you said that the New Jerusalem was here. Is the so called Planet X or Nibiru the New Jerusalem or part of The Great Deception that is coming with the so called alien invasion (satan, his fallen angels, demons & hybrid nephilim giants
Can you explain, what you mean

Veeken 777
Pamela Howard I have a playlist on the subject thx. PlanetX was ISON system cover up. 😎

Pamela Howard
Can you direct me to the New Jerusalem playlist. Thank You. Keep up the Great Work. Satan & his Demons are going to fight us tooth & nail, so put on the Whole Armour of God & Continue the Good Fight. We are Victorious you know.

Veeken 777
Pamela Howard Sure sis. NASA Funk: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8o4gx7C1oCA55y27OhsZdcj7GjtDKCqF
It’s pretty far out stuff, but as a saint is easy to digest, and I cut straight through the masonic lies the other ufologists and skywatchers tell.