“Election 2015”

Harvington Properties & Verulum Pub Dev

croxley46 7:38pm Sun 9 Oct 16
Specifically, the Veralum Arms “development” looks exactly like the pub before it was pulled down. Not much creative thought there then and Dotty’s planners should have turned it down (some hope!)

Does the mare ever admit to being wrong? She is so blinkered and never switches on her hearing aid.
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Chillred Replying croxley46 9:21pm Sun 9 Oct 16
Not sure it would even have been turned down as it is our very own MP’s property business building the flats !!!! Harvington properties!!!!!!



24 April 2015

Watford witnesses the outbreak of a very civil war




http://www.newsshopper.co.uk/news/11783094.Labour_launches_bus_cuts_petition_but_Watford_s_MP_and Mayor__comfortable__with_revised_plans/

Harrington – “I have spoken to consultants and nurses at Watford A and E—I have been there nearly every week since the beginning of the year”


HUSTING UTC (HC) 09N0221.jpg-pwrt2

Hustings UTC 3 March 2015. Dorothy Thornhill came fourth btw.


MP expenses and voting activity : get the data


Vloggers In US Talking About How To Deal With Corrupt Contenders At Hustings

Veterans Today Radio (3-12-15) Stew Webb, Gordon Duff, Jim Dean, Preston James


16 March 2015

Watford’s MP defends Tory party chairman embroiled in second job row

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/11859043.Watford_s_MP_defends_Tory_party_chairman_embroiled_in second_job_row/  Rich rakes in £250,000 in “gifts to his campaign funds”??

13 March 2015

Look what they’ve done to The Pond, Ma: they’ve messed it up and it’s turned out all wrong, Ma.

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/columnist/11843757.Look_what_they_ve_done_to_The_Pond__Ma__they_ve_messed_it up_and_it_s_turned_out_all_wrong__Ma_/?action=success#comments  Note that one of the comments refers to the fact that the ducks now have no-where to roost.  small point maybe but are we not supposed to co-exist with nature???

Mayor Thornhill vows to stand down if she wins General Election


Improvements to be made to New Watford Market following complaints from traders

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/archive/2015/01/30/11761502.Improvements_to_be_made_to_New_Watford_Market_following complaints_from_traders/

‘Travesty’ planning application to turn Rembrandt House into homes

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/11868174._Travesty__planning_application_to_turn_Rembrandt House_into_homes/?ref=rss

Watford’s elected mayor says council ‘tried to please too many people’ with New Watford Market

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/11883577.Watford_s_elected_mayor_says_council__tried_to_please too_many_people__with_New_Watford_Market/

‘Health campus could be built in seven years’


Nick Clegg praises Watford Health Campus project during Liberal Democrat battle bus visit

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/12737963.Nick_Clegg_praises_Watford_Health_Campus_project_during Liberal_Democrat_battle_bus_visit/

More Market Mire Causing Local Ire

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/12868754.Further_attempts_being_made_to_boost_the_New Watford_Market/

Local Watford Candidates Announced


http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/12888053.WO_street_poll___Who_would_you_vote_for_if_the_General Election_was_this_week__/?ref=mr

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/12894469.Mayor_Thornhill__My_campaign_is_far_from_struggling_after_launch of_5k_crowd_funding_appeal/

FibDem Connections to Fraudster Michael Brown


‘Farm Terrace allotments are not an election issue’ says D Thornhill who refused to set foot on them for BBC Interview recently


 Oh yes they are Dorothy if you can believe the comments section under the article.

More than 100 children in SW Hertfordshire without primary school place in September

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/12895250.More_than_100_children_without_primary_school place_in_September/

The great unvetted public locked out as party leaders tour sanitised Britain

TapNewswire Comment: Discussing Pros/Cons of UKIP

“Not everyone can see every single angle of the Conspiracy. Yeah the Talmudic/Zionist aspect is mega and you cannot trust anyone who does not acknowledge that (in fact that kind of person needs to be investigated straight off) BUT anyone with half a brain knows there is a lot more than Zionism going on here. So likewise people who can only go on about that element are also seriously suspect or just not very bright.

Regarding UKIP:

Pros: Farage is not of the political establishment and is hated by them; UKIP is directly opposed to the EU; UKIP has far more normal decent grass roots people who are discussed by so much of what has gone on; UKIP comes much closer to representing real change than any other party presently does; Farage told Murdock to F Off.

CONS: UKIP is infested with Zionist Jews who have infiltrated it from the get go and increasingly since the party has gained ground; UKIP is infested with the other pillar type – the generational occult families and their agents are riddling UKIP from the inside (many examples of this now); Farage is oblivious to this infiltration and so is still in ignorance this is a complete danger; Farage has actually been actively Pro-Israel !!!; Farage plays the ‘i m a patriot oh all those awful muslim countries and mad mullahs card, poor Lee Rigby etc etc’ – instead of ‘Its all a satanic charade lets put the whole elite on trial and after convictions hang them and then get back to running the whole world as God ordained this country to and so we will then over time resolve any issues caused by islam by them seeing the true light etc etc’; UKIP says nothing about money reform, banking reform, global capitalism, multinationalism, Christianity; UKIP and Farage is England only (try to deny it but it is the truth) which is bad news for Britain and the Union as a whole so in this respect it still represents a silent threat to UK sovereignty.

Overall the assessment is if you vote then vote UKIP or some hardline sensible independent (if you can find any who is not a wet and wobbly – who knows there might be one in the Country). UKIP could be the stalking horse that over a period could be used to form the Breach in the wall that then allows us to go through and retake the system (our British system for Britons and anyone we genuinely choose to invite (not those who are forced on us)). Obviously there will have to be a long period of arrests trials and where evidence is put forward and convictions obtained then executions will follow (sorry but that is where we are at now if you don’t like this and cannot stand the heat then get out of the kitchen because I am not mucking about here. You don’t want to be putting yourself on the wrong end of that debate with where we are heading to with this).

