6,000,000 LIES!!!!

(Re-Upload)Holocaust Hoax Exposed Must see !

Chaabar Yakal
3 July 2016

jamboman 84
Published on Feb 26, 2016

they have the lie in their seed. Who is the daddy of lies? That would be the ‘seeds’ daddy. They can’t help but lie. Them being ‘jews’ is a lie too. They use the jew tag for sympathy = “please to meet you, hope you guess my name”. Rolling Stones SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL.

The six-million figure: another holocaust lie and the lying liars who enable it – http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/08/10/the-six-million-figure-another-holocaust-lie-and-the-lying-liars-who-enable-it/

IF 6 million jews were killed ….where did all the jews come from to fill up Israel right after their ‘extermination’? Now they say there are 6 million jews in Israel today….6 is the number they love.

Sondra Lee (edited)
Adolf Hitler was a scripted Actor and friends with 33 degree freemason Winston Churchill. WW2 was a controlled demolition Hoax like 9/11 with the same Cult involved. They destroyed and rebuilt Germany to keep people busy and to cover up the propaganda LIES. Adolf Hitler the elite never died inside a bunker!

TheCruithneach (edited)
He lied with good intentions? For the 40,000,000 victimised Germans that live with this lie a shame they should never have suffered when they gave refuge to these Russian Askenazis? To be betrayed to implement the Balfour affair with WWII. The Jews bless the Queen of England in Temple, not the President or PM of their given country but the Queen.Why? Because she and her dynasty are Jews doing all this and the Mason Network of honorary Jews dividing their own countries into Mason and PROFANE like Liar Obama. Don’t hate the Jewish little guy UNTIL he proves a liar like the Zionists. Israel is Rothschild stealing the middle east for its OIL and psychological power over people. We owe the Germans more than a HUGE apology. They were completely innocent and correct in all they said. These liars never quit. Trust me even the US are proxies for England as the Federal reserve is British so calls the shots in US policy. It’s all histrionics.

NWO: World Domination Quotes made by Jews

Abaddon’s Pit