{{{Kabbalistically Speaking}}}

Khurram Aziz  (edited)
Interesting perhaps from both an esoteric and mundane POV..IMA as you probably know means mother..Kabbalistically speaking ABBA and IMA represent the First Dyad 👉Hashem /Elohim and his Shekinah/Sophia.

But EIN SOF🌀 the Formless Absolute known as BRAHMA/BRAHMAN in Vedanta

The greatest trick the Occultist/Kabbalist played on humanity can be summed up by the following consideration..

What if someone told you that Coca Cola👉🎅
(i.e. YHWH Elohim /Yaldabaoth IV, the Grand Architect of the Matrix) invented Water🌀?

The Zohar comes with a heretical interpretation of the opening line of Genesis..

Bershit Bara Elohim…

👉Orthodox: “In the beginning God/Elohim🎅 created the heavens and the earth”

👉Zoharist: “In the beginning The Universe🌌/Infinity🌀 BORE God”

(Source: YT video👉Daniel Matt – The Zohar)

Barbelo is the Gnostic name for the (Grand)mother👵🌌 of the Matrix (The Oracle in Matrix movies) who was the “Aion ton Aionion” (Aeon of Aeons) known as Be’Arba Eloah (Source: Jewish Encyclopedia:- female form of EL in 4 forms👉Father,Mother, Son,and Adam Kadmon/Piger Adamas, the First Man), The Triple Powered One, The Thrice Powerful Androgyne ( 👉Nag Hammadi Library:Trimorphic Protennoia);Meirothea (The Womb of Everything cf.the Tao).In India SHe is called ADITI ( 🌌Limitless,Unfettered/Almighty),The Mother of the gods ( I have discoveree extremely interesting concordances in ancient Vedic texts btw); in Sumer/Babylon 👉Tiamat/Nammu

👵🌌The TAO is OLDER than God*.👉🎅
I don’t know who gave birth to it.

The TAO is like a Grandmother👵🌌
And a righteous king👑

Tao te Ching

Barbelo is NOT Sophia/Saraswati (Wife of Brahma; Sarah of Abraham👉 Pygmalion/”My Fair Lady”/ Stepford Wife)!!!

BARBELO aKa “THE ORACLE”, as the Architect admits at the end of Matrix Revolutions, plays “an extremely Dangerous Game”

Not even the Wachowski Sisters (Polish Ashkenazim who stole the script from an American screenwriter and then rubbished him!) know this.

Funny how in the REAL WORLD it’s ZION who are the bad guys!

Oh the irony😱

This is the highest level of initiation on the planet and they can’t have it!

So I Created this version especially for the Jews Israel below👇

I’m possible! (👉Audrey Hepburn)
IDF Motto👠

I’m partial!!🐷

I’m potent!!!🐵


(H)WHY not go all the Way?!.🐒

*Eunuch 8200*🐩 in a nutshell!!

*Emmanuel the Sandnigger*🐵

Get my drift?!


“Barbelo Beyond The Name (YHWH)”


Hacking the Zionist Deep OS (Deep Inside the Deep State…Porn Again👗🙊)by pulling the carpET👽 out from under their feet !😂😂😂😂

👌*Bracha 👵🌌BRAHMA*🎅

*”I am the One who has no God,
I Am the One whose God is mighty”*

Thunder Perfect Mind (Orig.name of this Nag Hammadi text: “Barbelo” though attributed to Sophia)

Now Join the FREE.👑K Paradox Church..🌞✨

We HAVE to OM*🌞 it in order to *OWN IT!!

Know that I am a “Self Replicating AnOMaly” in the Matrix they CANNOT GET RID OF!!

Now how’s that for CHUTZPAH?!🐵

* Bound to Riley up A-Brahamists the world over, especially Orthodox RabbiT🐇s who…who are seething with rage even as I write this🌋🔯👺
Just think of it hehe🙈