If I live long enough to see this come to be and the sick evil perpetrators who currently control the shadow establishment do not murder or silence me first, then I eagerly look forward to playing my part in taking back control of this once great Nation.

Otherwise I will die in the process.

So Help Me GOD!

P.S. i am not a shill, troll or agent provocateur. If you cannot understand what we are witnessing with the Janner scandal then get out of the way, get out of the debate and get out of my path.

No stake in the advance.
No stake in the Victory.”


YouGov Poll 27 April

YouGov Poll 27 April 2015.


Mayor of London Boris Johnson in Watford today


GW:  What a Johnson!

Comic Strip Election

Comic Strip Election.


Tory parliamentary candidate calls donation criticism “desperate”

First published Monday 4 May 2015



Mirror Poll

Mirror Poll 5 May 2015.

Banners criticising the Liberal Democrats appear in Abbots Langley on Election Day

College Road dont vote libdemhttp://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/12937013.Banners_criticising_the_Liberal_Democrats_appear_in_Abbots Langley_on_Election_Day/?ref=mr&lp=10

Let’s not forget that the Tories only have a 6% Mandate


WOR Comment:  “As an aside to the other comments on how our first past the post system sees the Tories with a majority of Westminster MPs with only 36% of the vote. I suggest at each general election each party gets the number of voting members of the lords in proportion to their national vote. So this year Tory 36%, Labour 30%, UKIP 13%, Lib Dems 8%, SNP 3%”

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/12940443._Lib_Dem_s_13_year_grip_on_Watford_Council_is_now_set_to end__say_opposition_after_crushing_election_night/?ref=mr&lp=17


Watford Results by ward:

Councillor Sohail Bashir  Labour  Councillor Favour Ewudo  Labour  Councillor Seamus Williams  Labour

Councillor Stephen Bolton Liberal Democrats Councillor Michael Haley Labour  Councillor Rabi Martins Liberal Democrats

Councillor Nigel Bell Labour Group Leader Councillor Jackie Connal Labour Councillor Matt Turmaine Labour

Councillor Anne Joynes Labour Group Secretary Councillor Asif Khan Labour Councillor Bilqees Mauthoor Labour

Councillor Jan Brown Liberal Democrats Councillor Kareen Hastrick Liberal Democrats Chairman of Watford Borough Council Councillor Mark Whitman Conservative

Councillor Mark Hofman Liberal Democrats Councillor Linda Topping Conservative Councillor Mark Watkin Liberal Democrats Portfolio Holder

Councillor Shirena Counter Liberal Democrats Councillor Iain Sharpe Liberal Democrats Group Leader and Portfolio Holder Councillor Peter Taylor Liberal Democrats

Councillor George Derbyshire Liberal Democrats Councillor Binita Mehta Conservative Councillor Anne Rindl Liberal Democrats

Councillor Keith Crout Liberal Democrats Councillor Derek Scudder Liberal Democrats Deputy Mayor and Portfolio Holder Councillor Tim Williams Liberal Democrat

Councillor Stephen Johnson Liberal Democrats Portfolio Holder Councillor Sean Silver Conservative Councillor Darren Walford Liberal Democrats

Councillor Jagtar Singh Dhindsa Labour Deputy Group Leader Councillor Mo Mills Labour Councillor Nasreen Shah Labour

Councillor Ian Brown Liberal Democrats Councillor Karen Collett Liberal Democrats Deputy Group Leader Councillor Tony Rogers Conservative

‘Hell, hit me…I’ll do what I’m told’: David Cameron’s handwritten note reveals his fear of losing General Election

Memo between Andrew Cooper and David Cameron over polling and the NHS ***IMAGE SUPPLIED VIA TMOS POLITICS DESK - MAIL ON SUNDAY USE ONLY - NO SYNDICATION - DO NOT LIBRARY***

Memo between Andrew Cooper and David Cameron over polling and the



MP welcomes plans to put security first for families in Watford


15 July 2015

Operation “Defend Dottie” Swings Into Action At WBC

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/13420833.Elected_Mayor_of_Watford_defended_after_calls_for_referendum to_ask_residents_if_they_want_to_keep_mayoral_system/


22 October 2015

Dottie All Knotted Up


17th March 2015

Is the bell about to toll for bellwether seats?

“Watford has also been a bellwether since February 1974. Labour lost the constituency in 2010 after coming third behind the Tories and the Lib Dems. The party needs a swing of 4.1% to retake the seat from Tory MP Richard Harrington.”

from 1435 to 9794 majority in 2015 – postal votes???





13 January 2016
Standstill: Watford sits in gridlock traffic as gas works cause travel chaos
travel chos watfordhttp://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/14201387.Standstill__Watford_sits_in_gridlock_traffic_as_gas_works_cause_travel_chaos/?ref=ar





8 March 2016

Harrington @ The Home Office – New BBC Three Part Series


15 March 2016

MP calls for more better flood prevention


‘This is a backward and irresponsible step which must be reversed’: All schools to become academies


Harrington 1425 in 2010 and 9594 in 2015


Mayor Thornhill and Lib Dems lash out after Momentum backs hospital petition http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/15194702.Mayor_Thornhill_and_Lib_Dems_lash_out_after_Momentum_backs_hospital_petition/

Lib Dems attack hospital campaign spearheaded by their own party member http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/15199707.Lib_Dems_attack_hospital_campaign_spearheaded_by_their_own_party_member/?action=success#comment_18297710

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