Heavy Water Symbolism in Media & Culture (Part 1)
The first known images of Deuterium Oxide taken by myself have shown me that knowledge of their appearance was already understood.
Even Doctor Who makes a reference to it.
Edible ball bearings = Deuterium Oxide isotopes


Deuterium, (D, or 2H), also called heavy hydrogen, isotope of hydrogen with a nucleus consisting of one proton and one neutron, which is double the mass of the nucleus of ordinary hydrogen (one proton). Deuterium has an atomic weight of 2.014. It is a stable atomic species found in natural hydrogen compounds to the extent of about 0.0156 percent. https://www.britannica.com/science/deuterium

18 January 2018: Nuclear Fusion: What It Is And Why It Matters To You

Nuclear fusion is based on principles completely different from those of nuclear fission (what we now have in reactors and in bombs). Fission works on the idea of splitting unstable compounds (their atoms) into smaller pieces. It’s a process that does not occur normally in nature and whose energy output is derived primarily from the chain reactions of neutrons.

Fusion, on the other hand, occurs naturally in the universe and is obtained not by the splitting of atoms but by the joining of (or fusion) of two or more lighter atoms into a larger denser one.

Fission comes with built-in inefficiencies. Aside from the fact that it’s an extremely hazardous process that’s difficult to contain, the fuel needed (usually Uranium-235), is expensive to mine and purify. And once used, Uranium rods are amazingly radioactive and require proper disposal and security in order to ensure public safety.