Blair WarCrim To EU Pres?

Tony Blair as ‘Miranda ‘


Blair 2 DM


Blair’s face looks a bit strange in that Getty Photo.  Nose thicker and ears stick out and the expression is not the usual supine Blair.

tony blair the big WThe big W.
“the Hebrew equivalent of our “w” is the letter “vav” or “waw”. The numerical value of vav is 6. – See more at:

Tony Blair and the Cardinals. A 'pointy-Up' finger. Thanks to DM for pic.

Tony Blair and the Cardinals. A ‘pointy-Up’ finger. Thanks to DM for pic.

The time he acquired an extended forehead.

BlondBlair pic Courtesy Daily Mail.

BlondBlair pic Courtesy Daily Mail.

Fair Blair.  the real tony blair

The Real Blair ->


666 – Then there’s his wife!!!!!

blair book

Don’t forget the book.

Shengen Agreement

UnitedStates of Europe.


We have another ‘Royal Family’ for the new United States of Europe.

Blair Blah Blah Blah …..

A new Elitist world  leader …..

And all the other ‘Blairs’.  When you take on Blair you get Cherie, Euan (this one isn’t really a Tony btw) Nicky etc all plugged into our system sucking money out of us.

Blair’s new fiefdom being built for him while the rest of us grind along paying their bills through extortionate energy and petrol prices, taxes etc.

Watch UK Column’ broadcast on the Schengen Agreement.

Further Blair Speculation – same father as Prince Andrew so Blair is never seen with him in photos.  The Tap Blogspot.

Prince Andrew

blair_titlephotoAnd further some other punter sent The Tap footage that suggests they are both Rothschilds.  Lordy Lordy.

Nat Rothschild

young-tony-blairGovWatch was aware of the photo on the left.  We commented on the state of his eyes.  There’s something about the eyes.

Possible MK.  In a normal person both eyes are meant to be balanced and full of spirit.  In those subjected to ‘various ceremonies’ the eyes change and eventually become ‘dead’.  The ‘walking dead’ so to speak.

It takes a long time to prepare a ‘candidate# for political life and they must be totally ‘owned’ by the ptb.  That’s where Rupe and that filing cabinet comes in.

Camilla Long’s article on Cherie in The Times 2009 is enlightening as well.

Getting ready for that EU Presidential role  Now-Tony-Blairs-finally-got-private-jet-hes-wanted-rented.html  Hired the jet from Rothschild’s Metropix.

‘Sir Evelyn, 77, who was one of a number of billionaires to dine at Downing Street in Mr Blair’s final days in power, has owned the plane since 2002 through a company called Metropix.

He hires it out through brokers in London and Luton.

In 2000, Sir Evelyn donated £250,000 to the Policy Network, a think-tank presided over by Peter Mandelson which organises many of the conferences – including in Washington, South Africa and Budapest – at which Mr Blair gives speeches.’

Kathryn Blair

Creepy Hand Hold on her


Kathryn Blair 3

Blair in name only.

A sensitive being caught up in that world of ‘The Blairs’, one wonders what she makes of it all.  Allegedly a victim of some pretty nasty stuff when a teen at about age 17.

Btw Euan Blair has lost loads of weight.  How did he do that?  Euan Blair, CadwalladrHere he is Coventry style.  Now jump to wedding photo at link.

Kathryn Blair with her father Tony

She doesn’t look anything like a ‘Blair.’  If I was her I would say I’m not really a Blair.  I’m adopted.

Michael Boyers

”My wife’s visa application was aided by our exposure of the Rothschilds as the covert masters of Britain’s secret and super-rich permanent state, as opposed to the bankrupt Whitehall shambles ‘managed’ by the lying traitor Cameron/mother’s name Levita, who takes his lead from the master-pervert Blair/mother’s name Lipsett, whose candidature for the European presidency failed because of his allegiance to Mossad and male prostitutes.


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