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Sam The Blogger aka Swilliamism Skype call & The Hampstead Question Agent Exposed


Published on May 14, 2017
After Sam The Blogger aka Swilliamism aka swilliamism Challenges me to a Skype call Telling me he is gonna put it online I now get this Threat. Would you please provide me with your name and address, I wish to start a civil proceeding against you. I could get your details the expensive way but the cost would eventually fall to you should I win. You have slandered my name and I have a case for damages as you were actively discouraging people from funding my website at the time of its launch. I have a life, so I actually know a solicitor, unluckily for you. I have taken copies of the videos you have posted and also copied the messages you have transmitted which he has seen. I will look forward to settling this once and for all. I will give you 48 hours to respond before I proceed. & Sam telling me He will put it online

He now tries to get YouTube to take down video as He tries to hide more stuff from everyone Agent Exposed In My Eyes & Has been linked to The Hampstead case via Lou Collins on UK Column & A walk I did when I was doing my Research which UK Column claim they did. But they did not even go there, but had to say it to look good as they had been quiet about the case until I made my video, Swilliamism is good at twisting things With a bit of Truth Is now trying to move his Youtube followers onto a paid setup Since comments made on his YouTube channel Swilliamism The link to Brian Gerrish and his show And all the info He says he can’t tell anyone Are some of the reasons I now question what Swilliamism is all about The question I ask Sam about the 33 He has now replied to but in the video He Say’s that he does not understand my other message to Him ? He could not wait to tell me He had copied & pasted 33 in his logo

is Sam in the 33 club or just on a path to it ?